stood up and bowed.
Well, if they were going to apologize, I guess it was fine.

“You wouldn’t happen to be Ms.
Mirei, would you?”

“Huh? Yes, I am.”

“Ah, I see.”

I got out of bed and put on my shoes.

“Where is my equipment?”

“Oh…the thing is…your armor is in pieces and…”


“Of course, you will be compensated by the guild.
It was assessed to be worth two pieces of gold.
Is that correct?”

“Uh, yes.
That’s what it cost.”

“You will be paid five pieces of gold in all, just for your trouble.
I hope that is satisfactory.”

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…Sorry, old man.
I ended up losing the armor in an unexpected way.
But it did protect me during its last moments.

“That is fine.”

I took what remained of my belongings, as well as the gold.
Suei was waiting for me when I stepped outside.

“Uh, I suppose I owe you an apology.
I got a little carried away.”


“It’s in the past.
It doesn’t matter to me.”

“No, it doesn’t feel right.”

“In that case, apologize to Ms.
She’s been doing a lot of that for you.”

“Ah, I see… Yes, you’re right.”

“Well, good day.”

As Suie’s shoulders drooped, I passed him and left the guild.


“Mirei, I’m sorry.”

Suei wasa bowing in front of me.

“No, this incident was due to the guild’s mismanagement.
I must apologize to you.”

An A-Rank Adventurer had agreed to cooperate with them with good intentions, and so we could not blame him too much.
A high-ranking Adventurer who was young and accomplished had extended his hand out of the goodness of his heart.
How could I not be happy about it?

“And yet, I caused great trouble.
I’ll have to make it up to you later.”

“You really don’t need to… But, yes.
Maybe I will hold you to that some day.”

“Aye, I promise.”

In the first place, Mr.
Suei hadn’t done anything wrong ‘as an Adventurer.’ And so there was no responsibility to take.

He had the power to fight, but not enough experience to know how to use it.


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With just the first hit, I had known that Suei wasn’t testing if I was ready for an E-Rank promotion, but wanted to know my true ability.
And since we wanted different things, it did not go smoothly.

However, I was lucky to have experienced the power of an A-rank Adventurer.
While he wasn’t completely serious, it was still incredible.
My armor defended me against monster fangs, and yet he had broken it with a wooden spear that was using for training.
That didn’t seem like it should be possible.

That being said, I still hadn’t thought he would attack someone who was defenseless during a test.
But I suppose it was because he was young.

After leaving the guild, I headed to the workshop area.
It was my first time visiting in this town.
So, what kind of workshops would they have here?

I made a brief tour of the place, and saw that they were all either very skilled and very expensive crafters, or they were cheap and young.
There was no happy medium.
Apparently, once you reached a certain skill level in this town, you could make a lot of money, and so the prices went up.
I would not be getting a good deal here.

And so I chose a young craftsman’s workshop, which happened to be very clean and orderly.
Those two things were very important for a work environment.

Are you looking for armor then?”

He could tell, as I was carrying a shield and wore greaves, but my torso was bare.

Can I see what you have?”

“Yes, please do.”

The two finished ones he had were very plain in design.
But they looked durable.
Yes, not bad at all.

“I want something quiet and strong.
I can pay up to four gold.”

“Four gold.
You’ll want Killer Ant then.
A Giant Centipede would cost eight at the very least.”

“And the inner leather?”


Fair enough.

“I’ll order that then.”

“Thank you.
I will take your measurements.”

I paid two gold in advance.
It would be ready in a week.
However, I would have to come in three days for a fitting.

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