Zoria was extremely helpless. She didn want to leave her lover, but Joey was already dead, and there was no other way but to be buried. Besides, she was now the queen of a country, and she couldn be too attached to the feelings that were impossible to get.

But at this moment, someone actually said, ”Joey is not dead! ”

”Who? ” Zoriya snapped, trying to be as calm as possible. But she couldn do it. She had experienced a very important change in her life, and her xinxing had undergone tremendous changes. However, she did not change anything related to Joey, not at all. Everyone could hear the trembling in Zoriyas voice, and the faint hint of hope.

”Hehe, little girl, don be nervous. We are different from the people in the Holy Court. ” A dozen figures rushed out. Nine of them stood in a row, clearly an organization.

”Gold, eternal imprisonment! ” The person behind the nine people could not help exclaiming when they saw the golden statue, and a strong smell erupted from their bodies. The power in this breath made the nobles present extremely horrified. This breath was too powerful, even when Chris was transformed into an angel just now, it was not so powerful!

However, unlike the sacred aura unique to the Holy Court, this aura was almost purely powerful and has a somewhat familiar flavor.

Could it be… these people were the background of the royal family of the Asian-American Empire?

Although the nobles had already guessed that they had seen dozens of seventh-order masters before, but now that they really saw it, there were still huge waves in their hearts.

This person, the cultivation base has definitely reached the law level, the real powerhouse!

”Catoril! ” The man was stunned when he saw the man who had been pierced and recognized him immediately.

”Grandson! ” The man stepped forward slowly, reaching out and stroking the face of Catoril, who had left this world.

The nobles were even more surprised.

This person was actually called Catoriels grandson! He turned out to be the emperor!

”There is a problem in the generation of the Yamei family. Except for me, everyone died and was killed by the people of the Holy Court. My children and grandchildren were also killed, so I will leave you. Grandson, grandpa remembers when you asked your grandfather why you didn have a father when you were young, I said that your father was cultivating in the secret realm of the family. I have been thinking about when will I be able to tell you the truth, but now… Grandpa is about to cultivate to the dharma level and can wait to throw the burden on you. Hehe, grandpas cultivation base has reached the law level, but what did grandpa see when he left the customs? The family secret was that your father was killed by the Holy Court, and you also left me… Grandpa regrets it! You are my only grandson! ”

”Your Majesty. ” An older nobleman approached and saluted the man.

”Medley. ” The man turned around, ”My grandson has done a good job in the past ten years, and your assistance is also in place. I have written about you. ”

”Thank you, Your Majesty! ” Everyone knelt down and saluted. Only Zoriya stood.

”Huh? ” The man looked at Zoriya, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, and then was replaced by a touch of sadness: ”You are Catorils daughter, right! Yes, you have the temperament of an emperor, and you will be Ami in the future. Emperor of the Empire! Eternal Emperor! ”

”Grandpa, you mean… ” Zoriya seemed to sense what this person meant.

”The Holy Court thought that after more than a thousand years, the heritage of my Asian-American Empire was almost worn out. Well, I want them to see this time. The heritage of my Asian-American Empire has not decreased but increased! ”

Now everyone understands… The hidden strength of the imperial family of the Asian-American Empire was afraid to be fully revealed!

”Hehe, little girl, do you want to know who is the strongest in the Yamei family? ” A white-haired, white-clothed old man who seemed to be the clear leader among the nine people in the row suddenly said.

”Senior is… ”

”He is the leader of the Black Alliance, Degamat. ” One person stepped forward and said.

Black Union!

Then everyone noticed this person. He was all dressed in black, with a blood-colored skull embroidered on the mountain on his left shoulder!

Its actually the powerhouse of the Black Alliance!

The Black Alliance, like the Holy Court, was a superpower on this continent! Each of these superpowers has dozens of powerhouses and thousands of seventh-order masters. There were countless heavenly essence cultivators below the seventh rank. These superpowers were the rulers of the human world on this continent.

The Black Alliance was the most mysterious of them all! The Black League never openly recruits members, nor did it have a public gathering point, and few outsiders know the location of the Black League stronghold. But the influence of the Black Alliance does exist, and no one dares to underestimate them.

The leader of the Black Alliance, Daigamat, was a legendary figure. A thousand years ago, he was a famous seventh-order dark attribute master, able to escape under the hands of a quasi-strong man. Later, he took control of the strange and mysterious space power, and killed the quasi-powerful!

This was undoubtedly a shock to everyones attention at the time! Space was everywhere, but to understand the mystery of space, he could actually exert the power of space! He also killed the quasi-powerful with the power of space!

After he stepped into the realm of the powerhouse, he was incomparably powerful and invincible in the same realm, and even the powerhouses at the later stage of the algorithm admitted that they could not kill him.

Two hundred years ago, Daigamats cultivation broke through to the Holy Rank, and directly killed a monster in the middle of the Holy Rank! Soon after, he became the leader of the Black Alliance.

To this day, Daigamat was just over a thousand years old. You must know that the saint-level powerhouse could easily live for thousands of years.

With such a character leading the Heimeng, it was conceivable that in the next few thousand years, the Heimeng will always maintain a good posture.

”Those who can be noticed by the eyes of seniors are also saint-level powerhouses, right? ” Zoriya said, ”But… ”

”Don worry little girl, hes fine, he just passed out. Once he wakes up, he will get a huge blessing! ” Daigamats voice was extremely gentle.

”Great creation? ” Zoriya was shocked. Could it be that the leader of the Black Alliance wants to…

”Yes, from now on, Joey is my close disciple. ” Daigamat said.

”Boss, closed disciple? You are right? ” said a fat man beside Daigamat, ”You have never accepted a disciple before! ”

”Damn fat man, why is your IQ so low! The boss only accepts one disciple! ” A tall and slender woman immediately grabbed Fattys ear, ”Say, Yaksa, where did you look just now? Say, did you see that girl? Now? Shes the eldest disciple, don make up your mind! ”

”Ow, Tina, take it easy! ” Yaksa looked pained, ”I just think that girl is someone who is cultivating the ”Sacred Light Divine Art ”, how can there be any wrong thinking! ”

”Humph! ” Tina let go of Jaksas ears, and then turned to Zoriya, who had a strange face. The angry look just now turned into a smile: ”Little sister, don be surprised, my dead fat man was like this. ”Sacred Light ” Gods Secret Art is very good, but you still have to practice your familys Golden War Art, and then you can watch it if you are interested! ”

Zoria found that Tinas ears were pointed and long, could it be…

Seeing to see through Zoriyas mind, Tina said with a smile, ”Sister is a night elf, so don be surprised, little sister! ”

”Okay, Tina. ” Matt waving his hand, ”We should go. ”

”Wait… ” Zoriya suddenly shouted.

”Little sister, you… ” Tina looked at Zoriya suspiciously.

”I want to wait for him to wake up… ” Zoriya bit her lip and said.

Daigamat shook his head and said, ”Its not suitable for you to meet now. You both carry hatred on your shoulders. When he wakes up, hes afraid that he won go. Its better to take him away now. ”

Zorya wanted to say something, but she still didn say it. She knew that what Degamat said was right, Joey woke up and saw that Zoriya would indeed be reluctant to leave.

Daigamat waved his hand, and Joeys body on the ground disappeared. Then there was the ancestor of an Asian-American family.

”Thanks to the black alliance leader for helping the Asian-American family this time. ”

Daigamat waved his hand: ”Why don you say thank you, the Asian-American Jihad was kind to me at the time, and now that something like this happens, I will naturally take action. ”

The nine people stood in a row again and disappeared into the air out of thin air.

Zorya stared blankly at the place where Degamat and his party disappeared. Joey didn die, but Joey was taken away by the black alliance leader. Although it was good for them, there was an indescribable sadness in her heart.

Brother Joey…bye bye…

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