”Boy. Do you really think that you can win this war you want to start? ” Alaska asked as he ate beef jerky.

”I do, I have to get revenge. Akantha started this war. ” I growled. ”She tried to hurt my mate all because she was in the way of me joining her. ”

”Calm down, you sound like a boy. If you want to win this war you need to act like a man. ”

”I get that! ” I yelled. ”I need to make things better with Ang and Echo too. ”

”They are still giving you the cold shoulder? ” Alaska laughed looking amused.

”I told echo that as much as he wanted to be he wasnt my dad. I didnt mean it to be so harsh, I just want to know about my father, you are the only person that knows him, and I was just so angry that he didnt want me to lend trust to you. ”

”He has a point kid, I could take you straight to Akantha. ” he scratched his chin. ”I live outside of your safe fortress, ive heard the things being whispered about you. Akantha is building up her forces too. ”

”So she is scared. ”

”Not scared, its hard to scare a brute like her. ”

I sighed. ”So what do I need to do then. I cant just walk out and recruit people. ”

”I think… ” he scratched his chin. ”you should make up with your alfa and luna first, that will make things a lot easier for you. ”

He had a point, but how was I supposed to do that. Id tried to apologize a million times and with no success. As if Alaska could read my thoughts he said, ”do something different, something youve never done before. ”

Alaska got up to leave so I thought on his last words… something I have never done before. I had never bowed down to them, Id given them my respects but Id never actually submitted myself to them but that had never asked me to either. That gave me an idea.

I pulled out my phone and sent Cassie a test ”meet me at my house. ” She had been avoiding me since I had got off on the wrong foot with Angie and Echo. Then I sent a text to Angie and Echo to come out back to the shed where I had been having my meeting with Alaska.

I turned into my wolf and waited. Echo and Ang where the first to arrive, but I waited till Cassie showed up a few moments later. God she smelt so good, Id missed her so much, but I didnt look at her. not yet. I sat and looked at Angie and then to echo, then I hung my head in a bow and growled, ”I am sorry for the hurtful things i said. I stepped out of line in my anger to get back at things taken from me. You took me in and have treated me as your own since day one, not expecting me to submit to your pack, but I am giving you my submission as Lucas Red. You are my Alfa and my Luna and I will submit myself to you to protect your pact till the days that it becomes mine if that is what you wish. ” I kept my head down, I had to wait if they accepted my apology and submission then I had hope that things would go back to normal.

After a few minutes I felt something nuzzle against my side, it was Angs lava wolf, and Echo was still standing there, a tear rolling down his cheek. I felt my heart leap, they had forgiven me, I looked to Cassie and she was also in tears, beaming at me. Ang shifted back as I did and i hugged her hard, ”Im so so sorry Ang, youre like a mom to me and I should… ”

But Ang shushed me. ”I forgive you, it took you long enough to figure it out. Cassie, you can see him again. ” She nodded to Cassie who ran and jumped into my outstreched arm.


I could smell it in the air. Someone was following me, but I didnt slow down. I glanced behind me, I should have known, I had seen them a few miles back. A few of Akanthas cronies. I pulled into a gas station five miles from my packs territory, got out of my truck and watched the two cronies oull up next to me.

”Not exactly anonymous. ” I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. ”What do you want? ”

”A cig. ” Lucifer held out a hand.

”Like hell brother. ” But I handed him one anyways. ”Akantha send you out on another house call? ”

”Something like that. ” The other guy cracked his knuckles.

”Do you suck each other off when she doesn have the time to put out for you? ”

”How dare you insult… ”

”Thats enough Spike. ”

”What do you want brother? ”

”We can smell that boy Lupin all over you. What are you doing with him, whats he planning. ”

”None of your business. ” I stuck my hands in my pocket, holding the cigarette between my lips. ”

”Spike, go home. Let me handle this. ” He gave Spike a look, and spike listened.

”Lucifer, what do you want. ”

”Shhh. ” Lucifer glanced towards where his friend had left. ”We need somewhere more private to meet. ”

”Fine, get in the truck. I know a spot. ”

I drove to a secluded place, an old run down house that no one knew that it was there. ”Welcome home brother. ”

”Home sweet home. ” He glanced out at the ruins of their childhood home.

”What do you want. ”

”I dont have much time. ” He glanced around again. ”She knows, that old fool abbott told her. He doesnt want in on the action but he told her everything about that meeting, she knows you were there. Shes been having you followed, be wary of who you trust. ”

”Why are you telling me this? ”

”You need to know, I need you to know, and to make up for my ** up all those years ago. ”

”So this is about you? ” I yelled. ”About when you **ed over my best friend! About when you came to me scared for my friends life promising youd bring me any survivors. You lied to me Lucifer, the boy is alive and you told me yourself that no one survived. ” I could feel the anger rising. Untill a few weeks ago i had believe my cousin and his enire line to be dead and it had been my fault because I had told my traderious bastard brother how to come meet me inside the walls and he told that bitch Akantha.

”I **ed up, but now im trying. I should have been better. ”

At these words my wolf burst out angrily, my large growing gray wolf with a blue glow. Like the coward he was my brother fell backwards out of the truck and I pranced on him growling. ”You **ed up when you destroyed our home, when you killed our father and forced our proud pack into hiding. ”

”I wont fight you. ”

”I could kill you. ” I growled, ” I spent most of my life hating you for what you did. Then I forgave you and you killed the rest of our family. ”

”Im sorry it was a mistake. ”

”That boy knows nothing, he doesnt know how great of a man his father was. He will never know because I trusted you and you **ed up. ” I growled. ”I trusted you and you ruined everything. I was named his godfather and I didnt even know that he was alive. ” I dug my claws into his shoulders. ”But i wont kill you. ” I changed back into a human. ”Im giving you one last chance, prove yourself or the next time our paths cross i will kill you brother. ” I got off him, and threw my cigarette to the growd, and looked at my childhood home.

”I wont fail you brother. ” He turned into his pathetic grey blue wolf and ran with his tail tucked between his legs.

I hope you do brother. I sighed then got back into my truck and headed towards what I had build to replace what Lucifer had destroyed. I knew it would never be the same but my pack respected me, they were the ones that Akantha had thrown out, or hurt their families. I was the king and I had earnt my place and built that respect. They would die for me to get revenge, but I couldnt tell Lupin this yet. He had to know when the time was right, I had the numbers that could defeat her i just needed someone who could stand beside me… and who better then Lupin Hollow, the wolf pup of my cousin.

”Alaska! Youre back! ” My mate threw her arms around me as I walked in the door.

”Hey Lady. ” I wrapped my arms around her.

”How was your godson? ”

”He was good. He still hasnt given me his trust, kid looks just like his father. ”

”Have you told him? ”

”No, I want him to learn to trust me, I dont want to just throw it out there to him and have him just trust me blindly. ” Lady pulled away from giving me a stirn look. ”I will tell him, just not yet. ” I planted a kiss on Ladys cheek. ”I think he can change the world. ”


”I started taking some classes, so you don have to protect me. ” Cass said

”What? ” I looked shocked at her. ”Neither of us knew what to expect, she was going to hurt you and I would have done it regardless. ”

”I know, but you deserved better than how I responded. ”

”You dont have to be a badass like Ang. ” I smiled. ”I like you just the way you are. ”

Cassie huffed but didn argue.

”dinner is ready. ” Ang called from the shed door. ”See you in a second. ”

We got up and went inside. It was the best meal that I had ate all week, Ang seemed to have gone out of her way with this one. Steak, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, corn, green beans, shrimp, and shed even gone out of her way to set the table all fancy. Even Echo had gone out of his way to make this meal extra special, he had invited Jaxon, Cassies parents, Axl, and my best friend Elija and someone that I didn know.

”Hey Lupin. ” Elija waved, ”This is Peter. ” He grinned at a boy I had seen before.

”Dinner, sit. ” Ang pulled out seats for me and Cassie. We sat between Cassies parents and Elija and Peter. Echo brought over the pots and pans and set them on the table, and everyone dug in. After we ate, Cassie and i cleaned up the plates, Echo pulled the playing cards out and everyone began playing.

I had picked up on some of Angies tricks, and I was kicking everyones asses. When someone knocked on the front door.

”Are you expecting anyone? ” I raised an eyebrow to Ang who was also looking towards the front door.

”No not that I know of. ”

”Ill get it. ” Echo put down his playing cards. He got up and walked out of sight, we heard the door open then Echo yelled for Angie.

She got up and ran into the living room. ”Freddie? ”

”Hi Angie. ”

”Come in. We were just having dinner. ”

Angie and Echo came back into the dinning room, Fredrick following her holding someones hand.

”Saphire? ” Jaxon raised a brow to the girl with Freddie.

”Ang. ” Fred looked at everyone in the house. ”I just wanted to introduce you to my mate. ”

”We know her. ” I said. ”She came her with Abbott when we held a meeting. ” I looked to Echo to make sure I wasnt overstepping my boundaries.

”We did meet once. ” Saphire squeezed freds hand. ”But a lot has changed since then. ”

”We met while she was on the run from her pack. Echo… Ang… I need to talk to you in private. ”

”later. ” Echo looked at Ang. ”Not here. ”

”You can take the spare room. ” Ang smiled at Fred.

”And you can join as in cards. ” Cassies father pushed Tasha off the chair. ”Here you can sit here. Ive missed having you around Fredrick. ”

I gave him a dirty look. ”Tasha, you can sit here. ” I stood up offering my seat.

”No, thats your seat Lupin. ”

The whole room went silent. I was glaring as Tashas husband and he was glaring at me.

”Is there a problem? ” Ang asked looking from me to Brian.

”Ive put it off for a long time, but pushing Tasha off the seat like he did… ” I growled. ”I promished tasha that if i ever saw him treat her like that again Id kick his ass. ”

Cassie and Tasha gasped, Ang just looked from me to Brian.

”Well then theres only one way to settle this. ” Ang broke the silence. ”Brian you know the rule. Everybody outside. ”

”Lupin, you dont have to hurt him. Just make him submit to you. ” Ang whispered as everyone else filed outside.

”Its why Tasha always always stays at home and wears long sleeves. Her arms are covered in bruises. ”

”Mom… ” Cassie was hugging her mother. ”Is that true? ”

”Cass.. you two can stay here if you want. What do you want me to do if I do get him to submit? ”

”Just prove a point to him, scare him into being a better person. ” Echo put a hand on my shoulder. ”If he tries to harm or anything you do what I thought you. No one can step in to stop or help. Dont submit to him or it will make your life with Cassie and Tasha hell. ”

”okay. ” I sent a smile in Cassies direction then I headed outside where everyone else was waiting standing in a circle.

”I thought you were going to chicken out. ” Brian said before he turned into a wolf.

”Not a chance. ” I turned into my white wolf and walked into the circle.

Brian sized me up, and I sized him up. I was defiantly bigger than him, but he didn back down. We walked in circles staring each other down. ”Back down I willed him, It will only get worse from here. ”

”Fuck no. ” He growled. ”Tasha is my mate and i will treat her the way she deserves. ”

”If i treated Cassie the way you treat your wife you wouldn want to hurt me? ” I growled

”I would think she had done something to deserve it. ” He pounced, I dodged out of the way and turned nipping his foot as it glided past.

”Don make me hurt you. ” I growl more firmly. ”I wont back down to you. ”

He pounced again, this time I took the full weight of his pounce allowing him to knock me over, letting him use his strength before Id even began. He ran off and turned back ready to strike again, I came at him with my teeth bared. Growling he dodged me to avoid my bite, then we began circling again. This time i pounced, striking him in the ass end, grabbing him and pinning his as to the ground. He tore away from me causing my claws to dig into his hind legs making him bleed, but even with his limp he was not ready to submit.

I let out a howl, trying to intimidate him or cause him to think i was showing a sign of weakness, it worked, he pounced again and scratched my muzzle, i lashed our striking his underside, I felt my teeth break the skin and sink in. He cried in pain and jumped back causing skin and fur to rip from his body.

Still no one stepped in, they all knew that it would only stop when one of us submitted or died. I watched Brian to see if he was ready to give up. He was panting, his wolf was not cut for fighting, he wouldnt be able to fight much longer his strenght was depeted, and he was bleeding rather badly now.

”Submit. ” I growled once more, but he didnt. I leaped crashing on all fours ontop of him snarling. ”Just submit damnit. ” I bared my teeth above him, and then he laid his head down, he stopped growling and turned back into a man. I let out a howl and turned back too.

”Someone get the healer. ” I stood up and offered a hand down to the bleeding man.

”No, just let me die here. Im too ashamed. ”

”No, you are my mates father and I will not let you bleed out and die here. ” I took his hand by force and pulled him up. ”Never treat your wife poorly again. ” I hed him up and pulled him back into the house.


(Later that night)

”You didnt kill him even when he was so disrespectful to you. ” Cassie curled up in my lap. We were sitting in my room. ”How long had you known he wasnt treating my mom good? ”

”For a long time. I promised I wouldnt do anything that time, but Id told your mom if he did again. ” I felt my wolf growl.

”You will make an honorable alfa one day. ” Cassie kissed my neck.

”I doubt that. I might not even survive Akantha. ” I leaned back to get a good look at cassie. ”I have to try, no one should have to deal with her, shes horrible. ”

”Is that why you keep having meeting with that fowl rouge wolf. ” She shivered. ”Hes always flirting with me. ”

”I just feel like i can trust him. ” I looked at cassie. ”Does that make me crazy, my gut tells me that I can, but he hasnt told me anything, he just tells me that my anger is that of a child and that I am going to get myself and everyone else killed if I dont act like a man. ”

Cassie was a good listener, I told her everything that I had talked about with Alaska. We talked into the night about what I should do, I think she agreed with me that eventually i would have to leave the Red wolf territory and take a firmer action to make things happen. If she didnt like it i couldnt tell, she hid it well.


”So what did you want to talk about Fred? ” I asked.

”I think that Saphire would be better suited.. she was there. ” Fred looked to his mate who was watching me and Ang.

”Okay tell us. ” Ang sat down on my lap.

”Well remember that day i met you with my alfa Abbott? ”

”Yes. ”

”Well after a couple days, Akantha came to us… ” she shivered just thinking about it. ”She went to that orphanage that he runs, where you got Lupin… ”

”What happened. ”

”I went there with a message, from a member of the pack and she was there, with her horrible mates. He told her that hed seen the boys wolf and that he was looking for people to build an army against her. She was angry, but not because of that. He refused to join her side wanting to stay out of it so she took a teacher that had worked there that knew the boy. I think it was so that she could learn about him. She punished the pack and took almost everything we had. She knew Id been there when she found out so I ran for it. ”

”And thats when she met me. ” Fred spoke up. ”I was hiding out in the human world, pretending to be one, telling those that could tell that i was just passing through. ”

I scratched my chin. ”Who was this teacher that knew Lupin so well? ” I looked at Ang.

”She was the lady who helped me adopt him, Ms Pennie i think was her name. She said she had watched over him since he got there… ”

”Hopefully shes a lot braver than Abbott, or all will be lost. ”

”Echo, i think its time you gave Alaska a free pass in and out. ” Ang looked at me. ”He had lots of wolves under his command, hes our only hope. ”

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