ldn’t have been…… about her.

Sang Wan Ci’s appearance resulted in Ying Xi Ze looking over in their direction before standing still, unable to speak.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know what Sang Wan Ci looked like; he had previously thought that she looked rather similar to the white moonlight he kept in his heart.

Although Sang Wan Ci did look prettier.

But when he saw her in real life, he couldn’t control his surprise at Sang Wan Ci’s appearance.

It was like…… she was still around.

Sang Wan Ci met his heated gaze calmly, almost as if even if God himself had come, she wouldn’t move a single eyebrow.

Lu Zhi Wei was like an entranced person standing by the side and observing.

Because Sang Wan Ci was different from the rest, and because the storyline had been changed, even the female lead and the second male lead’s first meeting had been pushed forward.

And looking at Ying Xi Ze’s expression, he had been struck by the female lead’s beauty, so he wasn’t acting out of the norm.

Then was the second male lead going to fall in love with the female lead now? Was it starting?

“Hello, Miss Sang.” Ying Xi Ze took the initiative to call out to her with his signature smile.
“I’m Ying Xi Ze.”

After that, he didn’t forget to introduce himself to Zhang Xian Rui as well.

Sang Wan Ci looked at his outstretched hand with her eyes lowered, then gently grasped his fingertips: “Hello, I’ve heard of you.”

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt as if Sang Wan Ci was being forced to socialise.

It seemed like she didn’t quite like having to deal with these things.

Ying Xi Ze didn’t take Sang Wan Ci’s actions to heart, smiling sincerely: “I’m very happy to be working with Miss Sang.
If there’s anything I’m not doing right, I hope Miss Sang will teach me.”

Sang Wan Ci answered modestly: “I can’t teach anyone, I’m also a new entrant to the industry.”

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“Miss Sang is being modest.” Ying Xi Ze said.
“I’ve seen your shows, your acting is very good.
I still have much to learn from you.”

On this point, Lu Zhi Wei agreed.

When she was watching Sang Wan Ci’s works at home, she found that Sang Wan Ci’s acting was extraordinary, almost as if God had blessed her.

No, it was more like God had chased after her and begged her to take the blessing.

Ying Xi Ze’s praise wasn’t quite effective on Sang Wan Ci, who reacted calmly without pride or arrogance.

It was almost as if she really couldn’t feel how outstanding she was.

Or maybe…… she never even realised she was an outstanding person.

Standing there, Lu Zhi Wei looked at her quietly.

The next second, their eyes met.

The two of them froze.

Coming back to her senses, Lu Zhi Wei smiled at her, her eyes curving up.

Sang Wan Ci’s eyes flickered as she gave a slight nod and looked away, turning around to leave.

Ying Xi Ze followed Sang Wan Ci’s gaze to look at Lu Zhi Wei.

After Sang Wan Ci left, he stood at his original spot and looked at Lu Zhi Wei before asking his assistant: “Who is that? What role are they playing?”

This question stumped his assistant who looked at Lu Zhi Wei confusedly.

Yeah, that’s right.

Who’s this? Please read at jiulian lian .
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When did this person appear?

Ying Xi Ze saw that his assistant was at a loss as well, so he smiled and patted the other man’s shoulder: “It’s alright, I’ll just ask.”

Wen Yao saw Ying Xi Ze walking toward them suddenly and she grabbed Lu Zhi Wei’s hand tightly: “jie, seize this opportunity.
You might become friends?”

“One more friend is one more connection, you’ll be protected in the future, jie.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

Whether or not they would become friends, she didn’t know.
But she did know that the two of them could possibly become “love rivals”.

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If things progressed like the original script, the male lead and the second male lead would get along like fire and water.
Their fans would fight the moment they saw each other and the male lead would win various best actor awards to suppress the other person.

But that wasn’t too possible now.
Expecting her to fight with various supporting male characters for the “best male actor” awards, that scene was too beautiful…… She didn’t dare to think about it.

“Hello, I’m Ying Xi Ze.”

Lu Zhi Wei was still deep in thought when Ying Xi Ze walked up to her and stuck out his hand politely.

Grasping it, Lu Zhi Wei courteously said: “Hello, Lu Zhi Wei.”

Repeating the name, Ying Xi Ze dug through his memories to no avail: “I haven’t heard of you before?”

“I just entered the industry.” Lu Zhi Wei smiled.
“This time, I was dragged here to save the show.
Someone refused to act so I’m here to replace her.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.
I’m 23 this year, how about you?”

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“Oh, you’re older by three years.
Then what role are you acting in?”

“Palace maid.
The female lead’s close palace maid.”

After she said that, Ying Xi Ze’s face lost all colour as shock registered in his eyes.

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

What was going on, what’s with that expression?

An older cute person acting as a palace maid was so shocking??

What else should I act as then???

Following this, she saw Ying Xi Ze’s expression grow complicated as he asked hesitantly: “Are you……”

“A cross-dressing actor?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……?”

At this moment, Lao Wu’s voice rang out: 【Ah…… I need to tell you something.
The male protagonist halo has been affixed, so in his eyes, you ——】

【Are very clearly, a man.】

Lu Zhi Wei’s heart exploded in a bunch of question marks.

At this very moment, she just wanted to ask the system one question ——

【You guys are actually trying to take revenge on me, right?】

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