d realized.


I blocked the first skeleton’s swing.
It was light.
I swung again immediately and the skeleton crumbled to pieces.

“They’re weak.”

They had decent speed, but no power or weight behind their attacks.
And more than anything, they were brittle.
I took out the magic stone from the pile of bones and dropped it in my bag.

I wasn’t sure from what age the sword was from.
And while it looked very old, it would not do to leave it here so that a kobold could pick it up.
I would gather them in one spot and take them away later.

After walking through the forest a little further, I saw a human figure up ahead.
When I shone the light at it, I saw tattered clothes, a head with rotting flesh and hollowed out eyes.
A zombie? It stumbled back as if hating the light.
And so I stepped forward and swung at it.
It crumbled to the ground.

“They are almost too weak!?”

I continued to defeat the zombies after that.
And after the fourth one, I encountered a zombie that would not fall even after I cut it.


It finally stopped moving once I cut off its head.
But it still didn’t collapse like the others.
Not until I took out the magic stone, anyway.

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I heard the sounds coming from behind me.
It was easy to tell, as they did not erase their presence.
When I turned around, it was a zombie, but… It was faster than any of the others! However, since it just charged at me in a straight line, I met it with a diagonal slash from the shoulder.


The torso slid off, but it was still moving.
The mouth had fangs, and it tried to bite me.
But it finally stopped when I pinned it to the ground with my sword.
I guess this was a ghoul.

It was faster than zombies, but weak.
Ghouls had paralysis venom in their mouth and claws, which meant that they could eat their prey alive if paralyzed.
While they were also F-rank, it was clear that ghouls were more dangerous.
Even if they were easy to defeat.

It felt like their numbers were increasing as the night went on.
And when I scanned the sky above, I saw a white shadow.
A ghost!
I returned my sword to its sheath so that it could soak in the holy water.
Then I pulled it out again.


With this meaningless cry, it flew around me.
Its movements were quick and unpredictable.
If I tried to move along with it, I would likely create an opening for it to attack… So I had to wait until it got close and… Now!


I cut through it with my sword.
It then let out an indescribable sound as it dispersed into mist.
Then a magic stone dropped.

“Huh!? What?”

Now I had to search for a magic stone on the ground.
How annoying.
Thankfully, I found it quickly, and returned to being alert.
A ghoul appeared soon after.


I cut it.
It fell with one blow.

“Ah! Could it be because of the holy water!”

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Now that is impressive! However, I had a limited amount of holy water.
And it was necessary to fight ghosts.
So it would be better to not use it if I didn’t have to.

That’s what I thought, but as the night went on, the number of ghosts started to increase.

When a ghost appeared, I used holy water.
If I use holy water, I could defeat the undead easily.
In this environment, the hunting turned into a simple task.
Though, it was still hard.
As individuals, they were not strong.
However, it was the simpleness that was a trap.
Because a single failure could be deadly, and yet it was hard to stay nervous.

Also, there were too many of them.
I didn’t know how many I had killed, and the end was nowhere in sight.
I should retreat for now.
It was as I made this decision that a ghost appeared.


I would return to the village after this one.
And so I took out my sword from my sheath and swung.


The blade went through the ghost, and then the ghost went through me.
At the same time, a chill ran through my body, and I fell weakly to my knees.

“Wh-what… Ah! Did I run out of holy water!?”

The ghost turned around and started to come back.
There was no time to check.
I let go of my sword and took out a bottle of holy water from my bag… The ghost was so close now.

By the time I opened the cap, poured it into my mouth and spat, the ghost was right in front of me.


Upon being drenched in holy water, the ghost disappeared.
I checked my status and saw that my MP was 31/40.
I had also used some everyday magic, so I didn’t know what the exact damage was, but since you had less MP than HP, the damage must have been big.

I sheathed my sword and then pulled it out again.
It did not feel wet.
So I had run out after all.
I poured what remained of the holy water into the sheath.
And then I started walking back to the village.

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