Peerless Venerable

Trey Parker\'s Demise

At noon, on the edge of the Royal Forest.

A group of people sat on the ground and surrounded a dozen fires, large and small. These fires were racked with large pieces of meat, or perhaps a hare.

At noon, it was a small feast for the nobles to enjoy the hunting results of the first morning of the hunting party, and at the same time, it was also to enjoy the delicious food. The animals in the Royal Forest were barely wild, and their taste was many times better than those in captivity.

Throughout the morning, the performance of the nobles was not bad, and the emperor praised it quite a bit. But the best was still up to Trey Parker and Joey. Although only two people participated, Trey Parker was a seventh-order master, and he stayed on the battlefield for a long time. Even if his archery was not good, he was much stronger than these nobles. As for Joey, he can aim at the prey even with his eyes closed, let alone with his eyes open.

It would be really hard to find a family that was more powerful than the two, that was, the royal family. However, the Great Emperor did not compare with these nobles. For him, it was meaningless to fight for the first place.

However, for these nobles, it was very interesting to compete for the first place.

But now no matter how the morning performance, the main task now was to enjoy the food.

Joey put a piece of venison in his mouth and chewed it carefully. Immediately, he heard a dissatisfied voice coWendy from his side, and immediately used a fork to pick up another piece of meat and hand it over.

”You feed me. ” The man was still dissatisfied.

Joey turned around, faced the man, cut a tiny bit of the venison with a knife, forked it, put it in the mans mouth, and cut off another tiny bit after she finished eating.

This person was Zoria.

Finally, Zoriya finished eating the piece of venison, picked up the handkerchief, wiped her mouth, moved in front of Joey, and kissed Joey on the cheek.

”The oil is on my face! ” Joey said, deliberately wiping his face.

Zoriya glared: ”You are talking nonsense! I wiped it so clean! ”

Joey smiled: ”Hehe, I lied to you, all my face was stained with your fragrance, how dare I wipe it off? ”

”Poor mouth! ” Zoriya patted Joeys head, and she couldn help laughing, a faint red glow appeared on her face.

The two flirted with each other here, but did not find Trey Parker, who was a little lonely and sad on his face not far away.

Looking at Joey and Zoriya, Trey Parker thought of her. His that she. Was it the same for the two of them in the beginning? But why, she left herself like that, left this world?

Trey Parker also thought about following her, but her biggest wish before her death was to hope that Trey Parker would live well.

Trey Parker recalled that Joey had asked why everyone else had a mother, but he didn .

At that time, Trey Parker said that it was not that he did not have a mother, but that his mother had gone to a far away place and did not know when he would be able to return.

When he said this, Trey Parker was heartbroken. Its not that I don know when I can come back, but — I can come back!

Now, so many years have passed, and thinking of the past and her, Trey Parker wants to die.

However, now that he can die, Joey still needs his care. Joey was the child she left behind, and he must raise Joey.

Suddenly, Trey Parkers hand holding the wine glass shook violently!

He saw that in the forest, there was a red-haired red-clothed woman!

It must be a hallucination, hallucination! Trey Parker rubbed his eyes.

No, the woman in red was still there. She smiled at Trey Parker and waved to her.

It was her! Trey Parkers eyes blurred. He couldn help standing up and walked towards the woman in red.

Are you… come back? Trey Parker felt great joy and pain hitting his heart at the same time, causing every beat of his heart to be filled with great pain.

But he didn care about it, he just walked towards the woman in red step by step.

The smile of the woman in red became more and more charWendy. Suddenly, the woman in red turned around and disappeared into the forest.

don want! Trey Parker quickened his pace. I have already lost her once, and I can lose her again!

The figure of the woman in red was looWendy, and Trey Parkers footsteps were also messy. Tears filled his eyes, which could overflow at any moment.

Trey Parkers heart was already messed up. Although more than ten years have passed, his feelings were still as strong as they were back then, and this intensity can even make him lose his mind.

The woman in red seems to be teasing Trey Parker and scurrying in the forest.

Finally, the woman in red stopped and turned her back to Trey Parker.

”Wendy…Wendy, is that you… ” Trey Parkers voice was extremely trembling, and his voice was full of fear, fearing that this person was not the ”Wendy ” in his mouth.

The woman in red turned around: ”Brother Trey Parker, don you already have the answer in your heart? ”

”Wendy! ” Trey Parker suddenly rushed over and took the woman in red in his arms.

”Brother Trey Parker, Wendy misses you so much… ” The voice of the woman in red was full of sadness.

”Wendy, I miss you too… ” Trey Parker also vented the pain that had been suppressed for more than ten years in his heart. More than ten years was too long for Trey Parker.

But Trey Parker was already satisfied. After all, not long ago, he thought he would never be able to meet Wendy again.

After a long time, the mood of the two calmed down, looked at each other, and felt the warmth of each other.

”Brother Trey Parker, have you been doing well for the past ten years? ” the woman in red asked.

”Me? Fortunately, I also adopted a son. When I thought I would never see you again, I thought he would be given to me as you. ” Trey Parkers voice was very calm, but there was an endless stream of calmness. of affection.

”Trey Parker, you are so bitter… ” The woman in red cried again.

”Wendy, don cry, and now… ” Before Trey Parker could finish his words, the figure suddenly disappeared and appeared five meters away in an instant.

The expression of the woman in red who was crying was startled, and then a mouthful of blood spurted out.

”How… did you find… ” The woman in red had a look of disbelief on her face.

”Hmph, bastards of the Holy Court, do you think I can recognize you? When Wendy died, it wasn because of her pure soul. You wanted to arrest her for sacrifice, but you didn want Wendy to explode. That scene more than ten years ago. The real reason for the war is just because Wendy and I are from the Asian-American Empire, and you support the Elijah Empire in attacking the Asian-American Empire, and you want to take revenge in disguise! ” Trepak lost the tenderness on his face, replaced by A piece of ice cold.

The red-clothed womans expression was even more strange: ”You…how… ” It was just that she didn have a chance to finish her sentence, so she fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Trey Parkers expression became colder and colder, and a blue light suddenly lit up on his body, covering Trey Parker.

”I know, you are not alone, but there are many, come out. ” Trey Parker said.

Several figures came out from all around and surrounded Trey Parker.

”As expected of the Thunder General of the Asian-American Empire, I can deceive me like this, ” said the black-haired man at the head. The man was wearing white armor with a white cloak on his back, with the word ”Holy ” printed on it.

”Im all too familiar with the aura of your people in the Holy Court. ” Trey Parkers voice was emotionless, ”You want to lead me out, and I know you want to kill me, because in my current situation, at most In a few decades, I will have the combat power to cause greater damage to the Holy Court. ”

”Hahaha, so smart. ” The black-haired man laughed. ”Unfortunately, people who are too smart will die early. Its just that you still overestimate you. ”

Trey Parker snorted coldly: ”I also know that your mission on this trip was probably not just me, but also the hidden power to destroy the royal family of the Asian-American Empire? But it seems that that mission is not something you can complete. ”

The dark-haired man had an admiring look on his face: ”It seems that I underestimated you. Yes, I can destroy the heritage of the Asian-American Empire. My mission is to kill you and then kill a few people for fun. ”

”Playing? ” Trepaks face became hideous. ”You Holy Court believe in the God of Light, but your behavior is like a beast, and you are still in the Holy Court? I think it is similar to the beast court! ”

The black-haired man did not get angry because of this, but said: ”Okay, I won talk nonsense with you, I still want to play! ” After saying this, he disappeared instantly and appeared in front of Trey Parker!

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