bservation haki and they didn notice luffy at that time.

He knew he was implosive when he said that he knew that he must stay low for now and get revenge later but cuz of garp asked him to join marines his angered inside was triggered and release.

Garp visit vince and again apologize

Garp: hey kid!! I apologize again about your kingdom and i know i can stop you taking a revenge against the world government.

But i have a favor for you kid ” please don randomly kill a marines cuz of your past and anger.

Vince was shock garp sudden visit: old man i know that not all marines was evil and just following orders ” but I promise you that i wont kill any marines I encounter but i will not hesitate to kill those who was corrupt and evil especially those so called descendants of gods.

Garp clearly see anger to vince eyes

Garp: sighh i know and thank you! Garp bow towards vince

Vince: i have also a favor for you old man ” train me.

Garp was shocked to hear vince ask him to train him: your already strong kid and you already learn all 3 hakis ”

Vince: i know that old man just spar with me will do.

Garp: okay i agree to it kid ” but i well spar you when i have time.

Vince: i know ” he bowed and said thank you old man!


Weeks later garp drag luffy to mt corbo near at fusha village.

But luffy was not alone vince also join them.

Luffy: ow ow ow!! Why does it hurt Im clearly a rubber man!!

Garp walks towards an house in the middle of the forest leaving luffy behind

A big woman appeared with a cigarette in her mouth and several men appeared.

Karli dandan: garp give me a break!! Ace already 10 year old!!

When karli saw two kids behind garp she was shock

Karli: hey garp?? You want me to take care of this two kids?? And one of then was your grandson?? And whose the other one he looks teen ager already!!

Garp: bwhahaha ” i let you choose to go to jail or look for this kids bwhahaha!!

Karli: huhh??! I don want to be arrested but i think cell was better ” im already enough for ace who gives me troubles!!

And then the famous spiting of ace to luffy happened.

When i saw then scene i just snickered

Garp: ohh ace you came back!! He smack luffy on his head and introduce luffy to him.

Vince: now i know how luffy became and simple minded idiot its all thanks to garp he thought.

Garp: this is luffy ” ace your 3 years older than him be nice to him and this is vince the same age as you maybe a month older than you ” and it settled you will live together and you better to get along

Ace was shocked that he didn notice vince presence and he was also startled when he thought vince was the same age as him but he looks like 15-16 year old but he knew this kid is strong far stronger than him.

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