Path to the Stars

Arthur Starlight (1)

A golden colored door could be seen floating as a desolate aura and an air of ancientness released from it.

”The tower. Huh ” muttered Regulus as he made a pondered expression seem lost in thought.

”The enemy occupies the benches behind us and the tower stand before us. What choice do we have? Dive to the unknow or keep struggling? ” inquired Lynx as he made his way alongside his comrades to the floating gate.

” Umbriel, you
e the most knowledgeable person I know, you must have studied the tower for quite a while. Care to share some of your findings? ” asked Rasalans as he shifted his focus towards an old man floating in th air a few meters away from him.

The old man or Umbriel, the older one of the bench stroke his beard a few times before replying hoarsly.

” It was said that the gate stood since the beginning of time. Rather, there are some old parchments that declared that the gate preceded time itself. And that it is the gateway towards the tower of beginnings ”

He coughed a few times before continuing.

” Since ancient times, billions of people made pilgrimage to the tower to seek opportunities. Many seek fame and fortune and many others seek adventure and thrill. Sadly, no soul has ever returned after stepping in. ”

Umbriel turned his head as he gazed at the distant stars that lost its radiance and succumb to the ever-growing darkness.

” To tell the truth, I once stumbled across an ancient document which holds some coded information about the gate and the tower. After spending years decoding it, I found out that the tower houses different realms and world, you have to pass a test in each floor to continue the climbing. After succeeding the test you
e rewarded by what it said experience points that you can exchange in some stores to purchase various items. And that only select few can climb the tower. Well, thats the gist of it. Im not sure about the validity of the information as the document was quit tattered ” added the old man in a nonchalant expression.

” Didn I inform you? ” asked Umbriel after noticing the strange silence in the atmosphere.

”… No, you didn ” commented everybody at the same time with a defeated expression.

” Really? ” Umbriel looked at his surroundings with tired eyes. He blinked his heavy eyes and spoke softly.

” It took a long time to decrypt the content of the document, I had just finished the decoding before the start of the war. And you know, we were busy fighting for our lives here and there, no one has time nor the will to think about anything else. ”

A moment of silence fell as everybody looked at the the old man with a expressionless expression.

” Mmm, just deal with it ” he weaved his left hand a few times before letting a dry laugh.

” Sigh, alright. All of you know how the old man conducts himself, some of few are already used to it. So just drop the subject ” interposed Lynx as he eyed a few individuals among the benches.

” Whether we found what we sought. Whether we got selected to climb the tower or not. We can only step forward and experience what the tower has for us. ” beamed Rasalans as he cracked his knuckles with an excited expression. His fighting spirit exploded, and his eyes glowed with overwhelming power.

” Control yourself you dim-wit, we can always clean after your mess. And we haven decided yet what our course of actions ” rebuked Regulus with a defeated expression.

” I mean, why not! New world, New power and new experience. Didn your blood boil just thinking about it? ” asked Rasalans with a curious look.

What an honest and simple minded man

All the gathered people thought the same time.

” At this stage we can only dive in. Truthfully speaking, we should do it sooner but our attachements to our home keep us from harboring such thought until its late. ” Arawan spoke softly as she and the others who were gathered around started reminiscing their tales.

” We should just go for it. Its not like we have still a place to call home anyways ”

Umbriel stated as he stood up alongside the eight other people and they made their way to the door.

” I hope you safe adventure ” Lynx made a meloncholic smile as he wished his companions who fought alongside with him good luck.

”Cmon, its not like we can see each other in the other side. ” interrupted Arawan as she stand near him.

”Um, you are right. See you around ” spoke Lynx one last time after giving his comrades a good, final look.

He stretched out his hand and as soon as he touched the door. He transformed into a bright light and disappeared inside the portal alongside te others.

Soon, silence desended and only the sound of mechanical clicks resounded across the land.

< Ding>

< Establishing connections... >

< Connection established>

< Scanning the outer??? for any possible ??? error... >

< Upgrading the tower??? System... >

< Current progress 70%... 80%... 90%... 100%>

< Successful Upgrade>

< Preparing Soul Identification... >

< Welcome to the Tower. SEEKER! >

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