Chapter One: Farewell

Nothing…could be more compelling than this. What awaited on the other side of this door, had me petrified.

I stared at the doorknob. Still finding it hard to bring myself to reach out. The brass was cool and slippery in my now clammy palm. Sweat beads growing from my pores until they rolled right off my skin. The trickling of the escaping sweat mimicking the movement of the air attempting to do the same through my trachea.

As many times as I told myself, that this was for the best, I could never quite bring myself to agree whole-heartedly. I pushed forward, entering the room in the dead of night. It was dimly lit by the moonlight. There I was, studying her face as if it was my first time seeing her… or as if it might be my last. I couldn bear to put her in harms way, let alone by my own hands.

I started to reach for her, but thought twice before withdrawing my hand. Helpless, I stood there in the middle of the night. All I could do was acknowledge her beauty. Even in the dark, she was mesmerizing.

There she laid, snoring softly. And her skin, just as soft and silky as the sheets she laid in. With indents on the side of her nose from her glasses (which were hanging off her face). And creases just beneath her eyes, even though they were closed, I could easily recall her brown irises were coated with a unique honey cloud. My eyes were rapid, focusing on her every detail, savoring each feature. I brushed her bangs back with my thumb.

She inhaled sharply at my touch. A moments hesitation passed before she began to shuffle in her sleep, rolling over as if she already knew my intention.

I couldn help but to smirk. A flash of all our memories came washing over me. I never would have imagined itd be this hard. I sat down on the edge of the bed, attentive of her body. Careful not to disturb her slumber. I leaned over to kiss her forehead. Why is it so hard to say goodbye, I thought silently to myself?

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