Path to the Stars

Arthur Starlight (2)

The town of Genesis never felt more alive.

Its called town but its grandeur easily outshine the most magnificent city.

There were various shapes of houses and buildings stretched along the endless horizon. The streets were full of people of all ages, races and ethnicities, gathered to challenge the various floors of the tower.

Even though they were mixed, they could still paint a harmonious scenery.

The Genesis town stood at the base of the tower where all people made their final preparations to start their adventure.

In a valley located near the outskirts of Genesis, a boy practiced sword fighting. He performed a few basic sword stances. He dashed at hight speed and slashed before shifting to another direction and performed the same slash.

He repeated the whole sequence multiples of times. His dance was fluid but if an expert swordman paid close attention they can find some stiff movements between each change of direction.

”This won do, my attacks are so inefficient. There are a lot of wasted movements. I can seem to find the ideal balance and the right moment to exchange my attacks patterns ” muttered Arthur.

He sheathed his sword as he moved closed to a tree and was going to lean on it.

”Wait a minute ” a sudden realization struck him.

Remembering the increasing weight of the training bracelets hanging around his wrist. He quickly set it to 500 pounds in each arms before adjusting his stance to a different posture.

Placing his hand on the swords sheath, and slowly extending his foot back.

With a swift movement, the boy disappeared.


A powerful wind passed by causing some fallen leaves to be blown away.

Arthurs figure manifested behind the tree or what was left of it as it splits into six identical pieces.

”Huff, Huff, Huff ”

Supporting his body with the sword, Arthur heavenly gluped the air and a satisfied smile appeared in his face.

”Not bad for first time. Hahah ” laughed heartedly Arthur.

I have finally found a way to improve my sword style albeit it consumes a lot of stamina. But that can be adjusted

I will call the art the Swift Blade Sword Art. And the first movement of the art will be named Straight Line. There is still room for a lot of improvements, and I should create more movements. thought Arthur to himself as he made his way towards another tree.

He climbed it and he rested his exhausted body on one of its branches.

He closed his eyes and he fall into a deep contemplation.

Inside Arthur mind, you can see a silhouette of a boy drawing his sword, appearing and disappearing in different areas as he slashed his sword.

He kept repeating the same stance over and over. And each of his moves is becaming more sophisticated and more fluid at an alarming rate.

And like this about half day has passed and soon evening came.

Arthur opened his pearl-like dark eyes, he made a grabbing gesture and soon the sword that should be resting against the destroyed tree was flying towards him.


Almost out of instincts, the boy drew his sword and this time instead of a powerful wind, only a small breeze passed away.

Arthurs figure like a scattering mist dashed forward and unleached a flurry of slashes that cover a group of trees in the vicinity.

All the trees in the group fall and split into different pieces only to be blown away.

”Swift Blade Sword Art, Third Form: Sea of Clouds ” muttered Arthur underneath his breath.

”With this I basically created a new sword art in the form of three moves: Straight Line, Raging Wind and Sea of Clouds.

The first two moves are single target attacks and the third one is a AOE attack. ” added the black-haired teenager as he looked at the stars that bathed the world with its soft light.

He then shifted his focus to his surroundings.

What a mess sighed Arthur as he cleaned the area he was training in.

Well, whatever. Today will probably be my last stay day in the town. I should have left the moment I awakened but you will never know what destiny holds for you, sigh Arthur let out an exhausted sigh.

Ooh, I completely forgot my interface. Lets see what have changed during this whole year. chuckled the boy before muttering.

”User Interface ”

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