”Well did you tell him? ”

”I did, I passed the message successfully. ”

”And what did he say? ”

”Not much. He said hed think about your offer, I told him he didn want to be on the wrong side of this war. ”

”Good. Now leave my sight. ”

I waited for Lucifer to leave me before I started speaking again.

”How did the pup survive. ” I upturned the desk in my study.

I was having a real rage, I could not fight the boy, if what the seer had told me if he were to fight I would loose. I knocked over a bookshelf and sent books across the floor. For years my family had planned this, I was successful, or at least I thought I had been till this White Wolf emerged from no where. At first I had thought it was a hoax, until I saw him with my own eyes.

”Spike! ” I yelled savagely.

”Yes Akantha? ” He climbed in my study and over the books and shelves.

”Someone betrayed me. I need to find out who. ” I pulled out my pack of cigarettes, picked out one and lit it. ”That seer would know, bring her too me. ”

”Yes maam. ” Spike left the room without any other words.

I needed a plan, but first I needed to squish the traitor in my ranks. I slammed my fist into the wall leaving a hole in its place.

”The seer. ” Spike announced, pushing a cloaked figure into the doorway.

”Leave us. ” I flipped my wrist at Spike.

I watched the seer, she showed no signs of fear, this made me more angry, I slowly walked around her taking in her appearance.

”Abbott says you will tell me anything I want to know. ” I snarled. ”He told me your mother made the prediction about the white wolf pup. ”

The seer still said nothing but pulled her cloak down revealing her face, the ragged skin and black holes for eyes.

”Who betrayed me the night I set fire to an empire? ” I growled.

The seer still stared blankly.

”Speak you abomination. ” I threw an old leather bound book at the seer, it caught her in the midriff but she still didn flinch or even wince in pain.

”I cannot help you with what you seek. I cannot tell you the past, only glimpses of your future. ”

”Unreliable. ” I growled angrily. ”You are useless, tell me what I want to know before I rip your head from your body. ”

”I cannot help you with the information you seek. ”

”You are a seer Damnit now tell me who betrayed me. ”

”I can . ” The seer stood completely emotionless, like a blank sheet of canvas for a person.

”I will force it from you then! ” I growled.

”I cannot predict something I did not see. I know not your traitor, but I know that when you kill me tonight a curse will be put on you. ”

”I am already cursed seer. ” I snarled. ”I cannot bare an heir to my thrown, Alaska made sure of it before I could take his brother as my mate. ”

The seer remained silent again.

”Is that all you have to say. ” Finally I let my anger boil over. ”This was a waste of my time. ”


”Alaska, I need you to come to our pack as soon as possible. ” Echo said over the phone.

He was pacing in the garage, Id sat there for hours watching him call, trying to get ahold of people.

When Echo finally put his phone in his pocket I asked, ”What did he say? ”

”He cant make it for a few months, he said something about traveling around the outer boarders of his territory. He sounded like he was gathering up wolves. ”

”But why cant he come now, we can do that later! ” I folded my arms. ”He did tell me afterall that I needed to be the one to convince them to fight. ”

”I dont think it was for fighters. He sounded worried. ”

”Great, hes looking for a place to tuck tail and hide. I growled.

”No, I doubt that. ” Echo scratched his chin. ”When he was younger he would never back down from a fight, he was actaully honerable, before he betrayed your father. He still had a lot of loyal pack members from his origal pack. I think he is up to somehing. ”

”So while we wait for him to show up what are we suposed to do? Sit here waitinmg for Akantha to come and kill us all. ”

”She wont do that Lupin, shes smarted than she looks. No, Id bet anything that shes planning something. ” He shot a glance in my direction. ”I need to tell you the rest of what Saphire told us… but I dont think youll like it. ”

”What? ” I asked trying to think of what could be worse than Akantha building an army of her own and Abbott selling our plan right to her.

”She took a teacher, from the orphanage. Someone who knew you personally and better than anyone else who knew you at the time. ”

”What?!? ” I leapt to my feet. ”WHY? ”

”Probably to try to learn your weaknesses. ”

”But Ms Pennie… ” I racked my brain till I found my memories with her. ”I knew her pretty much my whole life till I was almost eleven. She was practically like a mother to me. ”

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