rd-class Guard general had thirty Shi Lumi(石禄米) and 130 strings of copper coins of salary every year.
Enough to feed a family.

For a moment, the atmosphere became stiff.
Su Xiaozhang was silent for a moment with his face ashen and then said with a sneer: “With the status of a son of a concubine, the Zong Zheng Department will directly take back our Su family title and no one will benefit at that time! ”

The nobility was always very strict.
Under normal circumstances, they must be the main wife’s eldest son.

If there was no legitimate son it was very likely that the Zong Zheng Department would judge that they had no heir and directly strip off their title.

Although Su Xiaozhang was concubine-born, his mother was later promoted to wife status.
In the family record, he was the legitimate son of the first wife, so he was more confident in inheriting the title.

However, Zong Zheng Department’s duty was to control the reduction of nobility.
If Zhao Shi makes things big, once Zong Zheng Department decides that Su Xiaozhang’s virtue was at fault, the title definitely will not fall on his head.

The white-bearded clan elder looked around, coughed dryly, and said: “Lao’er wife, don’t be impulsive.
The Su family must not lose their title and it’s not good for Yu’er to make trouble.”

With their title, the Su family was still noble.
Without this title, the relatives of the collateral branches will also lose face, and the family will be completely destroyed in the future.

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An Hongche yawned on Su Yu’s shoulder.

The Su family was in such a state, what is there to contend for this title? Serve us well and We could even name you a prince.

“There are still five hundred taels of silver for cutting down the title.
So I can set up a farm, which is enough to support us, mother and child.” Zhao Shi stopped crying, dried her tears twice, and calmly folded the yellow silk into the box.

Su Xiaozhang became nervous.
According to the customs, reducing the rank would indeed give some money, which could be considered the last grace of the royal family.

It was not necessarily five hundred taels of silver, but there were always two or three hundred taels.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows.
He seemed to understand his mother's idea.

“Sister-in-law, we are a family.
Why should we be so distant?” Su Xiaozhang barely showed a smile.

“The Su family is blessed with glory and honor.
With this tile preserved, there will be a salary every year.
Won’t it be enough for you to eat and drink? ”

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If these words had been said before, they would have been able to smooth things over.
Now, it was obvious that both mother and son had no food to eat.

Moreover, even ghosts wouldn’t believe that they would be treated well in the future.

As soon as this remark came out, Su Xiaozhang himself felt unable to say anything else.

“That salary is yours.
If you can give us the sun, it will rise from the west.”

Just then, a head poked out of the entrance.
he looked five-points similar to Su Xiaozhang, but he looked sullen and not so energetic.

“If I may say so, just cut the title, and give me 30% of the five hundred taels of silver!”


Shi Lumi(石禄米)->in ancient china, the hard currency is grain (Rice and wheat), as well as the official salary.
1石 = 59.2 kg, 30 shi = 30x 59.2 kg =1776kg, 禄米 = official salary.

String of copper coins-> Each string had 1000 copper coins.

Lao'er->Second child

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