Oni! Demon Lord

Asmodea, Mother of Demons

Asmodea was currently performing his daily training of 1000 push-ups. His arms felt weak and shaky as his sweat poured down his arms, forming a wet patch on the dirt.

”802….803 ”

In the distance, a girl was watching him with fiery eyes calling his name whilst rubbing her thighs together. Since he received the memory, he decided to ignore Lumina completely, trying to avoid a relationship with her.

”859….860… ”

Little did Asmodea realise that these actions had changed the future entirely. Now, Lumina followed him secretly, wanting to know why he changed and what made him addicted to training. Initially, she joined out of curiosity. However, after 10 years of repeating the process, it became a ritual for her.

”Asmodea Fight! ” Lumina cheered under her breath every time he reached 100 press-ups.

She would observe his slight changes, how his muscles developed and how she felt a tingling sensation whenever watching him shirtless, displaying his tight abs and 6 pack. One time she followed him as he went to bathe in the lake, catching sight of a giant snake between his legs before fleeing back home like a frightened rabbit.

For Lumina, this was a turning point in her feelings, from a childish desire to an adult desire, as her thoughts changed significantly after this day. After they turned 18, she no longer watched just out of amusement but to satisfy her lust wanting; she even had lewd dreams of his training, sometimes with her sitting on him, both being naked.

Ethan, the handsome new pretty boy, had spoken to her several times. Hed even awakened as a Hero who made the village super happy. After that, he became highly sticky towards Lumina, which drove her to follow Asmodea even more intensively.

”904….904… ”

Asmodea, after that moment 10 years ago, changed. He was no longer able to smile from the bottom of his heart. Only when his father was with him did he relax.

Kent was now unable to walk long distances, so Asmodea looked after the housework, cooking, cleaning, and even doing the shopping.

Originally his large black broken horn filled with demonic language made people feel fear. But his years of hard work, helping not only his father but the villagers improving their broken down wooden homes in his spare time, changed their views.

Asmodea, however, couldn care less about the villagers, knowing that one day they would betray his father and let the knights of Baltovins take him away. They left Asmodea to cry alone with his bones broken. He used these tasks to train his body and the use of his acquired mana which excited him greatly.

”945….946…. ”

However, it was different from his fathers holy white mana, a raven black mana that absorbed any other mana it came into contact with, even his fathers sacred mana. His father made him promise not to reveal this fact to anyone.

His mana didn come from a mana core located in a humans stomach, but His heart created his mana, constantly flowing through his veins and continually improving his muscles, bones and skin. After that day 10 years ago, it not only improved his body. It constantly improved his looks the more he used it, making him a very handsome young man, not the pretty but the rugged and masculine type.

When he looked in the mirror at his current self, he felt great pride in being far more attractive and manly than the wimpy self Asmodea saw in future dreams, which he found to be true after testing several events. The only difference was Lumina, who didn awaken as a saintess but as a witch who specialises in dark elements.

The pendant had been silent since that day. However, sometimes he dreamt of a red-headed woman sobbing and apologising to her precious son and forcing him to endure a miserable fate.

”999….1000 Phew! ” Asomdea rose to his feet, feeling energised and filled with energy sending out a punch causing the air to ripple, causing the grass to sway around him violently.

”Haha, todays the day the merchant comes. I wonder if hell have any medicine for dad! ”

”A-Ashmodea… I already bought this. ” Lumina bit her tongue after Asmodea spoke to her for the first time in a while since the dreams started feeling extremely nervous.

This morning she woke up to buy some medicine for uncle Kent, who saved her mother 10 years ago. Holding out a slightly purple-looking potion, labelled ”High-potion ”, which was indeed the medicine he would buy for his father.

Asmodea stood still for a moment, thinking whether it was worth getting involved with her. What if she suddenly changes again? Ill keep her in arms reach and accept her gift for now. According to the dream, shell be leaving with Ethan in a month anyway.

”Thanks, Lumina. You know this is far more expensive than the usual potion I buy. How did you afford it? ” Asmodea asked her.

”I used the money I got for my birthday. Luckily the merchant was a nice older man who let me save a few coppers! Hehe, ” Lumina said; due to her joy, she was swinging from side to side with arms behind her back.


Asmodea couldn resist petting her head, just like he did all those years ago. Honestly, he didn hate her. She never cheated and told him before anything happened. He didn have the right to judge her. Wouldn anyone pick the best option in a world where your life was in danger?

”Im grateful for your help, but please use your money for yourself next time. You
e already a lady after all! ”

Lumina turned away, intoxicated by his words and head pats.

”Hehe, Asmodea called me a lady. Next time I will buy him something nicer! ” Lumina whispered.

The many years of treatment left their roles reversed; she had become the licking dog and he the master, with her mindset slowly approaching something dark and obsessive,

”Un, Ill make sure to save my money for myself. Look it, s this dress pretty? ”

Lumina span around in a frilled gothic black dress, which he found cute and accented her growing breasts and developing buttocks choosing to seal those thoughts deep within his mind.

Asmodea chose to tolerate Lumina, not wanting to hurt her needlessly. So he decided to treat her as best as possible without stepping too far. He wouldn chase or tell her he loved her because he didn trust her. It was the future Lumina that would hurt him after all.

She had never stopped supporting him for 10 years, helping his father secretly when Asmodea went into the town to get supplies once a month. Shed help his dad cook and clean the house.

”Lumina, I have something important to do. So do you mind going home first? ”

Lumina blinked twice before nodding as she turned to leave, listening to Asmodea.

”See you tomorrow then, Asmodea! ”

Lumina skipped down the path, exhilarated because he finally spoke to her after a long time.

Asmodea watched her figure disappear in the distance. The smile on his face vanished as he turned to enter the forest, intending to hunt weak monsters for the next part of training.


Asmodea had been walking for several minutes; now, trees and grass filled his eyes and path, and most villagers didn come this way because of the dangers. Only once a month would a small patrol of soldiers use it as training.

”Phew, so far, so good. Time to try out this weapon for the first time. ”

He raised his arm, spreading a black mist that slowly formed into a shimmering black bone mace roughly 140cm long with several spikes engraved with the demonic language writing despair. This weapon appeared once in his dream. The woman explained it was the manifestation of a persons soul, most commonly known as a soul weapon, and its name was Despair.

”Sorry, gale wolves… It looks like Im going to hunt many of you today. ”

Asmodea dragged the rod half his height over his shoulder, walking at laid back pace. His nose could smell the dirty scent of the beasts slowly approaching them.


He exited the forest, entering a small opening near a pond where a pack of several gale wolves were currently drinking water and resting. Sensing the intruder, they began growling and gathering up, preparing to attack.

”Hmmm, Seven… Might be a little tough. ”

”Heh! ”

Asmodea began to glow with a dark aura, slowly approaching the wolves as the youngest wolf seemed unable to hold back, leaping for his throat.


Only to be sent shooting into a nearby tree, the swing of his mace crushing the wolfs head, killing it instantly. The remaining mana within the wolf is devoured by Asmodeas body, increasing his total mana and strength slightly.

”Well, Its my turn next, right? ”

Asmodea stomped on the ground, creating a small crater before propelling himself towards the pack of wolves, sending several flying onto the floor, whimpering with a swing of his long black mace.

Several minutes later, there were no longer any howls or wolves to make noise. Asmodea sat beside the river leaning backwards, surrounded by crushed wolf corpses.

Reflected in the river was a blood-soaked young man, his Black hair swept back down to his shoulders, revealing a sizeable broken horn protruding from his forehead filled with demonic runes with blackened eyes and golden pupils. When he focused, they shone with a vibrant sparkle. His fangs were large and pointed like a beast.

”Getting stronger by devouring others… its so brutal, and I love it, haha! ”

He washed his face in the water, looking towards the sky, thinking it was about time to return to his father and help make dinner. For the past few days, hed felt a foreboding that this peaceful time was running out, despite the second raid being weeks away.

Pitter patter!

”Huh? ”

Asmodea swiftly turned around. In his view was a monstrous creature. It was about 200 cm tall and had large thick muscular arms and red wings that spanned over 2metres. Unable to tell whether male or female, it was carrying a half-eaten corpse of a gale wolf. It stared intently at Asmodea, tilting its head and sniffing the air where it was.

Asmodea felt his mind racing, scared of what this creature may be. What the ** is that!? It seems strong! Picking up Despair from the ground as he slowly rose to his feet, pointing Despair towards the strange monster.

Upon seeing the weapon, the monster acted strangely. Instead of getting defensive or aggressive, it dropped the wolf corpse and slowly moved closer. Asmodea wanted to swing, but something within his body kept telling him not to.

The monster now knelt before him as a strange scene occurred. The chaotic mana within the beast began to flow into Asmodea as being devoured just like any other mana. The sheer amount caused intense pain in Asmodeas wrists and chest.

Asmodea saw the monster shrink to around 180cm and grow long blonde hair down to her waist with a wild unkempt hairstyle. Its face slowly transformed into a beautiful woman with yellow eyes and slit pupils, seeming to be in her early 30s, having a noble and arrogant atmosphere, almost like a dragon.

”knave, wast thee the one to release me? ”

The womans voice was deep, resounding across the area, feeling like it directly entered his body. When her eyes finally focused on Asmodea, she realised he wasn a dragon and just a filthy demon. Her eyes narrowed, and she began to despise him.

”A mere Daemon stands in my presence, kneel! ”

When the dragon lady tried to apply her aura to pressure Asmodea, the black pendant glowed, sending out several sigils covering the demon woman before constricting her body and dragging her into the pendant, with no chance even to scream.


Inside the pendant, a resounding slap reverberated repeatedly as the red-haired demoness was now holding down the mighty dragon woman.

”Dare insult my son, you dirty snake bitch. When I walked the earth you were nothing but limbless lizards! ”

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