d and shield and waited for them to come closer.
There were two, from what I could see–through the faint light.
And then I pulled the string that was attached to the magic tool.

Goblins could see in the dark.
And so I shone the light at them suddenly in order to blind them.
With that opening, I cut the two down.
The light showed that there was another one in the back, and so I cut its throat open as well.
After scanning the area, I quickly turned off the magic light tool so that my eyes would get used to the dark.

These magic tools really were useful.

I took out their magic stone and discarded the bodies in the forest a good distance away from the fire.
Then I returned to my camp and continued to practice magic manipulation while keeping an eye on the forest.

After some time had passed, I started to hear sounds coming from the direction where I had left the goblin corpses.
Something was coming towards me.
Light footsteps.

Just as I could make out the faint silhouettes, I used my magic tool attack again.
The light illuminated the three forest wolves.
I cut two down one after another.
And then unleashed an upwards slash at the third wolf whose eyes glowed as they narrowed.

I looked around and was about to deal the final blow…

But just then, I heard a rustling sound at my back.
When I spun around, it was my turn to be blind by the light.

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“Damn it…”

I quickly raised my shield in order to block the light.
There was a clang as something sharp hit against it, and a black shadow jumped back.
The thing that appeared under the light was a black spider that was the size of a basketball.
I had never seen one before, but was sure that they were called ‘shadow spiders.’ Their fangs were poisonous and their extermination difficulty was E.

It landed on the ground before jumping at me again.
But when I blocked it with my shield, it held onto it with its legs.
Seeing the legs wiggle from behind the shield was incredibly disgusting.


While I couldn’t see it, I swung my sword against the shield until I heard a squishing sound and the spider slid right off.

Just then, my body suddenly felt lighter.
Had I leveled up?

At the same time, I heard something panting loudly.
I turned around and raised my sword, but it was just Emma, who was on the other side of the fire and laying low near the cliff side.
Smart girl.

After making sure that there was nothing else, I finished off the forest wolf that was still breathing, and then turned off the magic light.
I petted Emma until she calmed down and then removed the magic stones from the forest wolves before taking their corpses to the place where I had discarded the goblins.
Slimes had already appeared, making the sight even more gruesome.
I added the wolves to the pile.

Now, there was the shadow spider.
It was my first time seeing this monster.
If I’m not wrong, the poisonous fangs and spinnerets could be sold.
I recalled what I had read in the guild documents as I removed the fangs and wrapped them in cloth, and then opened up the stomach and carefully took out the two spinnerets and put them into bags.

The fire was growing smaller now, and so I let my eyes get accustomed to the darkness.

(Was it just me, or… Status open.)


I couldn’t help but say aloud, and then I frantically looked around… There was nothing.
But Emma was surprised.


I patted her and then looked at my status again.

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Name: Ajifu
Race: Human
Age: 36
LV: 9

HP: 84/101(+5)
MP: 12/22(+3)
STR: 32(+1)
VIT: 30(+2)
INT: 13(+2)
MND: 20(+1)
AGI: 23(+1)
DEX: 12(+0)
LUK: 7(+0)

Eralt Lv2, Reverse Age Lv3, Farming Lv3, Carpentry Lv1, Carving Lv2, Leatherworker Lv2, Gathering Lv2, Shield Art Lv2(+1), Magic Manipulation Lv1, Everyday Magic(water/earth) Sword Art Lv1

Visitor From Another World, Farmer

This was the best boost I had ever gotten.
My MP and INT had gone up so much, as had my shield skill.
And I finally got Sword Art Lv1, which I had wanted so much.
I had used a spear for three years and never gained the skill, and yet it had only taken me one year with the sword.
It was a great surprise.

As for why my magic type status had risen when they had been so slow to do so before, it must be because of all the training I have been doing.

I could not help but grin to myself in the darkness at this clear proof of my growth.
That’s when I noticed that the sky had become paler.

Apparently, the long night was going to end.

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