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Uninvited Guest

On the second day, Joey got up early, and the attire was the same as yesterday, except that the woman tied her long hair with a transparent ribbon, with a dark red longbow and a bag of eagle feather arrows on her back, also looked quite heroic.

”Brother! ” A soft voice came from behind Joey. Joey turned around, but saw an eight-year-old girl wearing a white rhino leather hunting outfit with exactly the same equipment on her back. Its just that the longbow and arrow seem a little too big for this little girl.

”You are also going to the hunting party? ” Joey asked in confusion.

The bright smile on the little girls face disappeared instantly, replaced by thousands of miles of haze, tears flashing in her eyes, and a pitiful look: ”Don my brother want me to go? ”

Joey felt that his brain couldn keep up with Eves rhythm. This little girl could change when she says she could, faster than flipping a book. It was like this when I was a child, was it okay when I grow up?

However, Joey also knew that Eve was pretending, but there was no way to do it in the Asian Games, ”Who said that! Of course I want Eve to go! Its just that you are too young, Eve, which is very worrying. ”

”Really? ” The dark cloud on Eves face was swept away, and the sun was shining again.

Ya Yun sighed. Its not that this little girl hasn participated in hunting parties before, but its just a big hassle every time she takes her along.

In fact, this trouble was not a big deal, but Joey wants to stay with Zoriya, but Eve always comes to disturb their two-person world.

Zoriya… A smile appeared on the corner of Joeys mouth, and the image of a beautiful girl appeared in her mind: blonde, angelic face, and a bright smile.

Speaking of this girl, she was actually similar to Eve, but Zoriya was much older than Eve, just a few months younger than Yun. Most of the time its quiet.

”Brother is thinking about Sister Zorya again! Hee hee! ” Eves laughter interrupted Joeys thoughts. Joey turned his face up and tried to fight, but Eve ran away with a smile.

Half an hour later, at the edge of the Royal Forest.

A large number of people and horses gathered here, all dressed in gorgeous hunting suits, carrying expensive bows and arrows, and the horses they rode were not ordinary, but precious BMWs that were carefully fed.

Needless to say, these people were nobles, and they were gathered here, waiting for the appearance of Catoril the Great. Some young masters seem eager to try, as if they want to perform well in the hunting meeting, and were full of endless expectations for the hunting meeting.

This hunt was worth looking forward to, not the prey in the forest, but the great Catoril the nobles were waiting for.

Emperor Catoril, at the age of forty, in his prime, was known as the great emperor who was comparable to the founding king of the American Empire.

Since the Asian-American Empire went from prosperity to decline a hundred years ago, the Elia Empire has invaded many times, and almost every time it has been able to seize a large amount of wealth from the Asian-American Empire.

But this situation changed completely ten years ago. Seventeen years ago, when Emperor Catoril came to the throne and implemented reforms, the decline in the strength of the Great Empire of Nuo was effectively curbed, which led to the invasion of 300,000 troops of the Elia Empire. Elijah high-level fear of the rapid recovery of the Asian-American Empire.

That war was not ideal at the beginning, but when the main force of the Amer-American Empire and the main force of the Elia Empire had a decisive battle, the Great Emperor decided to direct the battle in person.

The Great Armageddon was won, and the Elia Empire seemed to want to get indemnity from the emperor, but Emperor Catorils attitude was very tough, so the Elia Empire continued to harass. The emperor appointed a large number of talents who emerged in the war, and used the method of fighting to support the war to make the army stronger and stronger. At the same time, after discussions between the emperor and his ministers, dozens of almost brand-new policies were launched, which made the entire empire burst into a powerful vitality. Even the continuous wars of the Elia Empire for more than ten years could not prevent the Asian-American Empire from becoming stronger again.

Now, as long as there were a few more decades, the Asian-American Empire will definitely recover to its heyday four hundred years ago, or even worse.

For these nobles, with such a strong and promising emperor, if they want to seek benefits, they must undoubtedly give the emperor a good impression. The hunting meeting is an opportunity to leave a good impression.

Suddenly, the nobles all looked to the left in unison. A group of people is coming here. I saw that the leader was dressed in a tight golden hunting suit, which well highlighted the angular muscles, and the national character-shaped face under the blond hair carried a natural domineering and majesty.

This was the great emperor of the Asian-American Empire, Catoril.

Beside him, there were five people slightly behind, it turned out to be Earl Clay, Trepark, Joey, Eve, and Zoriya. These five people also wore their own hunting outfits, but whoever was the most attractive was Zoriya. Blonde and blue eyes, handsome face, although the chest was not mature, but the slender waist was enough to make countless women envious, and countless men go crazy.

However, no one was staring at her by the side of Catoril the Great.

Behind the six people, followed by a team of cavalry in dark golden armor. These were not cavalry, but soldiers of the Royal Forest Army. The Imperial Forest Army was not large in number, with only one soldier, but the combat power was amazing. The minimum requirements were all Tier 4, a large part of the cultivation base had reached Tier 5, and a few had reached Tier 6.

The lieutenant generals of the Imperial Forest Army have all reached the seventh-order cultivation base!

The Royal Forest Army was the emperors exclusive escort team and was loyal to the emperor. Even if the emperor was abandoned by the whole country one day, they will protect the emperor!

And most of the people in the team that the Great Emperor took by his side were in the late fifth-order stage, and there were even two sixth-order and one seventh-order!

Looking at this team of cavalry, the nobles couldn help swallowing. When could I have such a guard in my own house!

However, it seems a little strange that the prince will not participate in this hunting meeting. Does this hunt have any special significance?

Suddenly, the nobles descended their horses and saluted: ”See Your Majesty! ”

The emperor showed a very good smile: ”Todays hunting meeting is here to relax, you don have to be restrained, you don need to be polite! ”

”Thank you, Your Majesty! ” The nobles saluted again before returning to their horses.

In front of such a strong emperor, it was impossible to be cautious. If you accidentally offend the emperor, you will suffer. Although the Great Emperor will not punish severely, the loss of certain benefits will be more terrifying than the Great Emperors heavy punishment!

”Everyone has been waiting here for a long time, and now I could wait to come, and now the hunting meeting will start! ” Catoril said, taking the lead in riding his horse and walking towards the forest.

The Royal Forest Army immediately stepped forward and protected the Great Emperor. Of course, Joey and others were also protected at the same time.

The nobles cast envious glances at the five people beside Catoril. But it was useless to envy, Zoriya was the daughter of the Great Emperor, Earl Clay and Trey Parker were both the Great Emperors cronies, could this be envied?

The emperor suddenly stopped, with a half-smile expression on his face: ”Everyone, I think who can shoot the first arrow now? ”

The nobles didn say anything. Flattering? The emperor doesn want to eat this set, the best way was to be silent, that was, to acquiesce.

”So restrained? ” The corner of Catorils mouth curved into an arc, ”Then let me fire the first arrow! ” After that, he took a golden bow from his back, and a golden beam of light shot out!

Everyone looked in the direction of the beam of light, and saw a sturdy stag fell to the ground, with a golden arrow stuck in its throat!

What a fast arrow! Although every hunting meeting was the first archery of the emperor, every time it was like this, but every time I see it, it was shocking.

However, everyone also knows that the reason why the emperor could shoot arrows so fast was also because his cultivation was extremely high, reaching the seventh order!

The seventh-order Yuan Li practitioners, even if they do not use Yuan strength, their combat power was still very terrifying, far beyond human beings.

”Hehe, my first arrow has been rewarded, who will shoot this second arrow? ” Catoril spoke again.

Just like the first time, it was still silent. The difference was that many young nobles raised their heads slightly and raised their chests.

Now was the time for the emperor to ”mobilize troops ”.

Catoril narrowed his eyes: ”Since no one came out voluntarily, Ill just order it! Joey, shoot this second arrow! ”

”As ordered! ” Joey bowed to the emperor, drove his horse a few steps forward, took off the dark red longbow, and attached an eagle-feather arrow.

Ya Yun closed his eyes.

All the nobles thought it was very strange. What was Joey doing? resignation?

Joey was not resigned to fate, but Joey has his own way of aiming. He has had a strange perception since he was a child. This perception, combined with hearing, will have a very good effect, so that he could ”listen to sound and distinguish things ”.

It was precisely because of this perception that Joey could perform well in swordsmanship and archery.

The dark red longbow made a ”humming ” sound, and the eagle feather arrow on the bow had disappeared, turning into an afterimage and flying into the bushes ahead.

Ya Yun opened his eyes.

”How about this arrow? ” Catoril was very pleased, not to mention whether Joeys arrow hit the prey, just from the shape of the arrow flying out after closing his eyes, it could be seen that Joey was more familiar with bows and arrows , was definitely a master of bow.

”Tell Your Majesty, this arrow will hit. ” Joey said, his voice full of confidence. Sure enough, a whimper came from the forest.

It was actually shot! The emperor glanced at a cavalryman, who immediately understood and drove his horse into the bushes, but after a while he dragged a stag out.

A satisfied smile appeared on Catorils face. Although Joeys talent was not very good, and he has reached the top of the fourth rank in his life, if he has practiced bow and arrow well, people with higher cultivation than Yun will suffer a lot from a distance.

Besides, the emperor didn need Joey to fight with others. He only needed Joey and his daughter to be in love with each other, but Joeys performance was better, and there was always light on his face as an emperor. After all, many people opposed this marriage, including Zoriyas mother.

Seeing the smile on the emperors face, Joey was also overjoyed. The emperor was satisfied, and his resistance to marrying Zorya will be much less in the future!

Joey couldn help looking at Zoriya, her face was so bright, she seemed to be saying that he was the man I chose.

”Okay, now you all put down your restraints and hunt by yourself! I want to see which one has the most prey at noon! ” The emperor put away his smile and said.

The hearts of the nobles jumped: The hunting meeting has finally officially begun!

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