to finish eating before Lupin excuses himself from the table to go take a shower and then go to bed because Hes exhausted.


”Okay, ” I murmur. ”Ill tell you now. ” I had used all of the dinner to prepare how I am going to tell them. ”I noticed it before, but it wasn strong… at the dinner a couple of months ago… I thought it was nothing and brushed it off. ” I pick up the fork and starts twisting it around in my hands. ”Then the next time I saw him after he had shifted, I could feel it super strong, ever since then, Ive been fighting the feelings… hes so young… ” I bite my lip.

”Go on, ” Angie grins.

”Im Lupins mate, ” I whisper so quietly that Im barely hearable. ”I don want him to know, I want him to find out when hes of age! ” I blurt out. I want him to experience finding me.

”Our lips are sealed. ” Echo pretends to zip his mouth, then breaks out in a huge grin. ”Congratulations Cass! ” Then he gets a stern look on his face. ”You
e going to have to wait for five years… are you sure you can handle that? ”

”I don know. ” I put my face in my hands. ”But Ill try. ”

”Its getting late. ” Angie looks at the time. ”Youd better go, your parents might start getting worried about you. ”

”Thank you! ” I say politely as I get up to leave. Its a bit chilly outside so I run back to my house, when I get there, my parents have already gone to bed.


I wake up bright and early in the morning. I quickly find out that I am at the first up in the house so I watch tv in my underwear until I hear a door open and shut (Angies room). I run up to my room and quickly and slip into a dark pair of jeans and the moon shirt. I meet Angie at my door as she leaves the bedroom. ”Good Morning! ” I say with a grin.

e up early. ” Angie laughs. We walk downstairs together, ”doesn have anything to do with training does it? ” I get a huge smile.

”I was so excited that I couldn go back to sleep. ”

”Just no shifting, ” Angie points at me with a serious finger, though her face isn so serious.

”Yeah, yeah. I know what Echo said. ” I roll my eyes. I have Echos stance down now, as long as I can keep that I won be knocked down at least.

”Just don forget that stance Echo taught you. ” Angie reminds me.

Training classes don start till after lunch so I have a while to wait. I watch tv, Angie brings two plates in from the kitchen and joins me on the couch. After I finish my French Toast, I take mine and Angies plates to the kitchen. Theres another plate on the counter for Echo, but it will probably get cold before he gets up. (Angie and Echo had a very late night, but I couldn hear them over my dreams of friends). We spend pretty much the whole morning watching cartoons. Echo finally wakes up at noon to join us in eating ham sandwiches (because they are easy and quick to make). After I finish my sandwich, I semi-ly bolt out of the door, not wanting to be late for my first group training.

As I walk towards the open field, I spot some of the kids from the class standing in an open doorway talking to their parents. A couple are already entering the field. Once Im on the field I spot Jaxon talking with another person, a female (his trainee instructor). He looks up at me, waving when he sees me, then turns back to the conversation he is having with the girl.

”Alright, class! ” Jaxon tells, getting everyones attention once everyone is there. ”We have a new student joining us, ” he winks at me, ”Lupin. ”

The biggest kid here walks over to me, ”Hello there, ” He holds his hand out to shake my hand and I take it. The kid gets a big grin on his face. ”Good luck newbie, ” He walks back toward his group of friends. I know from watching them from the window, that he is really good at fighting, everyone who hes paired up with ends up in a heap on the ground.

”Today we will just be continuing on what we started last time, ” Jaxon says, over the heads of everyone. Him and his assistant start putting people in groups of two. I am the last person to be paired with anyone, ”Start, ” Jaxon tells the class then turns to face me and the girl. ”Okay, So here is what we are doing… ” and he explains to me what we are supposed to be doing.

I get into the stance Echo taught me, the girl eyes my stance. ”Nice. ” She mouths to me. Clearly, she had not expected me to know it. We begin to practice, she hits me, I lose my balance from the unexpected strength of the blow. Then I go to tackle her down, but she dodges and I fall on the ground. She offers me a hand as I get up.

”Not bad, ” She tells me with a grin. ”But youll have to be faster than that. ” She strikes me again on my shoulder over the bruise Echo gave me. I don fall, I take the full blast of the hit, then I lunge again and get her pinned to the ground. Her eyes go huge (she didn think I would get her to the ground).

”Good job Lupin, ” Jaxon says above us. ”Youve gotten better since yesterday. ” I get up and help the girl up.

”Im Harley, ” She tells me while brushing the dirt off her pants. ”You
e pretty good, I didn think you would get me off my feet. ”

”I didn hurt you did I? ” I ask feeling a little guilty.

”Its all good, ” she laughs. ”Its what we are supposed to be doing you know. Its going to hurt a bit. ”

Practice carries on like this for an hour, then Jaxon hands out water bottles and we take a break. Harley goes back over to her friends, I can hear them tease her about being pinned to the ground, but she just laughs it off. The boy from before comes over with his friends and they sit with me.

”Names, Vincent, by the way. ” He grins at me as he sits next to me on the grass. ”These are my buds, ” he points to each of his friends as they too sit down. ”Elijah, Mason, and Rollo. ” They each shake my hand. Vincent is the toughest muscular guy in the group. He has chestnut brown hair and vibrant green eyes. Elijah is small, built like me. He has curly short black hair. Rollo has a very chiseled body build, baby blue eyes, and dirty blond hair. Mason is medium compared to Vincent and Elijah. His hair is short and very light blonde (but not albino), and dark brown chocolate eyes.

”Want to be friends? ” Vincent asks with a mouth full of food.

”Sure! ” I smile. Vincent gets a victorious grin on his face. I watch as they all trade snacks and joke.

Jaxon calls ”Breaks over! Time to get practicing again. ” The guys get up leaving me alone until Harley joins me again.

The practice sessions goes by successfully, by the end everyone is sweaty and hot. I walk back to the house surrounded by Vincent and his buds. I laugh at their jokes. They slap a hand over each others backs as they part and go back to their houses to shower. I have a huge grin on my face as I walk in. Angie and Echos clothes are scattered all around the floor leading up the staircase (I don want to know what they are doing). I go up and run passes the cracked door and immediately into the bathroom where I take a nice hot shower.


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