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When I woke up the next morning, Gein was still asleep.
But since he had promised to give me a tour of the town today, I hit him until he got up.

“Alright, we’ll go to the armorer first.”

“Not the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“The guild will be crowded in the morning.
It will be quicker in the afternoon.”

I see.
Gein’s favorite armorer was a workshop in a back alley.

“Hey, old man!”

“I’m not old enough to be called that by the likes of you.
What do you want?”

A craftsman stopped what he was doing to turn to us.
He seemed to be the same age as me?

“I want you to make some armor for this fellow.
How about it? Travels and an Adventurer.”


“Yes, leather.”

Let me see your shield.”

I handed him the shield and he inspected it.

“Was this made in the village?”

“I made it myself.”

“While the construction is second-rate, the leather processing is not bad.
A few adjustments should improve it.”

Ohh! It was worth all the effort then!

“As for the armor, it will be 2 golds for Murder Bull, 70 silvers for Orc, and 5 gold for Killer Ant.
And the shield will be 30 silvers.”

He lined them up so that the center one looked cheap.
My whole fortune was 5 gold coins.
What should I do…

“You also won’t be able to wear that leather jacket once the armor is ready.
What will you do with it?”

“I suppose I’ll go to a used clothes store.”

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“Let me have a look… I’ve never seen anything like it, but it is interesting.
I’ll take it off you for 30 silvers.
How about it?”

Wh-what! That’s a great deal!

“I’ll take the Murder Bull armor, and the shield repairing, and will sell the jacket!”

Then I must take your measurements, so put this measuring armor on.”

I put on the simple armor and each part was adjusted with belts so that they could be copied onto the leather.
I see.
And then he would put the parts together.

“It will be finished in four days.
The total is 2 gold coins.
You’ll pay half now and then the rest when you receive the armor.”

And so I handed him a gold coin and we left.

“I was highly amused by how the old man had you in the palm of his hand.”

Gein said with a laugh.

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, he makes you think you’re getting a bargain by buying things off you and offering services.
Normally you’d start negotiating a discount at 2 gold coins.
So the old man’s Murder Bull armor could go as low as 1 gold and 70 silvers.”

“What?! You could have told me about this!”

“Hey, but you don’t feel like you’ve been robbed, do you? Besides, you’re in good hands with that one.”

“Well…I guess.”

“Kind, but also make a profit.
That’s what he does best.”

Was this like those shopping channels?! A modern person like me had fallen for such a trick…this world was a frightening place.

“What will you do next?”

“My wallet is feeling rather light now, so I want to fill it again.
Please take me to the pharmacist that Mrs.
Mefica was talking about.”

He then took me to a very small building.
When I opened the door, I saw that it was filled with medicine and materials.

“Oh, welcome.
What can I do for you?”

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Said the old woman who was inside.

“I was wondering if you could buy some of my herbs.”

I then took out the bottles from my backpack.
Getting rid of them would make the bag a lot lighter.

“Powdered, eh? And so much.
Let me take a look.”

The healing herbs, antidotes, and un-paralysis plants were put on a scale to be weighed.
As I browsed the potions in the store, she called out to me.

“Do you make medicine as well?”

“No, not at all.”

“But your work is very careful.”

“I was taught by Mrs.
Mefica, from Ruyana village.”

“Ah, that child.”

Child? Mrs.
Mefica wasn’t so young to be called that…

“How about 1 gold and 80 silvers for all of them?”

I’ll also take 2 HP potions, 1 antidote and a potion that stops bleeding.”

“None for paralysis?”

“Do I need one?”

“There are paralysis rats in the mountain forests, and some territories have paralysis bats that come out at night.
And in the south, there are insect monsters that can paralyze you.
There are also paralysis vipers in the desert.”

“I guess I’ll buy it then.”

“I’ll give you a discount.
So with the price of the potions withdrawn, that will be 1 gold and 55 silvers.
Tell Mefica that I send my regards.”

“Aye, I will tell her.”

Answered Gein.

Two years of herbs had turned into money.
I felt rather good.
But the HP potions cost me 5 silvers and the others were 6 silvers.
I would have to use them carefully.

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