Paragon of Sin

Chapter 1:Mid-August Announcement: Going Forward

Firstly, I would like to say: THANK YOU! To every one of you, be it new, old, or intrigued, thank you for being here and reading my story and my novel. 

I ’ll try not to ramble.

To provide some much needed context, earlier this week, I made a immense decision and essentially surgically removed portion of already pre-written content(chapters). This created a gap that I ’m still trying to catch up to. When I do, I ’ll be able to post very rapidly. 

To make it a little clearer, this novel has Five Volumes already written. Yes, five(well, five and half to be accurate). We ’re on number three, but a large portion of Volume Three had been removed by my own decision, and I apologise. This caused my plans for privilege and releases to come to a stall. I need to fill in this inconsistent gap that I blundered before catching up. 

This will explain a large portion of my decisions regarding privilege and bonuses.


[Bonus & Daily Chapters]: I ’ve decided to do +5 Bonus Chapters per Volume by default. My Patreon, which is: will affect both Bonus Chapters and Daily Chapter Releases. This is merely a form of support, as the less financial pressures I have to deal with, the more I can devout to writing. If it reaches a sufficient point, I ’ll be doing 18/Weekly.

Furthermore, I ’ll be doing random bonuses based off Ko-fi. I haven ’t decided on how much of your support would equate to bonuses, but I ’ll see how it does before deciding. It ’s All donations will contribute to the monthly goal of Patreon ’s Daily Releases. Furthermore,

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