Chapter 13- Opening

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The man was wearing a thin white robe and was lying on his side on the quilt, looking like he was having a nice dream.
His slender body curled up on the small wooden bed causing one to feel a bit wronged.

It seemed that he was disturbed.
His sword-like eyebrows gently drew closer and he opened his eyes slightly, glanced at Su Yu, turned over, then went back to sleep.

Su Yu had no idea what was going on right now.
He just went to make breakfast, and in less than half an hour, there was another person on the bed.

”Umm…Gongzi, excuse me, may I ask…”

On the bed, the person who was sleeping in a relaxed manner was startled awake and slowly turned back.

After looking at Su Yu, who was looking at him with a puzzled face, he looked at his body again, then suddenly stiffened.

The air seemed to stagnate for a moment, the lying man sat up and looked straight at Su Yu.

His eyes were very good-looking, crystal clear and bright, and the corners of his eyes were raised.
However, at his moment, they were slightly narrowed, giving off a sense of danger.

Facing those eyes, Su Yu had a feeling of being stared at by a beast.
The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up.

“Gonzi, you… why are you in my room?”

Swallowing his saliva, originally as the master, he should question the uninvited guest righteously, but at the moment he felt like he was in the wrong.

“Mine…” The man stood up, raised his hand, and there was a little golden fur on the cuff.

“Sauce!” Su Yu was startled and raised his hand to pull his sleeve.

“You are not allowed to let anyone know.” The man deftly avoided Su Yu's touch, and his slender white hand pinched Su Yu’s chin in turn.

His voice was as clear as a cold mountain spring, pleasant to listen to, but it made people shiver.

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“Otherwise, the whole Su family will be hard-pressed to survive.”

Su Yu was completely stunned, he didn’t understand how his cat would implicate himself and his whole family’s lives.

Before he could react, the man roughly pushed him away, leaping lightly and silently over the wall, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


East Street was very lively today.
The Seafood Restaurant was unveiling its plaque, and it naturally couldn’t do without lion dances and acrobatics.

As early as half a month ago, people were filled with endless curiosity about the spiral stairway built at the corner.

Usually, when building a house, one had to pay attention to symmetry, the boards should be balanced left and right, and the carvings echo the top and bottom.
It was rare to cut the boards of a wooden ladder into one big and one small like this.

Now, the odd staircase had its paint dried and it was brightly displayed in front of the world.
The vermillion railing was simple without any carving, the wide staircase spiraled like a swimming dragon.
At the top was a small domed pavilion, which was very unique.

For the grand opening ceremony, Su Yu had the two small chefs fry several baskets of squid rings overnight and carved a radish flower stamp.

The visitors came forward and stamped the back of their hands, and then they received a squid ring.
Things that don’t need money were very popular in any era.

As soon as the squid was carried out, the lion dance square was so packed that not one drop of water could trickle through.

The capable Qingke of King Zhao’s Wangfu was surnamed Yuan, everyone in the Wangfu called him Mister Yuan.
As soon as Su Yu squeezed into the crowd, he was grabbed by Mr.
Yuan, who was too busy to touch the ground.

“Young Master Su, you have arrived.”

“Where’s Wangye?” Su Yu looked around, searching for the figure of King Zhao.

Only An Hongyi could solve his doubts about Sauce’s affair.
He knew that the cat seemed to be very important to the royal family, King Zhao made it clear that he could not disclose information about the cat.

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“I don’t know.” Mr.Yuan pushed Su Yu upstairs and signaled the gongs and drums downstairs to change the tune.

“Go and unveil the plaque.”

Su Yu stood at the top of the stairs and looked down, and soon found An Hongyi who was mixed in the crowd.
At that moment, His Royal Highness King Zhao was huddled in the crowd, happily following everyone's lead to the squid rings.

He sighed helplessly, he couldn’t be in a hurry at the moment, so he took the pole handed over by Mr.
Yuan, and in accordance with the rhythm of gongs and drums, he lifted the red cloth off the plaque.

In an instant, firecrackers roared, and people looked up one after another.
The three gilded characters “Xian Xian Mantang” were shining brightly in the sun.

It was the first time he owned his own restaurant, exuberant was Su Yu, a man of two eras.
He couldn’t help feeling a little excited, but at the moment, just thinking about something else, his mood had been diluted a lot.

On the surface, he looked stable and mature.
Yuan looked at him, nodded secretly, made a gesture to the gong beater, and motioned for Su Yu to speak.

“The shop is open today.
Except for tea, all dishes are half price.
” Su Yu straightened his back and said in a loud voice.

The gongs and drums suddenly stopped as he spoke, and there was a moment of silence in the crowd.

“Good!” King Zhao, who was mixed in the crowd, shouted loudly.

Everyone returned to their senses and one after another followed after him cheering loudly.
The gongs and drums started once more and some food lovers took the lead to set foot on the revolving staircase, and the crowd swarmed up.

It was a small restaurant with only two rooms, with ten square tables, large windows on three walls, and a counter on the windowless side.

Su Yu rented a small courtyard in the rear of the house as a back kitchen.
The original staircase was opened reversely and was just used for passing dishes.

King Zhao didn’t grab a seat, so he had to go around to the back kitchen and ask Mr.
Yuan to give him another table in the courtyard.

“This Young Master Su is not a person of no particular talent, Wangye, sure enough, has a discerning eye, to find this pearl.” Mr.
Yuan sat opposite An Hongyi and said in a low voice.

Yuan, whose real name was Yuan Ce, was the most competent advisor in the Wangfu.

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This time, King Zhao said that there were important matters to be handled by him, Mr.
Yuan worked diligently with a sense of loyalty to the royal family, but so far, he had not found any deep meaning other than opening a restaurant.

But these days, all the ideas Su Yu put forward about how to operate the restaurant were amazing and impressed Yuan Ce, who was very knowledgeable.

Today, seeing the business of the seafood restaurant was so good, he finally understood what the King’s so-called “Important Matters” refers to, that was, Su Yu!

“Yeah…” An Hongyi nodded while eating.
He was a once-in-a-century good cook.

“Wangye, I have something to tell you.” Su Yu glanced at Mr.

Regarding the cat, King Zhao explained that he should not talk about it in front of others.

“I’ll go upstairs and have a look.” Mr.
Yuan stood up wisely and went to the front to greet the guests.

When Mr.
Yuan left, An Hongyi looked around and frowned: “Where is the cat?”

The man and cat stick together every day, why is it missing today?

“A man suddenly appeared in my room this morning and took Sauce away.” Su Yu said urgently.

“What did you say?” An Hongyi hurriedly stood up.

Su Yu quickly recounted what happened in the morning.

After hearing Su Yu's description, An Hongyi slowly sat back and coughed: “Ah, don’t worry.
Since it’s him, there is nothing to worry about.

“Wangye means…” Su Yu blinked.

“Well, it’s probably back where he used to be.” An Hongyi said vaguely.

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”This cat is very important to the royal family.
You can rest assured that you will see him again in the future.”

As for the mysterious man in the morning, King Zhao seemed unwilling to talk more about it and urged Su Yu to cook quickly.

Could it be that Sauce was the nation's guardian mythical beast? Su Yu thought wildly while putting the prepared ingredients in the pot.

The cat was abnormally clever, and it cannot be said that it really wasn’t a spiritual creature.

“Master, we should cook all our good dishes at the opening day, why are we only serving two kinds of dishes?” The small chef was puzzled by Su Yu's stipulation that he could only cook two dishes per day.

Su Yu glanced at the 16-year-old cook and sighed.
He thought to himself, child, it’s not that I, your master, don’t want to make money, it’s just that I can’t do everything by myself, and I already have my hands full.

The two chefs were very clever, he didn’t know where Mr.
Yuan found them.
Their skills were also good, but the short terms training had little effect, it will take some time to make the dishes in Su Ji’s Recipes.

At present, Su Yu still had to cook the main course alone, and the storage of sea goods was also a big problem in ancient times when there was no refrigerator.

In order to save materials and physical strength, Su Yu simply stipulated that only two high-grade dishes were available every day, while other dishes, such as barbecue, seafood noodles, and seafood porridge were not limited.

There was also “White Boiled Shrimps”, this kind of dish only needs to be boiled and dipped in soy sauce so it was available every day.

After a busy day, Su Yu returned home and stared at the wooden bed in a daze.
He felt empty in his heart.

It was his habit to look at the furball on the quilt, it usually slept in the middle, until Su Yu comes over, only then will he move aside a little bit, like giving alms to him, with a “looking in pity and bestowing a reward” grandfatherly look.

In this strange space-time of fear and unknown, Sauce was a spiritual sustenance for him.
Now it was unexpectedly snatched, without even saying a goodbye…

Su Yu lay on his stomach on the bed and remembered the strange man in the morning.
King Zhao meant that the man would bring the cat back to the royal family, was it the Secret Royal Guard? Then why would the Secret Guard sleep while on assignment?

“It’s also arduous to the Secret Guard to be on night duty, ba… ”

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