Chapter Five:

isle and around a few corners.

We came to a halt at a small cubicle. It wasn really secluded, but it wasn out in plain sight. It was the type of area youd walk right past without a second glance. It was probably tucked away by a few bookshelves.

I turned around and met her gaze again. With my right hand I grabbed her side and pulled her closer. I spun us around, switching our position. Her back was facing the cubical. She let me lead until her back was against the wooden surface. She leaned back. I took a step in reverse, never letting go.

The Library



She put her head down bashfully. Looking down, lingering like she couldn look me in the eyes. With her head sunk low she looked up at me. Her cheeks high and the smile, I assumed she was tried to keep hidden, was transparent.

I took a step closer. She slowly lifted her head and was nibbling at the corner of her lip, leaning a little closer. My fingers trickled on her shirt, her hands finding their way around the back of my neck. Another half a foot gone between us. I leaned in, her lips started to pucker. My eyes closed, and our lips touched. The moment lingered, I opened my mouth as did she, before they reconnected staggered.

The ecstasy in the atmosphere was intense. A deep inhale through my nose, I could feel my heartbeat racing. I pulled her closer, my hand gripping her shirt. The other drifted low, my excitement rising. I took a step forward, grabbing under her cheeks and giving them a squeeze. I lifted her as I took another step. Her body tensed at my hold, but melted away, as I sat her on the desktop. Her legs engulfed mine.

The Library



Her tugging was demanding. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled down. Her head tilted up and I pulled down aggressively. Her jaw dropped, the air escaping her lungs. She was slow to breath it back in. Her eyes opening just as calmly. I leaned in more, my bottom lip fell between hers. Our mouths began to dance with one another.

My free hand descending to her thighs. Deeper it slid, with just enough space between. My knuckles brushed the material of her jeans. It was rough. Until I breached Shantels riches. The heat radiating, she jumped at the touch.

”Nuh-uh! What you thought this was ”, she demanded in a low but assertive tone.

”What you mean? ”

”You must think Im a hoe
e some ”, she exclaimed. Everything came to a halt. I removed my hands and placed them just above her knees.

”Nah, lil ma. See, ain een like that. ” I felt myself lick my lips. ”This is more of a demand and supply situation. ”

She leaned back and gave me a puzzled look. ”You mean supply and demand? ”

”No, sweetheart. Your body demanding, ” I gave her thighs a firm embrace and drew her in with insistence, ” what I can supply. Its just unfortunate circumstances and coincidental that we
e presented with this opportunity here, right now. So, question is…is you bout it? Or nah?

”You talk a good game, ” she bit her lip eyeing me. ”I see you slick with your tongue. ”

I smirked. My face felt unbalanced with a crooked smile and one eyebrow raised. I thought silently to myself, you finna find out just how slick this tongue really is…

She jumped. I guess she hadn noticed my hands at work. She was so focused on what I was saying. The only reason her jeans weren around her ankles already was because I needed her to shift her weight.

She put her palms on the desk and slightly lifted herself up. My fingers hooked at her waist, between her skin and panties. I slid them down as smoothly as possible. The further down her legs they went, the lower I got. I fell to my knees when her pants were halfway down her shins. I leaned back as she kicked her shoe off. Once her foot was free I continued to pull one of her pants legs down until it cleared her ankle. The moment her leg was free she spread her legs wide, welcoming me.

I went in head first, casually. I kissed up her thigh starting from mid thigh. And right before reaching her sacred temple, I withdrew my head, kissing my way backwards. Her body squirmed, but not to the extent I wanted. I continued to caress her inner thighs until my lips finally fell on that spot. Her body quaked violently. I saw Shantels eyes begin to shut and her mouth start to open. I licked my way back up and focused on her clit.

A second after my tongue made contact, her jaw dropped. Her hand clapped over her mouth. Her breathing fell short as she gasped. Her eyelids shut harder as her core tensed up. I could tell she hadn inhaled yet.

I dragged my tongue around in a circle. Her grip on the edge of the desk tightened before she let go to clinch my hair. I wrapped my arm around her left leg, holding it in place as I rotated my tongue, waving it as if to swallow.

Slowly, she started back breathing, whimpering almost. Looking up at her face to make sure she was good, I pulled my head back. Only to go back in. This time pressing passed the slot. I closed my eyes to visualize vividly, dragging the tip slowly and steadily. Spelling my name in cursive was making Shantel uneasy. She tried pushing my head away as the low moaning and squeals escaped between her fingers. She was on the verge of squirming free when I finished crossing my Ts and dotting my Is.

I licked my lips while standing up. Grabbing just behind the crease of her calves. I pulled her over the ledge. She sat there, her arms wide to support her. I undid my belt and stood with my feet shoulder width apart. It was just enough for my pants to fall until my erection flung free. I knelt a little and waddled forward. I pressed my erection through her tight little crevice.

She was tight, too tight to slide right in. A few centimeters at a time until it worked its way in. The more that made its way in, the easier it got. The deeper I went, the wetter she got.

With every stroke, I started not to give a **, and stopped fearing the consequences of getting caught. It felt so good. Any change, every little difference, all stroke deviations…her body react. I could feel her cumming. Losing my mind, I found myself buried in instinct as I dove deeper inside her. The better it felt, the more reckless I grew. I covered her mouth at the sound she made.

Sweat dripping from my forehead, I took my shirt and wiped my face. I finally started to catch my breath. Shantel wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled me in , trapping me. She was forcing me in deeper.

The Library



I smirked. And simply replied by saying, ”bet. ” I pressed my palms against her knees firmly but gentle. I broke free and pulled out. With one hand still holding on to her knee, the other shot for her pelvis. I leaned back as I lifted on her leg, flipping her over. Her feet landed softly while I ran my hands up her spine. She looked over her shoulder at me as I continued to bend her over. She smiled back at me as she started to laugh while simultaneously caving in her back.

The slapping sound of our waists colliding echoed theatrically throughout the aisle. I heard how loud it was, but I couldn care less. She was already perched on her toes. I grabbed her leg and placed it parallel to the surface. Every stroke was as fast as my breath, but far from shallow. With one hand she clapped over mine. With the other, she wedged between us. She was trying to force me to ease up. But her efforts were counterproductive. I thrived harder and faster, I was reaching my limit. I grabbed at her pelvis of her horizontal thigh and pulled her closer as I pushed forward. I gritted my teeth and held my breath, holding on to every second I could spare. With each stroke, I was pushing myself closer to eruption.

The moaning was grew louder, I didn care about covering her mouth anymore. My only focus was holding…back…just…a little…I couldn anymore.

Slowly but surely, I regulated to a steady stroke. Huffing and puffing until my heart and breathing settled. I pulled my pants up. After fastening my belt, I walked over to the corner of the bookshelf that kept us hidden. I leant up against it to keep watch for anyone who might be walking by, or anyone who came searching for who was behind the clapping sounds that disrupted the silence of the library. Shantel was wobbling, struggling to squat down to gather her clothes.

As I stood there posted, I glanced around. No one was near. I kept lookout making sure it stayed that way as she continued getting dressed. Watching side to side, one of the televisions was on. There was a documentary on Egyptians that caught my attention, but a flash report was running across the bottom of the screen.

It read, ”breaking news: local bank robbed and suspects had fled the crime scene and were possibly still in the vicinity.

”Ayden, are you ready? ” Shantel asked shattering my concentration. She placed her hand on my back as she walked passed me.

”Y-yeah, ” I answered as I followed her out the library.

We continued as if nothing happened. She talked, rambling on but I wasn engaged. My mind was absent as we walked through the streets. There wasn anything particularly taking my attention. But something felt off.

”Im hungry, ” Shantel announced.

”Yea, me too. What time is it? ” I reached in my pocket for my phone. Nothing, I checked the other. ”Dammit, man! I forgot my phone. Aye, Ill be right back. Just head to the bus stop, Ill catch up. ” I started to turn around.

”No, I got it right here. I just told you that. It was on the floor with my clothes. ”

I turned back to face her and tell her thank you. I extended my hand out to receive my phone when my body was shaken as we were forced off balance from behind. Someone had came darting from around the corner, running between Shantel and I. He collided into my shoulder. My body turned as I was forced to face away from Shantel. My phone flew from her hands in his direction. I watched my phone fly over his head as he stumbled to the ground.

I banged my head badly against the concrete. My vision was blurry. I tried to stand back up, but stumbled back down immediately. Had i hit my head hard enough to get a concussion? Who the hell runs that hard into two people? The more my mind raced, the faster i could feel the migraine coming to. I took my time trying to get up, staring at him the entire time. It was all i could manage at the moment, until Shantel came over to help me up.

His eyes were fixated on me as he went down. He threw his arms forward to keep from collapsing flat.

The Library



He forced himself back up never losing his momentum. You could tell he easily stood a little over six feet. And had a macchiato complexion, and a chinstrap goatee. His hair was faded and a seemingly shade of brown, but the way the sun hit revealed it was actually a dark red. He had green eyes and on bother sides of the bridge of his nose were indents from his glasses.

He scrambled to gather whatever had fallen out of his bag. He was quick to shove everything back in, but his gaze barely left me (probably because i was staring at him). He covered his neck as he was back on his feet. And running at full sprint ahead, again. The bag on his back swaying rapidly. Whatever he was moving had weight. He disappeared just as fast as he had appeared.

”You good, ” I asked Shantel looking over at her.

She had a stern glare aimed in his general direction. ”Yea, Im good. But are you? We might need to get you to urgent care. Sorry about your phone. ”

The Library



”It is what it is, ” I said as I picked it up. It had a few cracks webbing throughout the screen, but seemed to still be functional. There was a small puddle of blood in front of my phone. Little specks that dripped over my phone and ahead. Guess that explains why he was holding his neck. Wonder what happened…

Noticing how soon the bus would be arriving , we sprinted (well, i trotted lightly due to my growing headache). Trying to make up for loss time. I could see the bus stop ahead. We could make it. The bus had pulled up and we were still about 200 meters away. We could make it before he drove off. It didn look like anyone was getting off but we could still make it. We were going to make it…


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