Oni! Demon Lord

Mercenary Demon Lord!?

Four adventurers were elated to have discovered a new dungeon hidden within the Velmar forest just south of the town. Honestly, their group was a ragtag bunch of morally grey characters Jay, the former bandit as their scout; Michael, the failed human paladin as a tank; and Simon, a self-taught former noble mage with an arrogant attitude. Clean armour and weapons were equipped by the three males, whilst the third member, wearing nothing but a cloth rag and slave collar, stumbling on her feet several times.

The only reason they brought Chloe was her innate gift and to comfort them on dull evenings, even if she looked like that. Her former vibrant amber eyes were now dim and lifeless, her body filled with scars from what seemed to have been torture from long ago.

Her heart had long since broken, watching her mother and sister raped and killed mercilessly by the Knights of Franzia led by Kurtis Walt, the knight captain.

Their race was considered disgusting to most humans because their feet were like goats, also wearing the same curled horns on their heads. She had not learnt that they were killed accidentally and were supposed to become enslaved people like her. However, because the overzealous knights broke their minds, both were disposed of in a large fire pit. Being too young at the time, she was spared anything beyond physical beatings forcing her to comply.

The last she heard, his son had been named the hero with her heart simmering for revenge and slightly cooled in despair, knowing she could never succeed and finally earning her freedom thanks to a kind lady being the second person to purchase her. Chloe became an adventurer in the Empire of Veltica until shed contributed to the Empire as a dirty race. Shed be unable to leave its borders and, despite no longer being a slave, forced to wear this ugly collar.

The forward rogue began to probe the first room, finding no enemies, his guard lowering slightly. He turned his head, revealing a scruffy beard and face filled with blemishes and scars. His brown eyes narrowed slightly with a chuckle.

”Heh heh, after we report this to the guild, we
e gonna be filthy rich! ” (Jay)

”Careful. There might be traps or hidden enemies, idiot! ”

Michael was wearing beautiful plate armour and looked disgusted towards Jay, although he too would like the reward for discovering this place. First, he wanted to clear the area of its treasures and first clear bonus.

”I do say its merely a couple of gold coins. Why don we focus on trying to find any magical items first? This place looks relatively new. We might even be able to fight a weak dungeon lord making this place our own! ”

The mage Simon was wearing a silver robe, his body carrying many different trinkets coated in gold and silver. As if trying to advertise he was a wealthy noble desperately.

”Shut it, fake noble! ”

Both the knight and rogue shouted back at the same time. Their voices echoed around the cave, all whilst Chloe was using her unique talent, constantly trying to sense any incoming danger. Luckily all her danger sense was giving was weak low-level threats as her small goat ears twitched at the loud voices from the disgusting males.

”There should be no problems. There is no major threat for the next few rooms at least. ”

Upon hearing her voice, the three men turned to her with disgust before the leader Michael spoke out with a stern voice. With the rogue chipping in with his thoughts.

”Only speak when spoken to; hearing your disgusting voice makes us feel sick! ”

”The only thing we want to hear is your pantin
moanin on the bed!

For once, the noble mage remained quiet, staying out of this conversation, just standing back and waiting for the party to continue moving.

Used to this treatment, Chloe returned to her stoic face and continued following the party as Michael and Jay left for the next room. Just like this, their party quickly cleared the first few rooms. Unaware, they were entering into a den of no return.


Michaels longsword cut through the final imps neck with beads of sweat dripping down his temples. He turned to see the rest of the party was more or less in good condition, the party dead weight Chloe being in the best state, holding her spear in the back, thinking it was just like the inferior demi-human to hide behind humans.

In front of the party was a large, doubled, black door. The engravings depicted a giant black demon with a broken horn carrying a two-handed black mace treading on countless human corpses; seeing even the angels kneeling before this monstrosity was terrifying and strangely beautiful.

”Lets take a five-minute break before we continue. This time the lead will be Chloe. Since she has danger sense, its the most logical idea. ”

”Yeah, that makes sense. Get a move on, goat. Weve got loot to grab. ”

”I believe you taking the front is the most logical decision; get a move on, commoner beast. ”

With a brief nod, she began to take the lead. Honestly, for the longest time, her senses had been screaming to escape; however, she just wanted this hell to be over. She had nothing that could be called a friend, and there was nobody she trusted or could believe. Even the goddess she worshipped seemed to reject her. Maybe Ill finally find a place of rest.

In this world, once a person reaches adulthood, they could use a job stone which would give them a suitable job and allow them to improve almost endlessly. However, in the Empire of Veltica, demi-humans were forbidden from using them. Currently, her class was still that of a villager. The fact she was unable to leave the Empire meant she was forever bound to be an inferior villager with meagre combat status bonuses and the inability to learn combat skills.

Not wanting to hear their scolding because she spoke, she began pressing the doors to open slowly with all her strength. With an unsettling squeak, the doors finally opened, revealing a dim room filled with black walls and some arena-like setting where people seemed able to view the combat between the boss and its challengers.

At the centre was a large black throne, decorated with a scene similar to the door. This one depicts several demons and demi-humans kneeling in worship to the figure sitting upon it.

A large black broken horn, golden pupils, enchantingly glowing covered in darkness from the black sclera, his slightly pale face extremely handsome like an artificial being, created by a goddess for her enjoyment. From his sitting posture, one could see his large ripped muscles, not too large but not slim either. It was a body that even most males would envy and find attractive. For the first time in her life, Chloe felt the emotion called desire, wishing that if she had to be somebodys tool, shed belong to this ungodly beautiful man instead of the gawping males behind her.

As their party got into position, this boss seemed to be the type to wait for the challengers to be ready before attacking. Watching its charming eyes gaze upon them all with an unsettling devilish grin, it leaned against the chairs right arm, his cheeks within his palm.

”Greetings intruders, may I ask thee Why you have entered my domain? ”

Currently, the three men were surprised. This floor boss seemed to have higher intelligence than in previous dungeons theyd visited. Maybe this was the only floor, and he was indeed the Dungeon Lord; all three looked at each other with similar eyes. Michael stepped forward, not interested in conversing with the filthy demon that had invaded the holy lands of Veltica. The trio felt they had struck it rich.

”Filthy spawn of evil, Focus thy attention upon mine body! [Draw enmity] ”

Upon casting his taunt, Michael felt much more confident, signalling for Jay to move around the demon, to strike a black to his back, getting a critical blow upon him. However, the moment Jay entered within a 2-metre radius, with a black flash, both of Jays lower legs disappeared into a dark red mist. Not even the bones remained, seemingly absorbed into the demons body as its large fangs were now visible from its wide-open grin.


Jay now rolled on the floor, his legs bleeding out extremely fast, his filthy-smelling blood rotting at an alarming pace. His eyes glazed, turning to his comrades hoping for some help, only to see the intense fear within Michaelss eyes, whilst Simon stood frozen, not even chanting a spell.

”Wait! Wait! Please stop. Im sorry for intruding. Please let me go, mph! ”

Before he could shout further complaints or beg for his life, An evil-looking black gauntlet gripped his face, squeezing the pressure tightly, causing cracks in his skull as blood poured from his nose and lips whilst his body just jittered and spasmed lightly.

”JAY!? ”

Finally, Michael had summoned some form of courage, wanting to challenge the odd demon, which could ignore his taunt skill. However, his true thoughts were to use both Simon and Chloe as bait so he could escape the room, watching their movements from the corner of his eyes. Unable to detect that the look in Chloes eyes was strange, it wasn fear but a mixture of feelings; affection, desire, reverence and worship. Whilst Simons legs were quivering, a warm liquid staining his robe as he began to babble.

”We shouldn have come here! We should have made for the gap of Rhelspeak like I said! Only death awaits us here! ”


Jays corpse had been launched towards Simon at unbelievable speed upon contact. Simon felt his entire body become weightless as the pair crashed into the spiked walls, becoming impaled, only able to cling to each other and watch the area centre.

With a loud noise, the demon started strolling toward Michael, his black mace causing embers and sparks as it slid across the floor, causing damage to the sanity of the three men. Standing just over 3 metres from Michael, the demon stopped. Just to his side was Chloe. However, from the start, hed never turned hostility towards her. Which made not only the girl herself doubt, but the three men began to think wicked thoughts.

”It was that whore wasn it!? ” Jay screamed.

Michael seemed to have his views boosted by Jays scream as he pointed toward Chloe.

”What did that whore use to make a deal with you? I can offer you double, be it money, treasure or women! Why side with a dirty used beast like her when I can bring you fresh virgin human girls! Kill her and let me go. ”

Not only were Simon and Jay shocked that he only mentioned himself, causing their rage to increase but towards Michael, not the demon who crushed them. Chloe expected as much. However, being doubted as betraying the comrades, she still tried to aid even when they treated her like a usable tool. She began to cackle almost crazily, her eyes now completely devoided of colour.

Once again, betrayed by humanity Chloe felt something snap within her mind, her logic seemingly twisted, feeling that this black knight was the one to save her from suffering and pain.

”Hahahahahahahahahaha, I offered my everything to him. My body, my mind and even my soul! What good will your pathetic whimpering do? ”

”If I want to get revenge against Kurtis Walt, what else can I do but turn to a demon! ”

Since she was going to die anyway, she decided to get revenge for all the things these bastards put her through, thrusting out her spear as fast as her villager arms would allow her.

”What!? ”

Before Michael could comprehend the situation, he was joking, trying to shift the attention to Chloe using that time to escape, however, with a gust of wind. He felt cold metal piercing his neck, bypassing his armour, remembering hed once told a story to the party that apart from his torso, the rest of his armour was a cheap replica.

Now feeling regret for doing so as his throat filled with the taste of iron and a burning sensation when trying to speak, The surrounding people could hear only gurgling. With a clang, he fell to the ground as blood pooled around him, Why did I trust a filthy beast! was his last lucid thought.

”Hah… Hah… ”

Chloe felt herself feeling strange emotions. Shed finally murdered one of her assailants, now looking towards the remaining two, slowly dragging her jellied legs towards them, her bloody spear scraping along the ground.

”Well… What an interesting turn of events. I didn have to do anything. ”

Nobody could hear Asmodeas amused words as his grin became even more satisfied with the strange goat woman. His eyes glowed as he watched her with crazed tearful eyes as she screamed whilst carving up the bodies of the two impaled men. The first thing she destroyed was their manhood, followed by ripping out their tongues, her rage seeming endless.

Asmodea checked the systems popups since that woman looked upon him, wanting to understand this amusing goat a little more after hearing they shared a common enemy.

Ethan Walts father could have easily stopped the Baltovian knights invasion saving Asmodeas father, if not for his plan and secret agreement to boost his sons fame.

He sat down on his throne, crossing his legs, watching the goat Chloe fall deeper into her madness and anger.

[Chloe Nergal is charmed by the host]

[Villager Chloe Nergal is willing to submit]

[Chloe Nergal has declared devotion of her mind, body and soul]

[Chloe Nergal is eligible for the rebirth ceremony]

[Chloe Nergal] [Loyalty: 100%] [Affection: 43%]

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