a saddle that boosted your riding ability, magic lanterns of various sizes, waterproof capes, a bell that rang at equal intervals, a cushion that was both water and fireproof, a loud horn, a darkness lamp, an automatically warming cup…

“Damn it, I want them all.”

I couldn’t just pick one.
And the prices were even cheaper than they were in other towns.
This was a dangerous place to be.
An alarm was going off in my head.

“Excuse me, but I think I’ll have a look at the others as well.”

I said, leaving the store and entering another.
This one had their items lined up neatly on the shelves, and each was accompanied by a description.
How nice.
This place was also an enemy of my wallet.

And so I made a strategic retreat and headed to a magic weapon and armor shop.
Unlike a normal weapons shop, there were no craftsmen.
Most weapons with magical effects had enchantments that raised sharpness and durability.
But there were also special enchantments, which were much more expensive.
For instance…

‘Bronze Shield of Light.’ Glows when activated by magic.
Costs 32 gold.
‘Whirlwind Spear.’ Creates a wind when swung.
Costs 27 gold.
‘Heat Blade.’ Adds fire effect.
Costs 42 gold.

I had them take a look at my own sword, and they said it was a long sword with a small ‘sharpness boost’ and would be worth 8 gold.

As of now, I was in no position to buy magic weapons and armor.

After making a round of the shops, I was exhausted both mentally and physically.

I ate lunch, pulled myself together, and headed for the Adventurers Guild.
As it was midday, it wasn’t as busy as the last time I was here.

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“Is there a library room?”

I asked the receptionist.

“In general, information is not free.
As for pricing, you can see them here.”

I was handed a booklet.

And so I sat in the guild waiting room and leafed through it.

What interested me was:

Map of surrounding area.
Information on monsters.
Herb destribution information.

Each would cost me 50 bronze.

I told the receptionist which information I wanted, and she brought me some thin books.
There was a special room to read them in.

This town was rather expensive.
That’s what I thought as I headed to the reading room.
Still, the information was just what I wanted.

After reading through them, I went to the quest board and accepted a quest for hunting goblins around a village that was a day away on foot.

Goblin Hunting
Rank: F
Hunt goblins that appear around the village.
3 bronze for every 5 goblins.
Adventurers can keep magic stones.
Quest is complete after hunting 10.
Limit is 20.

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Lodging included.
Butsugi Village.
Chief Fimon.

I just needed to complete five more in order to be promoted to F-Rank.
So there would be four more after this.

Even if I completed this quest by hunting twenty goblins, it was still just one quest.
I would make more money, but right now, I want to increase the completion number.

However, the fact that this one came with lodging was very appealing.
According to guild information, the area around Butsugi village was rich with antidote and other herbs.
So I wanted to gather them along the way.
There were also forest wolves, which was promising.

And so I took a day to travel there, and then went to the forest to gather herbs and kill any goblins I encountered.
And then…


A fang boar appeared.
An E-Rank monster of all things.
This was not my lucky day.


I unsheathed my sword and sighed.
While I had no enthusiasm, I could not let my guard down against such an enemy.
And so I tried to focus.


You seem awfully angry, but I didn’t come here to fight you.
Of course, such thoughts would not reach it, and so I fought against the fang boar.

At first, I dodged its charges and learned to predict its movements.
And then when there was an opening while it changed direction, I slashed at its legs.
The fang boar grew slower, and it was soon riddled in small wounds and blood.
And then I won.
However, its skin was a mess, and I wouldn’t be able to sell it…

But in the end, the fang boar was very useful in another way.
The chief was so happy to hear that it was dead, that in exchange for giving them the meat, I could stay at the lodging for as long as I wanted.

Thanks to this, while it took quite a few days, I was able to complete five quests, that included goblins, forest wolves, herbs and antidote herbs.

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