‘This G Rank Adventurer will likely die outside of the village, and then we’ll get a free horse.’ While I felt bad for Emma, she would have to be held hostage for now.

“Thank you! It would really help if you could tell the villagers that an Adventurer will be camping outside of the fences.
Especially the hunters.”

I was then guided to the farm and left Emma in their hands.
After some negotiating, they had agreed to care for her for thirty bronze a day.

Now, since I was not able to sleep in the village, I would have to secure a different place to sleep.
A place that was far enough from the village but near a water source.
But being too close to the water would also be dangerous.

Since there was a forest close to the water, I found three trees with sturdy branches that were next to each other.
And so connected them with logs and rope until I had a triangular platform.
I had acquired the logs through cutting down the surrounding trees.
Then I trimmed off the excess branches so that it was at least flat enough to lie on my side.

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But I didn’t have enough rope and I couldn’t make a fire up there.
What to do…

I had already spent the whole day working on it, and so I decided to make a fire and eat on the ground.
After that, I stayed up most of the night woodworking.
A goblin did try to climb up once, but I stabbed it while it couldn’t use its hands, and so it fell back down.

When the sun rose, I ate, and then used the last of my rope to make a simple clapper, and then tied myself with a rope to prevent me from falling.
And then I slept through the day.
Once the sun started to sink, I rose and began the work of cutting down the rest of the surrounding trees.
I seemed to be only working the night shift these days.
But I had once worked the night shit in a factory, and so my eyes were perfectly clear.

While the sounds of my axe echoed through the night forest, I didn’t mind, as there was no one around.
However, the sounds seemed to attract monsters, as I was attacked regularly.
And so I shone my magic lamp up above so that I could fight even during the night.

I carved grooves into the logs and lined them up evenly.
And once the unnecessary branches and surrounding trees were removed, my tree ‘floor’ that was in the middle of a clearing in the forest was complete.
It was about three meters above ground.

As I had taken the night shift again, I slept during the day.
The floor wasn’t quite smooth enough to pitch a tent, and so I slept on my bag and cape.
But it still hurt my back.
I think it happened just as I had drifted off to sleep.


A voice sounded from below.
When I looked down, I saw someone that looked like a hunter from the village.
Still, I grabbed my weapon as I went down, just in case.

“What is it?”

“What is it!? I heard noises coming from the forest in the night, and so I came to see what it was.
And this is what I find! You’re the Adventurer that came to the village, aren’t you? What is going on here?”

“Ah, was I too loud? I am very sorry.
I am Ajifu, an Adventurer.
As I wasn’t able to stay in the village, I decided to make my own base here.”

“No, it was just that it echoed from far away, which was rather eerie.
You shouldn’t do it during the night.
However, what is this thing? It looks like one of those elven houses you hear stories about.”

An elf’s tree house! Now that’s something I would like to see!

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“Oh, it is nothing so fancy as that.
It is really just a watch platform.
Would you like to come up and see?”

“Are you sure? Oh! Well…it does seem quite exciting.”

It does!? But no matter your age, every guy likes the idea of a secret base! Apparently, it was something we had in common, even if we were from different worlds.

“So you understand?”

I offered my hand.

“Of course.”

He shook it firmly.

“So, is it finished?”

“I would actually like to smoothen out the floor and put some boards over it.
But I don’t have the materials.
Though, I do plan on making a ladder.”

“…I’ll get you some boards from the village.
But you’ll have to help.”

“I would really like some rope and a box as well.
I can pay for them.
However, I have been told to avoid going into the village.”

“I’ll speak to the chief for you.
I’m Naki.
A hunter.
And don’t talk in that stiff manner of yours.”

“Uh…really? Alright, then let’s do this again.
I’m Ajifu, an Adventurer.
Nice to meet you.”

And so we shook hands once again.

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