Path to the Stars

The Beginning After The End (1)

” Supernova Explosion ”

Scroching heat spread out all around as a white mass of light makes its way toward the monter legion.


And with a powerful shriek the blinding light morphed to an ancient Phoenix. It spread out its enormous wings engulfing the entire herd.


A horrific explosion sound echoed out as soon after, it followed by the very breaking of the sky.

The impact of the explosion being revealed as the blinding light faded to reveal the scroching ground or what remained of it.

Not ounce of the enemy could be found, no blood no missing lambs, everything was evaporated alongside the defeaning explosion. And soon silence spread across the battleground.

” This is really hopeless. No matters how many time we kill, they just swarm around like moths to a flame. We can go like this ” sighed a young man as he stared at the twilight sky.

He then transformed into a mass of light leaving the destroyed battlefield.

”I just hope that the others are still alive ” hoped Lynx as he headed towards the others battle zone.

A few kilometres away, eight silhouettes could be seen sitting in a makeshift tree trunk chairs.

All of them are wearing a heavy expression, they look drained.

” So its just us now ” exclaimed a beautiful pale woman with silver hair that is tied in a ponytail. She has a vibrant violet eyes, nice figure. A violet light-weighted armor adorned with beautiful dark patterns embraced her perfect body and a silver long sword held in her waist.

Arawan continued ” We lost, Its time to accept the cold truth. We can only achieve so much with our little power. ”

” We must persevere! Nothing can be achieved without determination. ”

A brown-haired man spoke. He has a bulky figure, a tan skin holding a large war h

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