garp face but still manage to block and he was force to use his hardening or armament haki and push back by several meters.

The impact creates a large round cracks.

Garp: oy oy oy kid ” you manage to hurt me with your attack, tsk that attack cause my right arm numb a few seconds i underestimate that kicks of yours ”

Vince: ohh thanks for the complement.

Damn his defense was strong it made my leg numb a bit ” as expected by grandmaster (lV) level of mastery he thought.

The fight continued a day and give up while his body was full of bruises and his entire body was numb cuz he can penetrate garp defense but the two didn went out and displayed their strength.

But even so vince didn show any weakness because of that garp can use his advantage he also had a bad time defending his attacks.

But still vince knew this oldman still holding back his strength.

After a series of attacks vince suddenly gave up and sat at the ground grasping from air and while garp stood there like nothing happens while he put his both hands in his pockets.

Vince: huh huh huhhhh….. damn old man your a monster!!! He said while he still grasping his air

Vince didn act like he pretended to grasp air he was clearly exhausted cuz he just use is brute strength fighting garp and he didn even use his sword from the fight.

Damn i need to train my body and stamina I don want to depend to much in sword and need to strengthen my body more.

Garp: whahahah!! To be honest kid your already had a monstrous strength ” Talking about monsters kid your clearly a monster than me and when i was the same age as you Im still struggling to survive so be proud kid your not even adult yet especially your still young ”

Damn this kid has a strength of admiral already and he was clearly not a fist user or a devil fruit user either but his attacks causes lighting every time he uses his techniques and even manage to learn 6 navy techniques.

he already grasp the advance level of mastery on his both observation and armament haki. He even knew how to use emission what a monstrous child even linlin and roger don kind of strength compared to their childhood days.

He make my hands sore !!! Garp thoughts.

Garp: whats your name kid? I forgot to ask you that. Gahahaha

Vince: my name is Igneel D. Vince old man.

Garp: ohh your from the D clan, bwhahahaa!!

But why your family name familiar to me??

Vince: simple cuz Im a former prince from the former Igneel kingdom in the west blue that you marines and world governments joined forces to destroyed 7 years ago ” you destroyed my home just because of the order of a filthy celestial shits was dissatisfied that our kingdom didn promote slavery in or home and we didn agree to let my one of my cousins to became a slaves and because of that he ordered a buster call and even send a admiral!!

With just a filthy reasons he decided to destroyed a kingdom and killed many innocent people just because he didn get what he wants and he didn like to see that theres no slave walking in the street?? What kind of bastards are they??? A descendant of gods??? What a joke!! They must be a descendant of PIGS!!!

Vince unconsciously release his Conquerer haki and made a surrounding shake and stir a strong winds around him.

Garp was shocked to see vince suddenly release a strong Conquerer haki and even more shocking things was that he was a former prince of a kingdom was destroyed 7 years ago.

He remembered that admiral Maru sent to kingdom of Igneel to subdue and if they resist they will be destroyed. This kingdon was located in west blue it was reported to them that this kingdom said to rebel against the world government and they clearly produce a evidence that they indeed wanted to rebel.

He knew that all of the evidence presented is was immediately made up on the spot. The marines didn have a lot of information about the kingdom and why did they rebel but still fleet admiral kong sent admiral maru one of colleagues of admiral senguko to destroy this kingdom.

Fleet Admiral kong said the orders of the higher ups is absolute.

When he heard vince story and the real reasons why his kingdom was destroyed he was ashamed and angry about what really happen in that day. He didn new was the entire reason why this peaceful kingdom was destroyed so the world government hide the entire truth even to him.

He sympathized vince and he know vince hated marines now they indeed the reason why his kingdom was now destroyed and but he must more hatred against the world government thats why he has strong rejection especially joining the marines.

Garp: sorry kid I didn know the real reasons why your kingdom was destroyed back then they just said your kingdom rebel so ” he clenched his fists

I apologize to you and your kingdom kid Im sorry. Garp bowed and apologized to vince

Vince sneered and said a mocking tone

Heehh?? Rebel huh?? The hell was that?? Fuck them!!! If i saw anyone of them appeared in front of me i will torture and kill them in front of your **ing marines!!! Vince eyes became teary especially when he remembered his painful past.

Vince suddenly stood up and directly walks away.

When garp saw vince leaving he just sighed and he didn stop vince on leaving rudely.

But he was angry and ashamed to know the real reasons of why igneel kingdom a peaceful beautiful kingdom was destroyed because of filthy reasons.

He also hated the world nobles and celestial dragons but he didn leave marines cuz he knew marines was needed to maintain peace in the sea.

Of course vince also knew garp reasons why garp insisted on staying in marines even he hated those self proclaimed gods ” he was just angry when garp recruit him to join the marines.

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