n Ci who had looked over first……

And Sang Wan Ci hadn’t even been willing to look at him more than an initial glance, a cold one at that.

He stayed silent for a moment before looking at Lu Zhi Wei and smiling: “You’re right.

“Then, if there’s nothing else, I’ll head off first.
You work hard too.

“Ge, I believe you can definitely become the best cross-dressing actor in our country!”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

—— That wouldn’t be necessary.

Lu Zhi Wei watched as Ying Xi Ze left.

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She thought that Ying Xi Ze was polite and interesting, his character was actually quite likeable.

Thinking about it, she couldn’t understand how someone like this could eventually become such a detestable side character.

Could he be saved or not?

Tucking her hands into her pockets, Lu Zhi Wei sank into deep contemplation.

Regardless of whether she could save him or not, she would try her best.
This way, she could protect Sang Wan Ci as well.

As long as she could make Ying Xi Ze realise that fruit snatched by force wasn’t sweet, that he shouldn’t be so adamant about chasing Sang Wan Ci, it could be a great outcome.
Especially if he went to date someone who was willing to be with him, or he could wait for his white moonlight to come back.
Worst come to worst, he could focus on his career.

But speaking of which……

When was the fifth mission going to come?

Her heart was too eager for the prize and couldn’t be contained!

Before filming started, there was a script reading session with all the important cast members.

Lu Zhi Wei had a moderate amount of scenes, and because she was the closest maid to the female lead and had an important role in the development of the story, she had to join in too.

The main cast of《Phoenix》were all serious and professional people, nobody would doubt the quality of their work.

As long as they acted and filmed it, the audience would definitely watch it.
They would never not support a product that had responsible and serious actors.

Lu Zhi Wei sat in a discreet location, hugging her notebook as her mind was in a bit of a mess.

She hadn’t experienced this atmosphere in a very, very long time.
It finally symbolised her return after drifting away from her dreams.

In the beginning, she was completely focused and she didn’t look at Sang Wan Ci much aside from when she was reading the script.

The her now was not the male lead who needed to save the world, but a student who had newly returned to the entertainment industry and wanted to study hard.

Sang Wan Ci was the one who kept looking over at Lu Zhi Wei because of the two occurrences.

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Each time, she saw Lu Zhi Wei sitting there and seriously taking notes, with the passion for the job apparent in her eyes.

This side of her was burning like a fire, radiant as the sun.
Nobody present could compare.

Looking back at her script, Sang Wan Ci flipped through it.

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Regardless of whether she was a fan, as long as she treated her work seriously, it was good.

As she looked down, Lu Zhi Wei raised her head and looked over.

—— They just missed each other.

Lu Zhi Wei asked Lao Wu curiously: 【Was she looking at me just now?】

Lao Wu: 【I don’t know, I’m busy, I didn’t see.】

He was happily fixing the bug.

But what made him happy was not the appearance of the bug, but because it was the first time he was fixing a bug that had appeared for the first time.
Even if the bug was urgent, it was fine even if he couldn’t fix it immediately.

He wasn’t someone who liked repetitive things, but as a system administrator, he had no choice but to encounter a lot of repetitive things.
Even if he didn’t like it, he would have to suck it up and do it anyway.

【Oh, then go ahead.】

Lu Zhi Wei retracted her gaze and continued listening to the producers.

The back and forth between Lu Zhi Wei and Sang Wan Ci was observed by Ying Xi Ze though.

He snuck a glance at Sang Wan Ci, then he looked at the serious and focused Lu Zhi Wei.
Thinking of how Sang Wan Ci had looked at Lu Zhi Wei first the other day, doubt crept into his heart.

Could Miss Sang…… like a serious man like Lu ge?

[1] Just in case people have forgotten, jie means older sister. 

[2] Ge means older brother. 

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