guided us to an area where goblins were known to appear frequently.

“There are a lot of herbs and mountain vegetables here.”

“Even in the village, they tell you not to go here, don’t they? It’s because they suspect that the goblin nest is in this area.
But we’ve never been able to find it.”

So that was why it felt like a hidden spot.
We continued to go deeper into the forest until Zuky, who was in the lead, signed to us to stop and crouch low.
As we hid in the shadows for a while, sounds could be heard from a short distance away.


They were difficult to see in the forest due to their skin, but they were goblins! Multiple goblins.
Zuky approached us silently and gave us orders.

“There are three in that direction.
Two have clubs and one has a sword.
I’ll take the one in the back with the club.
You two take the ones in the front.”

He could see very well from this distance! And so we separated and I turned towards the goblins.
A second later, I had no idea where Zuky even was.
Hunters were amazing!

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“I’ll take the club.
You do the sword.”

Said Gein.
I didn’t like it.

“Hey, wait a minute.
Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

“It’s a goblin sword.
Something that brittle won’t cut through anything.
It’s the blunt attacks of a club that are dangerous.”

“I see.
I suppose you’re right.”

But we had talked too much, and the goblins noticed our presence.
Just as I got up and moved forward, an arrow pierced into the head of the goblin in the far back.
A headshot.


As one of the goblins looked back in confusion to see its comrade hit the ground, Gein rushed forward and cut through the belly of the club wielder, cleaving him in half.


The only ones momentarily stunned by this were me and the last goblin.

Gein’s weapon was a long sword known as a bastard sword, but I didn’t expect it to do that…

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“Don’t stand their idly.
Come on, do it!”

Said Gein, and I frantically raised my shield.
But now that it was three against one, the goblin tried to escape, but the other two blocked its path.

In the end, it decided to take its chances and attack the one that looked the weakest; me.
I blocked its sword as it swung from the right.
Then I tried to counter with a thrust of my spear, but the shield was in the way.

The goblin aggressively banged on my shield with its sword, and I desperately blocked each attack.
But, what was this? The feeling that things weren’t going well.
I had to move more than usual to defend, and I couldn’t counter.

The intensity of the goblin was making me move back.
Suddenly, there was a slapping sound and the goblin and I moved away from each other.
Apparently, Gein had clapped his hands together behind me.
I stepped away from the Goblin and then faced it again.
That was when I realized something.

This goblin was holding the sword with its left hand! I see… It was left-handed!

The goblin started to swing its sword at me again, but this time I had the shield held ready, and I swiped it to the left in the direction that the sword was coming.


The sword and shield clashed, and we moved away from each other.
The goblin lost its momentum, and the shield was no longer in my way.
And we were at the perfect distance apart so that his sword couldn’t reach me!
I thrust the spear out with my right hand.
And with a thud, it pierced into the goblin’s throat.


It let out one cry before falling backwards.
It didn’t move again after that, but I pierced it through the chest once more, just to be sure.
It didn’t budge.


I pumped my fist in the air, but Gein and Zuki just exploded with laughter, and had to hold their stomachs for quite a while after that.

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