Chapter 3- Name

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Cats can’t eat anything too salty, otherwise it will put a burden on the kidneys.

This was common knowledge that cat owners and cats themselves know.

Su Yu thought that the kitten would spit out the clam meat, but who expected it to lick the corner of its mouth, then pawed at the sauce dish, and called out to Su Yu, which clearly meant “It tastes good, one more.”.

Unable to understand the special hobby of this cat, he simply tossed the remaining two clams to him to play with and made his seafood noodles instead.

He raised the dough, kneaded it, scattered spices, and then cut into noodles.

Su Yu won’t have a lot of noodles, but making a bowl of hand-rolled noodles wasn’t a problem.

The soup base was boiled with small fish and shrimps, in addition with a few fried squid whiskers, it was fragrant and delicious.

Su Yu squatted on the ground with a bowl of noodles, looking at the sweet cat eating seafood noodles opposite of him, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help twitching.

This cat’s taste is too strange.
He doesn’t eat raw food, but he likes to eat his food…

The weather was still a bit cold.

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In the dark and cold night, squatting by the dimly lit stove, one person and one cat ate hot seafood noodles, and the fragrant hot soup warmed the deepest parts of the body.

After being here for so long, Su Yu felt a trace of happiness for the first time.

He looked down at the little hairball that was eating so much that it was choking, and felt good about having some company by his side.

“Second young master, you are here!”

A little girl suddenly appeared in front of the kitchen door, and her eyes widened when she saw the young master squatting by the stove eating noodles without any image to speak of.

“Chun Cao, what’s wrong?”

Su Yu was her and couldn’t help standing up.

This was the only girl beside the first mother Zhao Shi.
Something urgent must have happened for her to be sent here at this time.

“Furen asked you to come over.”

Chun Cao tugged at her horn braid, “Don’t panic, Furen is fine.”

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In this family, “Furen” refers to Su Yu’s first mother Zhao Shi.

Because originally his father had a title, the main wife naturally also had a rank, but his aunt could only be called Taitai, she could not be called Furen.

Hearing that, Su Yu finished eating the rest of the noodles in three bites, and followed Chun Cao to the backyard.

The golden kitten looked up at Su Yu, who was walking away with quick steps.

Its eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.
The stupid slave had actually run away without asking for instructions, after glaring for a moment, he then buried his head in anger and ate up.

After eating the seafood noodles, he instinctively wanted to lick his paws, but looking at the furry paws that trod the dusty ground, he half lifted and then put them back down, scratching the ground.


While he was getting angry, a foot-long civet cat suddenly appeared on the wall and meowed at him.

Su Yu followed the little girl in the dark to shuttle around the mansion, in order to save money, the lights weren’t lit at night.

When they saw the lights from the Furen’s room from a distance, they both quickened their pace.

“Mother, what happened to call me at this hour?”

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Su Yu walked up to the bed and saw a woman in her forties leaning on a kang table doing some needlework.

Zhao Shi was quite plump at first, but her illness was very sinister, as they say sickness comes like a landslide and goes slowly like spinning silk.

After a few months, she was very haggard and her cheeks were a little sunken.

Seeing Su Yu arriving she beckoned him to come closer, she finished the last stitches in her hand, and pulled off the end of the thread.

“Come over and try this.”

Su Yu picked it up and took a closer look.
It turned out to be a cotton robe made for a man.

The material was the finest kudzu cloth, and the fabric was not thick.It was just right for this season:

“For me?”

There was a bit of surprise in his eyes, this was purely handmade, and every stitch and thread was covered with the warmth of her fingertips.

Such a gift was difficult to obtain in society after a thousand years.

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“It was originally to be made in the fall, because I wanted to give you something to wear for the New Year, but your father suddenly passed away so it got delayed for so long.”

Zhao Shi pulled Su Yu’s hand over, and sympathetically touched the calluses that he had made from his hard work these days.

“It’s getting warmer, I removed a layer of cotton wool, come try it on.”

Su Yu lived two lives, but this was the first time someone made clothes for him, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t moved.

In his last life, his parents divorced, and his mother married someone else because she didn’t love his father, and she didn’t even like him either.

It would be nice to even meet him once a year, so how could she care about his well-being?

The clothes fit just right, the stitches were delicate and the fabrics were of high quality, lining Su Yu’s fair and handsome face, instantly turning the fisher seller of the Su family into the noble son of the Su family.


Taitai->This honorific is used to refer to an married woman.
It is added after the surname of the husband or can be used alone as a title of address.
It is used in familial and personal relations, but completely absent in formal business contexts since it emphasizes age and marital bond.

Furen-> Traditionally used to refer to a lady of high rank

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