Chapter 2- Livelihood

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The donkey is a must for Su Yu to go out to set a stall everyday, without the donkey he would have to pull the fish by himself.

Su Yu couldn’t help but stop when he heard those words.

His aunt thought she had him and was very pleased, she continued ragging:

“The family is almost unable to make ends meet, and you still use this extravagant donkey cart…”

“Aunt,” Su Yu sneered at the ecstatic woman,“You’re right it’s better to sell the donkey tomorrow, and I’ll push the cart to sell fish in front of Zhong Zheng Department’s door to save the long journey.”

When his aunt heard this, her face immediately became ugly.

The Zhong Zheng Department was the place where the affairs of the nobility were managed, and the abolition of sons, the succession of titles, and the division of families among the great clans all had to go through the Zhong Zheng Department.

If Su Yu went there to sell fish, wouldn’t he just be telling the Zhong Zheng Department that his uncle treats his nephew harshly?

They haven’t collected enough money for the gifts, and the title still has not been decided, so there must not be any mistake.

Ignoring his choked aunt, Su Yu dropped the donkey cart, then turned around and went out again.

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The streets of the East City were obviously cleaner than those in the West City, and the things they sold were not of the same grade at all.

Su Yu didn’t stop in front of the various shops and headed straight to a spice store.

That shop often sold spices from the Western Regions, which was very popular with the women of the capital.

It's just that a strange spice was introduced a few days ago, but the smell was quite strange, so no one was interested in it.

“Shopkeeper, yesterday we agreed on a good price.”

Su Yu took out two hundred and eighty copper coins and pointed to a box of spices in the corner.

The shopkeeper looked at the box of yellow-green powder and then looked at the copper coins in Su Yu’s hand, he sighed:

“That’s enough, I’ll sell them all to you.”

When the shopkeeper saw that the Western Regions merchants bragged about this spice, saying how the Western Regions loved it, he bought it in a daze, but when he arrived in the Central Plain, he wasn’t able to sell it at all.

It’s just that they were in the capital and he was unwilling to reduce the price too much, so he finally agreed with Su Yu, two hundred and eighty copper a catty.

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Su Yu took the spice from the oiled paper package and held it in his arms.

He couldn’t help but show a little smile, this thing was the key to his squid sales.

He found this by accident yesterday, so he decisively gave up selling fish and prepared to change his career.
Because this which was known as TianShan incense also had another name– Cumin!

It was really sad to say that, as a seafood chef, Su Yu was good at cooking Sichuan cuisine.

Although the Da’an Dynasty wasn’t a dynasty in his world, there wasn’t anything that shouldn’t be there, such as chilly peppers!

Without chili, what could a Sichuan-style chef cook! After searching all over the capital, he couldn't find a single trace of chili pepper, but he found this cumin powder by accident.

It was better than nothing, at least he could now do something.

With the remaining money he bought hundreds of bamboo sticks from Old Chen, who was selling candied gourds.

Su Yu, in the good mood that he was about to make a fortune, was ready to go home through the alley next to the palace.

The difference between the magnificent Zhao Wangfu and the dilapidated mansion of his own family is simply the difference between a wealthy old man and a poor peasant.

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“Go away, you bastard!”

At the side door, an impatient Yu Laoshi was cursing and swearing as he carried the fish bucket to his donkey cart.

Rich people would buy fish everyday, and if it wasn’t fresh the next day the host wouldn’t eat it again, and so it counted as thrown away in the account.

If the servant in the kitchen couldn’t finish it by themselves, they would sell the fish.

This kind of thing was not something honorable, everybody knew it well, but to say it out loud was bad for the reputation.

Yu Laosi was annoyed, and when he saw Su Yu, he was even more angry, that he kicked fiercely at the one that stood on his way and spat:

“You beast, you don’t walk on the sunny road, but run into my feet!”

Su Yu didn’t have time to pay attention to Yu Laosi’s curses, and saw that he was kicking a palm-sized golden kitten.

He suddenly frowned, stepped forward quickly and grabbed the small ball into his hand.


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The little cat was very strong, after being caught by Su Yu, he still waved his claws at Yu Laosi with his teeth bared.

Seeing that he was so energetic, it should be unhurt, so Su Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at Yu Laosi with cold eyes:

“Bullying the weak, are you are not afraid of retribution?”

“Hey, little white face, you dare to talk back to your grandfather today! Where was your cowardly face this morning? There’s no screw here to back you up!”

Yu Laosi said and rolled up his sleeves to beat him up.

Su Yu grunted coldly, after hanging the waving kitten on his clothes, he then punched Yu Laosi’s nose with a swift punch.

You could just hear a ‘bang’, then Yu Laosi was beaten to the point of tears and bent down reflexively.

Taking this opportunity, Su Yu, who succeeded in one blow, held the cumin powder in one hand and pinched the cat hanging from his clothes with the other, then turned and ran away.

He just beat him by surprise, if he really went up against a fishmonger who was full of muscles and meat, with just the small physique of this noble young master, even two of him were not a match.

After running all the way back to Su's house, Su Yu threw the cumin powder on the table, panting.
After three consecutive months of work, his body had become a lot stronger, but it still wasn’t very good.

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