Oni! Demon Lord

Mercenary Demon Lord!?

lt this was quite resonable, half expecting his demi-human self would be charged more than normal tax. His thinking was along the correct line, if this were any other town or city demi-humans have to pay almost double what human would have to pay and wait more than twice as long.

The more serious man, although seeming extremely displeased, was the one who helped the most, giving him the directions to a cheap inn and the locations of many shops and other places within Meldurin.

Asmodea finally gained entrance, stepping past the kind old guards. He saw a large town that made Selom look like a fertiliser pit. The floor was paved with stone and dirt treated by mana to avoid it spreading into the various houses and stores.

The buildings were made of a combination of stone and wood, which made him feel strangly impressed. Walking down the path, he saw many demi-humans in poor quality clothes, others wearing cheap patched armour and drinking low-class ale. They all seemed to be heading towards the mercenary guild.

”They seem the types others would be less concerned about dissapearing. Maybe I should register as a mercenary and secretly post quests to explore the dungeon with the money I earn. ”

His eyes slowly trailed across the opposite building, which was filled with humans and fewer demi-humans. Yet the difference in armour was tremendous. No more patchy old armour, it was real metal and well maintained leather, clearly costing far more than the padded and makeshift armour the mercenaries had.

”Maybe I should post requests here too, since they have more money hunting them should be more enjoyable right? ”

Asmodea had grown weary of fighting weaker opponents. His mind had been constantly being modified since he awoke as an artificial demon. When the system recreated him as a Dhampir (Oni Variant), this change only accelerated. However, the boy himself hadn completely noticed, just believing it to be his desire to train more and become stronger.

”Thats a cool looking axe though. ”

Walking past was a muscular, bronze-skinned woman. She was likely part demi-human as shimmering lizard scales covered her abs and arms, like natural armour. Thankfully, Asmodea had yet to awaken his instincts as an adult male.

This was because the system found his mind to be slightly naive and didn wish for another host to be destroyed by women. Eventually, it would slowly allow his mind to mature in a long wait for him to become the true Demon Lord.

The system was worried, because hed already begun to show the type of woman he was interested in, with the Goat Chloe being the likely trigger for his gradual maturity to begin early.

[That woman better not ruin our grand plans!]


”Why is there such a big difference between the two guilds? ” Asmodea asked as he entered the slightly stuffy, dilapidated wooden building. His thoughts trailed off, seeing a mans body hurling towards him as the person who threw him raged.

”Brian! You stole the **ing profits to gamble again! ”

Unable to react like a normal person, Asmodea jumped into the air, spinning half a circle and raising her leg to kick the poor man, stinking of alcohol in his crotch, sending him flying out of the doors with a high-pitched squeel.


Several of the mercenaries sitting at the bar opened their mouths wide. They had expected the newbie-looking kid to be smashed onto the ground and filled with Brians stanky smell. Now watching Brians arc into a pile of horse manure face first, they began to burst into a fit of rough laughter.

”Gyahahahah ”

”Brian sure got his just deserts this time. ”

The man with short unkempt blonde hair seemed to be lost. What was a simple punishment of their leader turned into him getting kicked several metres and landing face first in horse shit by some kid who barely looked able to grow hair.

”Hey kid, are you here to post a request or join? ”

A man well over two metres with large matted grey hair, looking like he was a viking from his fathers books, as he shouted to Asmodea from behind the shabby counter, walking towards him, felt this atmosphere was extremely to his liking; no boring flowery words, just pure unadulterated violence and action.

”Join ”

Asmodea placed his elbow on the counter, looking at the tall man with a face equally as fierce as the old man. After a stare down of several moments, the viking gave an accepting nod. He threw a small bronze token to the boy, wishing his son was even a fraction of this lads temperment.

”Good, you
e now a lowly bronze rank. ”

His large hand gave him another pat on his shoulder, seeming to want the boy to listen. ”Only basic missions are available to solo rookies. ” The Vikings eyes had a sincere glint, likely wanting him to avoid seeking riches and renown in haste.

”Try to find yourself a mercenary band or group, but try not to get scammed. You seem pretty gullible. Gyahahaha! ”


With a heavy pat on his shoulder, Asmodea looked at the strange old man who smelt of stale ale and sandlewood. Asmodea smiled genuinely, revealing just how handsome this kid was. Several of the mercenaries felt envious of all the whores that would flock to him in the future.

While he was remembering the one time his father took him to his old comrades barracks, all the old soldiers were like these mercenaries. They constantly mock each other, fight over the smallest things, and are extremely crude. He fought the urge to let out his feelings, remembering his father, transforming the sadness into rage.


Asmodeas eyes glew with a malevolent glint.

”See, the target threw itself into my lap. ”

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