Chapter 9- Raising Money

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Chapter 9- Raising Money

“Eh?” Su Yu kept lying on the bed and reached out for the sapphire jade piece.
The jade emitted a faint glow under the candlelight.

The Qilin carved on it was lifelike and there was a big “Zhao” word engraved on the back.

He almost forgot about that, King Zhao still owed him thirty copper coins!

“Hey, why don’t I pawn this, it might be worth a lot of money.” Su Yu stared at the jade piece for a long time.

The quality of this jade was really good, but he didn’t know whether it was enough to build a revolving staircase.

“Pa!” A furry paw suddenly stretched out and slapped off the jade piece in Su Yu’s hand.

An Hongche scratched the “Zhao (昭)” character with the tip of his claw, his amber eyes filled with anger.

Stupid thing, this jade plate is An Hongyu’s token, how is it merely worth the price of a single piece of sapphire jade!

“Sauce, what’s wrong?” Su Yu leaned over, touching the tip of his nose with the kitten, and got a slap in the face.

The warm meat pad slammed on his face, and Su Yu fell to the ground in cooperation.

While the two were playing, Chun Cao knocked on the door again and asked Su Yu to go to the backyard.

Today, Su Yu gained first-hand knowledge of Zhao Shi’s fighting strength, he admired his hidden legitimate mother and wanted to prostrate himself in admiration.

When he heard these words, he immediately got up and patted the cat’s head.

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“Sauce, play by yourself, I’ll be back in a minute.”

An Hongche glanced at him.
Useless thing, what is the use of listening to the words of a married woman that stays deep in the residence.

Seeing that Su Yu really turned and left, he angrily slapped the jade piece back under the pillow and scratched the edge of the pillow with all his strength.


“Have you seen the shop?” Zhao Shi’s complexion was much better than in the morning, she smiled and asked Su Yu to sit down.

“Yes.” Su Yu answered.
As soon as he sat down, he found a light gold furry paw sticking out of the window behind Zhao Shi.

He couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth, got up and pretended to close the window, and quickly caught the furball outside the window and stuffed it into his sleeves.

An Hongche squatted in his sleeve and shook his head.
He was just bored and did whatever he wants.
It’s not that he was worried that the stupid slave will sell himself again for some money, certainly not!

“I never thought of taking this step, but the current situation does not allow us to delay anymore.” Zhao Shi nodded inwardly about Su Yu’s behavior of closing the window.

He knew to guard against the walls having ears, it seems that he had made a lot of progress during this period of time.

Su Yu had a headache from listening to the feuds within the family.
He couldn't understand a single thing behind Zhao Shi's profound words, and could only nod his head and reply: “It's up to you, Mother.”

“How are you getting along with your research on the family heirloom?” Zhao Shi was very pleased with Su Yu’s obedience.

She can’t bear children herself and had been raising her concubine-born son with a parent-child relationship.
She saw Su Yu’s behavior these days, her ancestors blessed her with a good son.

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“The front ones I should be able to do, but the back ones haven’t learned yet.” Su Yu folded his hands and quietly groomed the impatient kitten in his sleeve.

“Really?” Zhao Shi’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Can you really cook the food inside?”

“Yes…” Su Yu was stunned.

The first few courses were very simple, they were the same as those he made in his previous life.
In fact, he could also cook the following dishes, it’s just that the materials were hard to find.
Moreover, the ancient terms were far from those he was familiar with.

He estimated that it would take some effort to guess the ingredients recorded in the recipes.
Just, looking at Zhao Shi’s surprise, should he had been more modest?

“Amitabha, ancestor blessings!” Zhao Shi’s hands were folded, and she was very excited.

After mumbling to herself for a long time, she took a small wooden box out of a chest.
When the box was opened there was a cloth bag in it, which was disassembled layer by layer.
It took a long time to reveal what was inside.

“Mother, this is?” Su Yu took the thin layer of paper, on which were words engraved by a carved printing block.

It was covered with several layers of seals, which were very neat and tidy, with “One Hundred Taels of Silver” clearly written in the middle.

“This is the private savings that I have saved over the years.” Zhao Shi smiled and stuffed the silver ticket into Su Yu’s hand.

“Take it and renovate that shop so that you can open a restaurant.”

“No.” Su Yu pushed the silver ticket back.

“I’ll find a way to get the money.
In the future, the family won’t give any monthly allowance, Mother needs to save some money too.”

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In fact, he had already thought about it, the method of financial leasing was to sell the shop first, and then rent it back.
In this way, he can have the capital and the shop, which was the best of both worlds.

“That’s a good method, it’s just that it’s hard to find a buyer.” Zhao Shi frowned, soon after she thought of something and sneered.

“The buyer has to be powerful, otherwise once your uncle gains power, he’s going to try to seize your restaurant.”

Su Yu also took this into consideration, his eldest uncle and third uncle were not oil-saving lamps.

If the restaurant was still under his name, once Su Xiaozhang wins the title in the future, he will definitely come to cut a piece of his flesh.

But how would he, an “outsider” recognize anyone powerful? The only one that he could recognize…

Suddenly, he thought of the sapphire jade token pulled out by the kitten.
King Zhao was a really powerful man, but… With a 30 copper coins friendship, can King Zhao help him so much?

Besides, the fatty always gave people a feeling of harboring evil intentions.

“There’s no need to feel awkward, it’s not that easy for Su Xiaozhang to assume the title.” Zhao Shi saw Su Yu frowning so she made a sound of comfort.

“Don’t forget that the consort selection is coming this year.”

“Consort selection?” Su Yu blinked, what was that.

An Hongche wormed his way through Su Yu’s arm along his sleeves, and a head popped out of his shirt.
As soon as he got his folded ears over, he heard the word “Consort selection”, and a pair of furry ears stood up immediately.

“That’s still a long way off.
Besides, it’s been pushed forward for two years now, and it's likely to be postponed this year if it doesn’t match up.” Zhao Shi looked out of the window and seemed reluctant to talk about his topic.

“You can open the restaurant with peace of mind, if you have any difficulties, remember to tell me.”

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Ultimately, Zhao Shi gave Su Yu the hundred tael silver note and said that preparedness averts peril.

Su Yu returned to his room in a fog, but the kitten was very excited.
He paced back and forth on him.

Finally, he squatted on his chest, looked down at him condescendingly, and shook his tail proudly.

“Sauce, why are you so happy?” Su Yu was amused by his small appearance.

He touched the sapphire token and scratched its chin, but there was some melancholy in his heart.
The hundred taels of silver was the money at the bottom of his mother's box, so he doesn’t want to move it easily.

Besides, just relying on this bit of dead money it was difficult to survive the period when his business first opened, so he has to find a partner.

It’s just that figures like King Zhao may not be interested in these small profits.
He must have something to impress him.

While he was on a mental journey, a warm paw suddenly pressed against Su Yu’s frown.

Su Yu pulled over the small meat pad and kissed it.
It’s all right, let’s talk about it tomorrow ba.


The moon was high in the sky, the clear moonlight spreading along the window lattice.

Su Yu lay in an orderly manner with something in his mind, he even frowned gently when he fell asleep.
Looking carefully, he suddenly found that there was a slender body lying by his side.

The man’s long hair was like ink.
Through the moonlight, he could only see a graceful chin and thin lips slightly pursed.

At the moment, he was supporting his forehead with one hand.
A slender and fair hand stretched out and gently pressed against his eyebrows.
Stupid slave, frowning looks so ugly!

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