”Rise and shine Lupin, we have a big day ahead of us! Echo pretty much kicks the door in. ”The girls will be preparing the meals while you and i make sure that everyone will be welcome. I climb out of bed and get dressed in my suit. Echo is only half dressed, and i can see it on his face that he is worried about how today will go.

”It will be fine Echo, ” I pat him on the back. ”Besides, you planned this all out perfectly. ” Echos confidence boosts tremendously.

e absolutely right! ”

Of course after that Echo makes us all rehearse the plans. I try to sneak off for a break but every time he catches me and makes us start all over again.

First to arrive shortly after noon is the Rouge Alfa. He is tall and red haired, covered in both freckles and scars. Jaxson leads him in and then goes back to his post to meet the others when they arrive. (Outsiders have to leave their belongings at the gate to keep to Red Wolf pack safer, excluding the Black Wolves.)

”Why did you ask for me to come here? ” The Alpha says in a low and calm voice. He looks around the room before planting himself on the couch and staring from me to Echo.

”We will get to that when the others arrive. ” Echo stares at his feet then looks up again, ”could i get you anything? ”

”A beer would be just fine. ” He locks his eyes on me. Echo leaves to get him a drink for the rouge leaving me and him alone. ”Whats your name boy? ”

”Lupin, ” i say as i stare into his eyes.

”Alaska. ” he raises his brow to me. ”You look a lot like an old friend of mine, the old mans name was Efrem, Efrem Hollow. He wouldn let me in his pack because not very many people were let in, but he died. ”

”Here you are Alaska, ” Echo walks into the room with a beer. He tosses it to Alaska and then turns to me. ”This is Ala….. ”

”Alaska, I know. ” I interrupt him. ”He was just telling me about an old friend of his who died. ” If i needed an alliance with anyone it would have to be Alaska, he knew my father. Jaxson enters the house followed by Mr. Abbott himself (i recognize him immediately from his picture by the entrance/exit of the orphanage. Behind him is an older Trevor, i can feel my wolf growl as he looks me up and down in shock. I smirk, knowing that im now much larger than him. Mr Abbott also brought three other people with him. (his mate, a woman that looked to be around Angies age, and a very short person dressed in complete black fryed very old cloke that covered the persons face. The only visible skin on the person were a pair of very wrinkled and worn hands.)

”Hello! boomed mr Abbott, ”i hope you don mind that i brought along extra people. Let me introduce you, this lovely, ” he wraps an arm around his mate, ”is my mate Lola, that is Trevor, that is Sapphire and this beautiful lady, ” he motions towards the black cloak, ”is our one and only seer. ”

”Is he here? ” Sapphire asks the seer. There is a long awkwards silence before the seer takes the girls hand.

”He was here, but now he is gone. ”

”Seers are unreliable if you ask me. ” Alaska says drawing all the attention onto him.

”Why is there a rouge in your house Echo. ” Mr abbott glares at Alaska and he glares back.

”Didn he tell you, im invited. ” Alaska looked pleased at Mr Abbotts reaction. Trevor looks scared out of his mind, Sapphire looks worried, and Lola is hiding behind her husband.

”Well, lets get on with this concern you wanted to tell us, so i can leave as soon as possible. ” Abbott glares at Alaska one last time. He takes a seat in to opposite side of the living room from Alaska. While everyone gets settled in the living room, Echo takes me into the kitchen and frantically started whispering my ear off about this not going at all how it was planned and that he doesn know what to do. We walk back into the living room and Echo asks everyone what they want to drink.

”Trevor, why don you and the boy ” he points at me. ”Go somewhere while us grownups talk. ”

Trevor takes one good look at him then gets uo, gulps and walks towards me. We go out to the back yard and then the fun begins.

”Soooo… ” I prolong the o sound. ”Been a while big T. ” I smirk at him.

”It has. he says shyly.

”Where are your side kicks? ” He doesn respond, instead he gets a pained look in his face. ”Did they leave you and get adopted? No wait, they were too dumb for that. ” I keep pushing. I know he wont do anything without his Alphas permission.

”Look Lupin… ” he hesitates while he stares at my muscles, ”im sorry we always picked on you. We shouldn have done that. Stuff happens, kids will be kids you know… ”

”You are sorry that you made my life a living hell for almost 11 years? ” I laugh. ”Sorry doesn fix shit, i didn have friends, but hey, you got me adopted, well brought Angie to Pennies so that she could adopt me. ”

”Look, I was dumb. I admit it… ” he gulps again. ”But it made you stronger. ”

”Yeah, whatever. ” i roll my eyes. I go back inside leaving him standing on the back porch shaking like a coward.

Echo was in mid conversation with Abbott and Alaska, The seer and Sapphire are looking out the window.

”Ah, lupin perfect timing. ” Echo looks up at mr. This means we will be heading to the garage where I will shift revealing my white wolf, then shift back and talk about defeating Akantha and the rest of the Black Wolves pack, learn if they are in or out and then dinner and parting of ways or game night. ”Lets all head into the garage. ” Echo stands up and walks towards the garage door followed by me and the others. After everyone is in the garage Echo closes the door and nods to me, i shift then sit and stare at everyone, i growl lowly at Trevor but that is all i do. Alaska stares wide-eyed at me, Abbott does too, but not as long as Alaska. When i finally shift back Alaska looks me up and down for a good ten minutes while everyone stands in silence.

”Akantha killed them all, thats not possible… ” Mr abbott stutters. ”That fool is the whole reason they were able to infiltrate the White WOlves pack. ” He points at ALaska, who has back up away from everyone else.

”No… ” Alaskas eyes go wide. ”She told me that no one survived, she would have brought any survivors to me… ” He looks pale and worried.

”If thats all, Id like to head back to my pack now Echo. ” Abbott says with impationions.

”Theres more. ” I fold my arms and stare at him. ”I want to take down Akantha and her whole pack. I just need people who are willing to stand behind or next to me. ”

”Thats suicide! ” Mr Abbott yells. ”Theres no way in hell that anyone will be able to take them down. ”

”We could ask the Seer… ” Trevor whispers.

”Yes, ask the unreliable seer. ” Alaska retorts.

”Go fetch the seer Trevor. ” Mr Abbott completely ignores Alaska and watched Trevor stumble out to get the seer. After TRevor is gone he speaks agon. ”Late bloomer that boy, very rare, tragic that we didn see the signs, those two poor boys he was with… ”

”He killed Aron and Maximus? ” I ask in shock.

”Well, yes, how did you know? ” Abbott looks as shocked as i do now.

”Ang and I adopted him from your orphanage when he was 10. ” Echo reassures Abbott.

”Ah… Lupin, the one who i was constantly getting reports about being bullied. ”

While waiting for Trevor to return Abbott and Echo have a conversation about the orphanage. ALaska stares at me with a horrified look in his eyes, as well as the look of someone having betrayed him.

”ALaska… ” i think about how to ask my question, ”who was supposed to bring any survivors to you? ”

”It doesn matter boy. ” he whispers without blinking.

”WEll do you think that my plan is suicide? Or will you join me to avenge my father? ”

BEfore ALaska can answer TRevor comes back with the seer and a crying SApphire. The seer lowers her cloak to reveal wrinkled ragged looking skin. Two black eyes stared directly at me, reading me.

”Seer! WE want to know the odds of this boy defeating Akantha. ”

She stood staring at me for a long time, then finally spoke in a voice that sounded like a young child, ”many things could go wrong, but it is not completely impossible.

”I could have told you that. ” Alaska throws his hands up. ”Told you, un-re-li-able! ”

THe seer turned to him, ”and you, nonbeliever, you will die a very very ugly death either way. ”

”Good to know. ” He says back in a mock tone. ”WEll theres your answer boy, im in, but mostly to prove her to be unreliable. ”

”The food is done baby. ” Angie says from the door.

”We will be in there in a minute. ”

”Whats your plan boy. ” Alaska asks finally coming off his shock.

”I dont have one, well, except to find allies… ”

”Well thats a hell of a way to do it. It will make finding allies harder to do. Tell you what kid, if Echo allows it ill stay here for a bit and help you or you could come back to my pack of rogues and we can plan things.. There. ”

”No, hes not allowed to go to your pack yet. ” Echo steps in doing his parental duties.

”Prove to me that I can trust you. ” I say. ”And then we will see. ”

Everyone eats quietly, Sapphire looks longingly at the painting of Frederick. AFter Abbotts group is done eating he excuses himself from the pack after saying he will think about the offer to join him. Alaska takes his time slowly eating the food and watching me and Echo.

”Lupin, study now. ” Echo says calmly. I follow him up to the study and as soon as the door shuts behind me Echo blows up a storm about how I shouldn trust the rouge so quick.

”He knows my father! ” I yell back when he is finished. ”I want to know them better, he was my fathers friend! ”

”Fine but you
e not leaving this pack, its too dangerous. ”

”But Echo! Thats not fair, I… ”

”THink about the pack Lupin, your mate, im doing this for them and you. THe worlds a lot more dangerous out there, and hell, what if he turns you into AKantha himself. WHat then LUpin, am i just supposed to sit back while the kid i adopted gets killed? ”

”THen come with me. ”

”I can , and even if i could, i can leave ANg behind, we swore to never leave each other behind. ”

”I get it echo, but… ”

”I KNow you don see me as your dad LUpin, but, look your my boy, and im just trying to protect you. ”

”I don need your protection! ” Echo talks a step back just staring at me. He doesn say anything, he just looks at me. I feel bad now, but i have a point.

”IM sorry ECho.. ” I look at the floor. ”YOU just… you don understand what this means to me. ”

”He might have been your fathers friend LUPin, but he is also the reason that they were killed. He slipped up that he told someone how to sneak in. WOrd got to Akantha and well you know that part. ”

”Fine, ill stay here, but he stays too. I need him to do this. ”

”ONly for two days. ”

”Thank you Echo. ” i pull him into a hug. ”Im sorry that i yelled at you, i just need this… ” ECho hugs me back but doesn say anything back.

WE go back down to the first floor, ALAska finished his meal sometime during our argument and was sitting in the living room staring at Cass. Cass runs over to me and jumps onto me as soon as she sees me. ALaska stops staring at her as soon as he realises shes taken. INstead he looks at me waiting for an answer. I carry Cass to the armchair in the corner and sit us down in it with her on my lap. She sneakily slips her hand up my shirt and gently strokes my belly while we listen to everyone talk. Echo tells ANg about the Meeting.

”SO, how about when you and Lupin went to the study? What did you talk about then. ” ANgie asks after ECho stops talking.

Alaska looks away from me interested to hear what he had ro say, Echo looks up at me and i look don ashamed that i said what i said to him. ITs not like i meant it or anything, i just need to know about my father.

”We talked about Alaska staying here for two days only, and Lupin said some stuff that he deeply regrets. ”

”What things? ” Angie raises her brow. Cassie gives me a weird look.

”He said he didn need my protection… ” Cassie slaps me on the face. ”He also tried to get me to let him go with Alaska, but I said no… ”

”Good. ” Angie hisses while glaring at me. She slowly gets up and walks over to me. ”You, Lupin Red, are not allowed to leave our pack until you are 18, but if you think you don need our protection, from us, the two people who took you in and care deeply about you, that can have a kid of our own, then you can go right ahead and leave and never come back. ” She looks at Cassie before continuing, ”Cassie will be welcomed back anytime unless she chooses to reject you. ” Angie smacks my face so hard that she leaves her hand print on my cheek.

Alaska looking like he is having the time of his life says, ”you can have kids? Did you try doing things doggy style. I heard from a little bird of mine that its quite effective and natural. ”

WhT the… we all look at Alaska. ”Echo, why didn we think of that? ” Angie points at him then goes back to glaring at me. ”If you don need it Ill show you what you have to do. ” She walks to the stairs and on up and slams her door behind her.

”Theres blankets in that closet and the couch, or the guest room upstairs… Im gonna go to bed now… ” Echo follows Angies path.

”Lets go to bed baby. ” Cassie pulls her hand out of my shirt and rubs my cheek where its red and sore.

”You could go to bed with me sweet cheeks. I can show you what its like to be with a real man and not a boy. ”

I growl at Alaska, but Cass responds before I can, ”my mate is the only man I need. ” She plants a rough kiss on my lips and then guides me up to my room without looking back.

”Well sorry for asking, ” Alaska laughs.

”I don like him at all! ” Cassie slams me onto our bed. ”And you
e a damn fool for saying you don need the protection. ”

”I protected you from Akantha! And I also didn mean it baby! I was just mad! ”

”And if I said I hated you because I was just mad, youll still feel the effects you neïve dumb ass! ” I go to wrap my arms around her but she jumps back. ”No! Im mad at you. ” She strips down to just her white underwear and then crawls over me, steals all the blankets and goes to sleep.

When I finally fall asleep I dream of a man Ive never known, a man who looks just like me. He recognizes me but I can hear or touch him. Hes in the distance walking away from me. I can yell or run, Im chained down.

I wake to the sunlight hitting my face. Cass isn in bed so she much Ive went down to hangout with Ang. I get dressed and go downstairs to see Cassie sitting uncomfortably in our chair with Alaska staring at her with pretty much everything on show. He has a tattoo of a wolf covering the left side of his chest, and more scars covering him. I roll my eyes in secret and then go over to Cassie she gives me a quick peck but then wants nothing to do with me.

”BReakfast is here. ” ANg yells from the front door as she walks in with a bag of mcdonalds. She tosses everyone but me something and then begins to eat.

”Where is mine? ” I ask before remebering the argument I had with Ang the other day.

”I dont need your protection. ” Ang growls in mock tones. ”Figure it out. ”

”Im sorry ang… I didnt mean it. ”

”Bullshit. ”

”Look kid, I think youre fighting a losing battle. ” Alaska chuckled.

”Fine. ” I put my hands up, then head to the kitchen to find something to eat. I need to make up things with angie before they get worse. I feel horrilbe about what I said.

But as things turned out, Angie did not give me a chance to apologize for the next two weeks. She was so upset with me that she had stopped making plates for me and went out of her way to pretend like I wasnt there. It was shitty. On the bright side, Echo gave Alaska permision to come back a couple times each week. Since I wasnt allowed to leave the pack teritorry by myself yet I had to use his visits to my advantage.

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