yes clenched.

”Lupin. Its okay, you can open your eyes, ” Cassie says as she pulls me into a hug. ”Poor boy. ” She pats my head gently.

”Im fine. ” I fight out of the hug. ”I want to kill her. ” I throw the paper across the room without looking at it.

”Its not that simple! ” Echo says to my left.

”Shes tiny! How is it not simple? ”

”Her mates make it impossible to get close to her, ” Jaxon says to my right.

”Mates? ” I ask. ”She has more than one? ” Everyone nods their heads in unison. ”How? ”

”Some wolves just have more than one, others don have any… ” Cassie whispers.

”Its more likely not to have one, then to have multiple. Then we have that bitch, she has three, ” Axl says his voice carries over from the direction of the tv. I probably won have one I think glumly to myself.

”Echo… ” I suddenly think about what she said about him. ”Echo, how come you can … you know. ” I gulp thinking that they are going to be mad at me for asking.

”I am trans, ” Echo says quietly. ”My wolf though.. hes always been a male. ” Angie smiles at Echo.

”Well, Im starving. ” Jaxon booms. ”See you guys later. ” He gets up and leaves the house.

Everyone leaves except Cassie, she stays on the couch with me. Echo starts pacing on the floor again just to get the last of his nerves out, and Angie goes upstairs to change into something more comfortable.

Cassie pulls me back into a hug, I don reject this time.

”Cassie, Im sorry if this is rude, but how old are you? ” I look up at her.

She laughs before answering, ”Im barely eighteen. ”

”Have you found your mate? ” I ask sincerely.

”Nope. ” She pops the p.

”How will you know when you find them? ” Im actually very curious to know how it works.

”Well… ” She pauses, ”Im not sure I am the best to explain it to you. ” She sighs, ”but Ill try my best to explain it. First of all, you have to look your mate directly in the eye, and then you will get this fuzzy warm feeling. Plus some other things, but you
e too young to know about those right now. ” She blushes. ”Thats what my mom told me anyways. ”

”Don forget the scent, ” Echo says as he finally stops pacing. ”You will be able to smell them and it will be the most lovely thing you will ever smell. It makes you will feel like you can get enough of it. ”

Cassie blushes a deeper darker red than before. ”Oh yeah… I forgot. ” Echo looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

”How can you forget something as important as that? ” Angie asks making her presence known.

”I don know, ” Cassie says sheepishly as looks around the room.

”Why don you stay for dinner Cassie? ” Angie asks with a smug look on her face. ”It would be nice to have some help and the boys could go out. ” She gives Eco the look.

”Oh yeah, I can take Lupin out and teach him some cool moves, ” Echo says confirming he gets Angies hint.

”We should get started, it is getting close to five, and what I want to make takes at least an hour to cook, ” Angie smiles, motioning Cassie to follow her to the kitchen. She lets go of me and follows her, still blushing very darkly.

”Come on. ” Echo walks to the glass door behind the table. They have a huge backyard, theres a tree in the corner that leads up to an old tree house.

We walk out to the middle of the field and Echo winks at me. ”Lets see what youve got. ”

”What? ” I ask confused.

”Fighting? ” Echo laughs.

”Oh. ” I look down embarrassed. ”Of course. As a wolf or no? ”

”Either or. ” Echo smiles. ”Which one do you need to practice? ”

I put my fists up and Echo grins. He mouths bring it on. I lunge at him, but he dodges out of reach then hits me hard enough I fall on the ground.

”Again. ” Echo helps me up and we go at it again. I meet the ground again. ”Again… again… again… ”

I feel like all Im doing is getting facefuls of dirt, it frustrates me, ”Im never going to get it. ” I put my hands up.

”You will, youve just… ”

”Got to keep trying. ” I finish.

”One more time. Then we can do something else. ” Echo corrects my stance this time before we start.

I manage to hit him once (not very hard though) before he knocks me to the ground. Im going to have bruises for a week.

”Very good, but youve got to work on your strength kiddo. ” Echo pats my head. Great another thing Im doing wrong.

”How long have you and Angie been together? ” I ask as we sit down in the grass.

”About, a year and a half. ”

”So… you haven known each other that long? ”

”Well… even though we knew, we just stayed friends for a bit, ” he sighs. ”It was torture really, but Ang said she wasn ready to bring me back to meet her brother because of how he is so I dealt with it till Ang was ready. ”

”Oh, ” I laugh at the thought of Angie and Echo only being friends, not always kissing and teasing each other.


”So tell me, Cassie, ” Angie states while chopping onions, ”whats up with you? Getting all blushy, forgetting the scent. ” Cassie glances nervously out the window, then stares at Angie.

”Nothing… I-I Er…. ” She says trying to quickly come up with an excuse. Angie laughs.

”Come on! ” She teases, ”I won tell anyone! ”

”Youll tell Echo… ” Cassie stares at her feet as she turns red as a tomato.

”If you don tell me, Ill find out, ” Angie points the knife in Cassies direction. ”I always do. ”

Cassie bites her lip and Ang laughs. ”Ill tell you after dinner. ” Cassie gives a small smile still very red in the cheeks. They return back to preparing dinner.


”Its all about the stance… ” Echo tells me trying to explain what Im doing wrong. ”Here watch me. ” He stands in a fighting position. ”Look how Im standing, now you do it. ” I do my best attempt at standing like him, he watches me and fixes minor issues I make. ”Now if you can just remember this, youll be good on the stance. It will make it harder to knock you down as you can block the blows quicker. ” Echo walks around me one more time, then without any warning goes to attack me, I dodge and hit him as he falls passed me. ”Good! ” Echo says pushing himself up off the ground. ”Your reaction time is great. ” He gives a wink to me.

Personally, I think Echo is a better instructor than Jaxon, but I will keep that to myself. We keep practicing the stance and finally, Echo hits me and I manage to stay on my feet. ”Yes! ” I shout excitedly, Echo pats me on the back.

”Good job kiddo. ”

”Boys! Dinner is ready! ” Angie yells from the window. The sun had set below the treeline without either of us noticing. We both run in, I can wait to tell Angie what Echo showed me.

I sit next to Cassie and Angie, and Echo sits on my left. I eat seconds, being really hungry from all the practice. I tell Angie about how Echo hit me and I kept both feet on the ground. Angie tells me shes proud of me and it helps boost my confidence more.

We wait for everyone to finish eating before I excuse myself from the table to go take a shower and then go to bed because Im exhausted.


”Okay, ” Cassie murmurs. ”Ill tell you now. ” She used all of the dinner to prepare how she is going to tell them. ”I noticed it before, but it wasn strong… at the dinner a couple of months ago… I thought it was nothing and brushed it off. ” She picks up the fork and starts twisting it in her hands. ”Then the next time I saw him after he had shifted, I could feel it super strong, ever since then, Ive been fighting the feelings… hes so young… ” she bites her lip.

”Go on, ” Angie grins.

”Im Lupins mate. ” She whispers so quietly that she is barely heard. ”I don want him to know, I want him to find out when hes of age! ” She blurts out.

”Our lips are sealed. ” Echo pretends to zip his mouth, then breaks out in a huge grin. ”Congratulations Cass! ” Then he gets a stern look on his face. ”You
e going to have to wait for five years… are you sure you can handle that? ”

”I don know. ” She puts her face in her hands. ”But Ill try. ”

”Its getting late. ” Angie looks at the time. ”Youd better go, your parents might start getting worried about you. ”


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