Chapter 7- The set-up

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The little furball stiffened and stared wide-eyed at Su Yu, who was still dancing with excitement.

This damned…

“Sauce…” When it was time for bed Su Yu realized that the kitten was angry, it shrunk into a ball of fur on the pillow and kept pointing his butt at him.

He reached out and poked him, ignored;

Tugging on his tail and rubbing his hind paws, ignored.

He pressed up against him cheekily and buried his face in its soft fur, and the little guy miraculously didn’t move away, still motionless.

“Hehe, with this recipe, we will make a fortune, hehehe.” Su Yu closed his eyes and couldn’t help but start giggling again.

“In the future, let’s open a restaurant, you just squat on the cash drawer, you are bright gold and dazzling(Jin Cancan 金灿灿) so you’ll attract more fortune, hehe…Just when will we save enough money to open a restaurant… Why don’t we get an investment…”

A muffled voice came down his hind legs, accompanied by a warm breath.
An Hongche was lying motionless and gently stretched out his paw to hook the pillow.

The original pink and white meat pad had already become red.
This little fish slave is really getting more and more reckless, We can’t spoil him like this anymore!


The moonlight was hazy, slightly cool, and soft.
It gently touched the corners of his lips and cheeks.
Tickling, as if with some teasing, it was also like a pious testimony.

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Su Yu couldn’t help but dodge, but the warm breath moved with him, and he vaguely saw a pair of slightly upturned beautiful eyes.

Enduring sleepiness, Su Yu opened his eyes.
When he focused, he discovered that his inner shirt was torn open and half of his clavicle was exposed.

A ball of fur was squatting solemnly beside his pillow and looked at him with its head tilted.

“Little bastard,” Su Yu smiled, then he took the cat into his arms and rubbed it, “Licking me in the middle of the night, are you treating me like a fish?”

He put his chin on the cat’s head and rubbed it, the newly grown stubble scratched his head very comfortably.
An Hongchen narrowed his eyes and quietly retracted its claws hooked on his inner shirt.

In the early morning, before Su Yu opened his eyes from the furry tender land, he was suddenly awakened by a loud noise outside.
An Hongche obviously hadn’t slept enough yet.
He raised his paws and covered his ears, shrinking into Su Yu’s arms.


“Second Young Master, it’s bad! My lady and the eldest madam are fighting in the backyard!” Chun Cao banged on the door outside, sounding very anxious.

“Ah?” Su Yu was startled.
Fighting? Who? Mother and aunt?

In this ancient noble house that pays attention to etiquette, women are actually fighting!

Thinking of his aunt’s sturdy figure and his mother’s small physique, who was still recovering from a serious illness, Su Yu quickly got up, and the purring kitten that was sleeping on his chest fell onto the bed.

“Meow–” An Hongche stretched out, watching Su Yu hurriedly put on his clothes and ran out the door.

He yawned bored, licked his paws straightening his appearance, then he leisurely jumped out of the bed and followed him into the backyard.

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When Su Yu ran to the backyard, the scene in front of him was completely different from what he imagined.

His aunt Li, who was strong as a cow, had her hairpin rings tousled, and he didn’t know what kind of tea was splashed on her body because she was sticky.

As for his thin legitimate mother Zhao Shi, she had a dignified appearance and a fierce look in her eyes.
If it weren’t for the two maidservants holding her, she would probably have rushed over to beat her again.

“Mother!” Su Yu hurried over and held his mother that was panting non-stop.

“Li Yunxiu, look at your virtue, and you still want to be a general’s wife, Bah!” Zhao Shi spat, throwing off the two maids and only letting Su Yu support her.

“Zhao Yuhua, I’ll fight it out with you!” His aunt screamed and was about to pounce on her.
The two maids tried to stop her, but they couldn't stop her at all.
Instead, they were hit and fell down next to his first mother.

Su Yu frowned, pulled Zhao Shi back a step, then raised his hand to block his aunt's outstretched arm.
Regardless, she reached out and slapped towards Su Yu’s face.

Zhao Shi suddenly made a move, she grabbed his aunt’s hair and gave her a backhanded slap.

“Pa!” The sound was very loud, the courtyard was suddenly quiet for a moment, and everyone was stunned.

“What is this!” A middle-aged man arrived, it was Su Yu’s uncle Su Xiaozhang.

“Aiya, I can’t live anymore like this!” Seeing her man arriving, his aunt immediately sat on the ground and cried bitterly.

Su Xiaozhang had upright facial features and tall stature, but his eyes were shifty and unreliable.

His own wife was making a scene but he didn’t make a sound to stop her, he just looked at Zhao Shi and Su Yu’s faces and coughed dryly: “What’s going on?”

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“The younger sister-in-law beats the elder sister-in-law, isn’t it obvious?”

Before the two could answer Aunt Li shouted loudly, and then cried again: “Oh what sin, I tried my best to treat you and raise your son, and this is how you treat me, what sin…”

Zhao Shi stood quiet with a cold face, not saying a word about how the conflict started, and she didn’t even try to accuse Li Shi.
Instead, she seemed to be watching a show.

“Mother…” Su Yu asked Zhao Shi’s meaning quietly.

Zhao Shi patted Su Yu on the back of his hand: “Don’t talk, just watch.”

Therefore, Su Yu was relieved, he relaxed and watched in fascination as the eldest aunt went from deliberately finding faults with Zhao Shi, to scolding Su Yu for being disobedient and unfilial, to saying that the family was in strait circumstances, and concluded with that she would no longer take charge of the family and would let Su Yu and his mother live a free life by themselves.
From then on, they would cut relations with each other.

I’m afraid that all the neighbors could hear that hearty voice clearly.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about!” Su Xiaozhang finally couldn't bear it anymore and scolded her.

“Sister-in-law is right,” Zhao Shi said, “Send someone to invite the clan elders to come, let’s have a good talk today, is the family really so poor that we don’t even have brown sugar water to drink!”

When Su Xiaozhang heard she wanted to invite the clan’s elders, he was immediately anxious.

“Why are you inviting the clan’s elders! ”

These days, Su Xiaozhang had been running his legs thin, and the matter of the title was still undecided.
Yesterday, he had just made a plan, so he couldn’t afford to make a mistake at this juncture.

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“If we don’t ask someone to do justice, we orphans and widows are going to starve to death.” Zhao Shi replied without mercy, pulling Su Yu towards the main hall.

“Yo yo, you are still acting wronged!” Hearing that Li Shi immediately jumped up: “Go, go and invite someone right now, I want people to see how you treat your elder sister-in-law!”

Su Xiaozhang originally thought, it was early in the morning without food, those clan elders would probably only appear near noon.

Who expected that when he came into the main hall, two clan elders had been sitting in the room, an alarm bell suddenly rang in his heart!

The clan elders were all elders within three generations of the current patriarch.Though side branches could not inherit, their seniority was still something that could not be disregarded.
The Su family had to invite these clan elders to preside over any major and minors affairs.

Of course, there was another reason for this, that is, when Zhong Zheng Department considers the title, they would also consult the elders of the clan to see if they agreed with the decision.

“Meow…” The people in the main hall were noisy, which made the hungry Majesty more and more unhappy.

He stretched out his claw and scratched Su Yu’s trouser legs.
Seeing that he was ignored, he climbed onto his back along the helm of his clothes.

Zhao Shi sat directly on the main seat.
Now that the title was uncertain, as the wife of the general, she had the highest status and she should sit in the top seat.

Su Yu stood beside his mother and supported her.
He stood naturally with his back was straight and his eyes were burning like torches.
Even if there was a ball of fur that keep climbing along his back, he kept his face unchanged and even the eight winds couldn’t move him.

“I invited the two clan elders to come today for one thing.” Zhao Shi sat upright, then she took out a wooden box, placed it on the eight immortals table, and opened the lid, revealing a bright yellow color.

Su Xiaozhang and Li Shi both became nervous when they saw that.
They were familiar with the box, it was the Imperial Approval yellow silk that was placed in the ancestral hall.

The decision of every generation titles of nobility must be approved by the emperor.
If the title changed hands, it was necessary to take out this yellow silk and report it to the Zhong Zheng Department.

“When my late husband died, his title was left vacant and the family propriety has withered…”Speaking of this, Zhao Shi paused and took a deep look at his uncle and her sister-in-law, “Yu’er is concubine born, even if he accepts the title, he would be demoted two levels in succession, and the days to come would be even worse…”

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