“Please stay in the center of the magic circle.
You can stand or sit if you prefer.”

I stood in the center of the magic circle and then Mister Fiyu stood behind me and put a hand on my back.
Hmm? Was it just me, or was there a tingling sensation?

“Very stiff… Could you please move over to this magic circle?”

He directed me over to a slightly larger magic circle…and then passed it and stopped at a much larger one that was two and a half meters in diameter.
When I stepped in the center, he put his hand on my back again.

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Oh? This time the tingling felt stronger?

“It’s still too stiff.
Use of the largest magic circle will cost two gold coins.
What will you do?”

T-two gold coins!? That was rather severe, but I wanted to learn magic no matter what.
Do it!

“I-I’ll do it.”

I could see Gein’s exasperated expression in the corner of my vision.

“Very well.
Then I will begin.
If you feel the movement of magic energy in your body, focus on it.”

Said Mister Fiyu as he started to place magic stones in different spots within the magic circle.
Each one was about twice the size of the stones from goblins.
Once he had placed all of them down, he moved around to my back and placed his hand on again.


It was probably the sound of his staff hitting the floor.
And the magic circle unleashed a blinding light which caused the magic stones to emit a black smoke before vanishing.
Ohh!? I could feel something stirring and rumbling outside of my body.
Was this magic energy?

“Wh-what is!?”

Behind me, Mister Fiyu sounded alarmed.
Huh!? What!? Was the magic energy so immense that he was surprised?

“The magic energy is so stiff that it will not move! You must cooperate and try to move it as well!”

This wasn’t like stiff shoulders.
Still, I tried to focus on the tingling sensation and move it.

“N-no! It’s no use! Kijiki! Help me! I need some support!”

I could hear all kinds of noises coming from reception.
Someone was coming down the stairs.
Then I saw an old man rush into the room and thrust his hands out so that they were on my chest.

Cracks appeared on something that was inside of my body, and then it shattered.
Just as I thought that my insides were breaking, I felt something in my stomach start to spin as it spread out.

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(What is this!? It’s hot! It spins… I feel sick…)

“Alright! It melted! It’s the magic energy that courses through you! You must focus so that you can feel the flow and control it.”

(It swirled around in my stomach and then flowed out to every corner of my body before returning and swirling.
Yes, just like blood.
It went round and round and round…)

The light of the magic circle slowly started to fade, and the magic energy that had been moving like water started to become thicker.
And then stickier and tougher.
Then it hardened again.
However, I felt that just a small portion of it was still soft in my stomach.

Before I knew it, the magic circle had stopped glowing entirely.

“How do you feel? Have you acquired magic manipulation?”

He asked.
And so I checked my status.

Magic Manipulation Lv1
Improves the manipulation of magic energy.

I had acquired the skill.

“Thank you! I was able to acquire it.”

I couldn’t help but grab his hands and thank him.

“Uh, oh.
I’m glad.
You should continue to focus on it and move it until it feels familiar to you.
By the way, I am Merat.
The Guild Master.”

Oh, I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Ah, it could not be helped.
It is rare to see such stiffness.
With such cases, it is better to go in quickly and with force, instead of slowly from the outside.
I’m sure it was very educational for you.”

That bastard was laughing again.

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