Oni! Demon Lord

Eternally Sleeping In The Garden

The pendant was no longer an empty void, now filled with a unique atmosphere. The woman with crimson hair slowly remodelled it to her liking over the years; now, like a boudoir of an influential noble lady, a large canopied double bed and elegant black silk sheets shimmered in the dim candlelight.

Her beauty was ethereal, nothing a human could possess. Wearing nothing, only covered by an extravagant golden embroidered quilt. She lay on her side, resting her head upon a single arm, the other arm draped over her voluptuous body.


On the other side of the room, partially shrouded in darkness, the previous arrogant dragon with matted hair, her wings of pride shredded and torn and face full of cuts and bruises, golden slit eyes still cowering in terror.

”W-who are you!? How can you treat the Dragon Empress like this! ”

Upon her sentence, she blinked, feeling an icy blade slide across her throat as she bled out. Her body was ripped apart by countless unseen hands, only to open her eyes after blinking, covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably.

The lady with red hair looked at her with displeasure before opening her seductive red lips.

”Some called me Centura, Goddess of War. Others called me Asmodea, Mother of Demons… ” Her eyes shifted, gazing at a small picture showing a woman wearing a black dress and dazzling red hair; she held a small child with a black horn, her face filled with a radiant smile. ”But the only title that ever mattered was being his. Call me Centura. I have given him Asmodea for his soul to remember me eternally. ”

With a flick of her wrist, the photograph flew across the room into her hand. As she began stroking the child obsessively, her icy face transformed into an innocent and smitten face filled with love and desire. Ah… Asmodea, my other half, no one can love you more than me. No one!

When the Dragon Empress tried to speak. She felt the invisible hands strangling her neck, preventing her from disturbing Centruas deep reminiscence. She could only pray for the grip to release as tears and drool uncontrollably poured from her eyes and lips.

Centura blinked her eyes, breaking her concentration. She noticed the lizard frothing from its mouth disgustingly, snapping her fingers. Suddenly all the pressure the dragon was under vanished, leaving her dishevelled and a small warm pool between her legs.

Me… Melita, the dragon empress, devolved into wetting myself like a common maiden when faced with little goblins…

Before Melita could wallow in self-pity and disgrace, Centura spoke up, her voice filled with corruption, deceit and deadly seduction.

”Protect his life three times in a moment of threat, and Ill set you free. Do you accept? ”

”What!? Protect that lesser…. ”


Before Melita could say ”demon ”, she was flung into the stone wall repeatedly as her chains flailed in the air from each impact, causing deep craters in the illusory wall, repaired momentarily.

”AGH!? ”

”UGHH! ”


The tattered dragon fell to the floor, face first into her urine, unable to move as her bruised eyes trembled to look towards Centura.

Melita felt her body tenderised, her strong dragons skin known for its toughness now filled with bruises and lacerations. Bones fabled for being the strongest, now cracked in many places, shattered in others.

”I-Ill do it… Please forgive me! Ill protect your precious Asmodea! ”

Centura looked at the pathetic lizard, lay in her excrement with a bemused smile. With a snap of her fingers, countless demonic texts burned into Melitas flesh, changing her mind, bending it to her will. This snake would now serve her son eternally. However, Melita would believe Cenutras words of it being three times.

Didn your mother, Aludris, warn you never trust a devil? I should visit that old hag. Its been aeons since we met.

Centura looked towards a sizeable vivid screen depicting Asmodeas current scene. He appeared almost paused in time. ”Ah, my handsome Asmodea… Im sorry I have to change your memories slightly. Don worry; this lizard will never betray you. But now isn the time for you to receive such overwhelming power. ”

She fell back with an alluring sigh, revealing another screen above her, showing the same image. As the scene faded, all the walls apart from the stone wall showed pictures of Asmodea from different angles.


”Huh!? ”

Asmodea felt a sudden daze, unable to remember why he held despair ready to strike when hed already killed all the wolves.

”Oh! There was another one, thats why. ”

He looked towards the crushed corpse Melita was carrying when filled with cursed mana. Asmodea took a small knife from his waist pouch and began to slice into the wolf corpse, searching for its magic crystal.

”Ah, there you are! ”

He pulled out a beautiful marble with mixed green and creamy white texture. Asmodea felt lucky. It was rare to find such a pure magic crystal, the purity was decided by how deep, and solid the colours were. A low-class crystal would be almost see-through like a regular gem or crystal.

”I feel like the purity of my mana has drastically increased. Maybe this wolf was the pack leader? ”

After spending over an hour butchering all the corpses for what little fur and meat he could use, the sun had now set.

”I have to get back to dad! Ill cook him a feast tonight. We don have long together anymore. ”

His stomach growled after he spoke, causing him to grin wryly.

”Seems Im also starving. ”

Not wanting to waste time, Amosdea spread his entire body with black mana, almost emptying his whole body and causing him to feel slightly dizzy. He took a single step towards home, the sheer power within his enhanced body crushing the nearby debris, the step leaving a crater of dozens of centimetres.

His body flung several metres, with each step flying through the air, destroying anything that came into contact with his body. Although wasteful and slightly painful, Asmodea found this training method when he was 10. Although it would hurt extremely, the mana which coursed through his skin and muscles forced it to heal rapidly, causing a faster increase in muscle strength and stamina the following day.

Although it left me unable to move and to cry in pain. My dad mocked me so much!

Asmodea was now close to home. However, his shirt was tattered and showed his muscular body covered in a few minor cuts and bruises, which slowly healed visibly. He saw Lumina jogging away from his house with a delighted face. Not noticing his return, he watched her until she safely entered her home.

He felt it strange Lumina blatantly ran past Ethan, not even greeting him. The poor boy didn even look angry, just made a look that gave him Deja vu, wasn that how I used to look whenever I waited for them to return from a quest?

”Whatever, shes not my problem anymore. I don want to see her suffer needlessly because of me. ”

Asmodea felt a little frustrated, no matter how much he told himself not to care. He couldn just cut her out. Was it the side effect of all the times he lived as the previous Asmodea? Or was he just hopeless and needed to find another woman to get over this strange feeling?

Its fate, nothing more. The gods of this world use it to guide humans in the desired direction.

Finally, after many months, the pendant spoke. A husky feminine voice sounded. Centura seemed to be sleepy. Even after all this time, Asmodea was happy to hear her voice. She was the closest thing to family he had after his father.

What direction do they desire?

His feet slowly approached his door whilst holding the handle. He shook his head, feeling he needed to improve his Full burst mode, which had left his mana nearly empty after only using it for a few minutes.

Strange, I can smell beef stew and garlic…

Asmodea entered the room seeing the table set with many dishes, soups, bread, mashed potatoes and the beef stew in a large pot, thought his father had made it and looked excitedly towards him. Only to be greeted with Kents shaking head.

”Why do you push that cute girl away so badly? She could cook this meal and seemed to know precisely when you would return. ”

His chest felt palpitations, scanning his body for any tracking objects or mana. Sometimes Lumina would do scary things like this, knowing what he ate, what time he slept or who he spoke to when visiting the northern town of Blackstone pass.

”Come wash your hands, then let us eat. Tell me about your day, son! ”

After washing his hands, Asmodea and Kent ate a delicious meal. The dishes which Asmodea liked exactly fit his tastes, and the plates for Kent suited an older palate like shed tailor-made this meal for both of them.

”Ah, shell make a great daughter-in-law. Asmodea! Stop taking so long and bed her already! ”

Asmodea felt these typical day-to-day chats with his father were priceless. Despite the subject always being embarrassing, Kent was the only person and place he could return to as an average Teenager, even feeling this life was pleasant. Before, his mind would detect his naive ideas and show him the scenes of his tortured father and Luminas betrayal, causing his kind eyes to turn vicious and fierce.

Inside the pendant, Centura bowed her head, whispering, ”Im sorry, ” constantly as the room kept cracking like glass, only to repair a moment later. Like a broken record, repeating her words caused Melita intense fear of her insanity. Melita had seen his several lifetimes. When her soul was bound to his, she even began to feel a little sorry for him, as she experienced similar when cursed.

”Father! Its much too soon. I will become a knight or adventurer. Please believe in me; there will be plenty of daughters-in-law in the future! ”

Kent gave a delighted chuckle. Since that day 10 years ago, he could no longer use mana, with his body failing, worried for Asmodeas future was surprised, the boy barely 8 years old asked him to train, for over 10 years fulfilling his harsh training which was more than double what he did as a boy.

You truly are my pride, my dear son Asmodea.


”Dad!? ”

He could feel his body starting to break down once again. However, the goddess gave him 10 years. How could he complain about a bit of pain?

”Its just the usual. Itll settle down soon. Let us talk more about… UGH! ”


This time blood sprayed onto the table; it was deep red and slightly thickened. Asmodea panicked. He knew. Yet despite knowing how he could stay calm watching his father dying slowly in front of him!

”Here, take this, dad! ”


Asmodea handed over the purple ”High-Potion ” to his father after uncorking the lid, which would cause the potion to lose its efficiency if not taken. He did this because he knew. Otherwise, his father would find an excuse not to drink such an expensive potion.

”Drink it, dad. Ive already opened it. Otherwise, your daughter-in-laws gift will go to waste! ”

”Ugh… Who taught you to be so shameless! ”

Kent seemed to try letting out a small chuckle at Asmodeas worry. Honestly, Kent knew his body well. He wasn long for this world. Hes also known Asmodea had figured this out, trying his best to keep their regular days until the moment Asmodea left on his journey.

If only you didn abandon the path of swords for the strange path of the mace, I couldn teach you anything extensive!

”It was you, dad… ”

”Haha…. *gulp* *gulp* Ahhh, oh, this tastes great I bet Lumina paid an arm and a leg for this, at least 10 silver. ”

Kent felt his body warming up as the highest class of ”High-Potion ” worked almost instantaneously, temporarily fixing his body, healing the tear wounds and decay inside his lungs and muscles. Now he started doing squats to let Asmodea stop worrying.

”Eh? Wasn it a few coppers? Aren you mistaken? ”

Asmodea felt his fathers rough hand cover his shoulder completely, no matter how big hed grown. In his eyes, his father was like a giant encompassing him and protecting him from danger with or without mana.

”Son, I don know what happened between you two. However, shell be leaving soon, make sure to thank her. That potion was the highest rank of ”High-Potion ” worth at least 25 silver, and even nobles rarely use such expensive potions. ”

Within Asmodeas eyes was a hidden fierce glint. However, he nodded to his father. He would settle everything before she left, cutting their ties entirely after repaying her grace for the help she had given him and his father in their last moments together.

”I will dad, now lets get you to bed you need to rest! ”

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