The black-haired man already held a sword in his hand, and cut it directly at Trey Parkers head. hit! Its just that the expression of the black-haired man was not happy.

Because what he hit was not Trey Parker himself at all, just an afterimage of Trey Parker! You must know that Trey Parkers essence force was of the wind attribute, and he was best at speed. How could he be successfully attacked by a black-haired man so easily.

At this time, Trey Parker had appeared ten meters away, and the essence force on his body was constantly changing, condensing towards Trey Parkers hand, and soon the pennies turned into a long sword.

Essences force, essence energy transforms into shape!

The black-haired man was quite surprised. He didn expect Trey Parker to be able to transform essence energy into shape. You must know that many super masters in the late seventh-order stage can achieve the metamorphosis of essence energy, and Trey Parkers cultivation base was only worthy of the middle-stage of the seventh-order, and he can achieve the metamorphosis of essence energy so easily.

At the seventh level, the metamorphosis of essence energy was a sign that the cultivation base has further possibilities. The seventh-order essence force practitioners were very powerful, and the seventh-order essence force practitioners who have achieved great perfection in the later stage can create a large pit with a diameter of about 30 meters. However, those cultivators above the seventh rank who can really be called strong practitioners can do it with a single blow, let alone an all-out blow.

Being able to transform essence energy into shape means that he has the opportunity to become a real powerhouse. Its just that, to do this, it has little to do with your own talent, but has a lot to do with your familiarity with your own energy and perception of the elements. The transformation of essence energy into shape requires a certain degree of perception to do it.

No wonder it was said that this guy will have the ability to cause great harm to the Holy Court within a few decades. It turns out that this guy has the possibility to become a strong man!

Must kill him! The black-haired man rubbed his hand around his waist and pulled out a sword.

A word sword! In the Holy Court, the most common weapon was the cross sword, and most members of the Holy Court use the cross sword as a weapon. The character sword was different, only the Templars of the Holy Court use the character sword!

This black-haired man turned out to be a Templar Knight! The Templars were the most powerful armed forces of the Holy Court. Generally, the thorny problems were solved by the Templars. Although the Templars were not the strongest in terms of individual combat power, in terms of group combat power, they were definitely second to none in the Holy Court.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Court will dispatch the Templar Knights this time. It seems that the Holy Court attaches great importance to the Asian-American Empire.

Trey Parker would not think that it was because he dispatched the Templar Knights. His cultivation base reached the middle stage of the seventh rank, which was really powerful, but in front of the powerhouses of the Holy Court, he was no bullshit.

It seems that the heritage of the Asian-American Empire was amazing! It seems that there was only one explanation for the Templars to be able to be dispatched – there was a strong presence in the royal family of the Asian-American Empire!

An empire with many seventh-order masters cannot attract the attention of a superpower like the Holy Court. Only the power of the strong can attract the attention of the Holy Court.

It seems that the main reason for the war more than ten years ago was that I couldn get along with me. I and Xiao Jie were just an introduction.

However, all these causal reasons have nothing to do with Trey Parker! Trepak only knew that Xiao Jie was dead, and he wanted to seek revenge from the Holy Court, and now the Templars of the provincial government seemed to want to kill him!

A white light lit up on the black-haired man, and with a flick of his figure, he rushed towards Trey Parker.

Trey Parker did not resist, but made a mistake, avoiding the attack of the black-haired man, and at the same time the long sword transformed by essence energy in his hand stabbed the throat of the black-haired man.

The black-haired man immediately retracted his sword, the two swords collided, but there was no clanging sound, and Trey Parkers long sword was cut in two!

The broken long sword quickly returned to its original shape. After all, this long sword was transformed by essence energy, not a real weapon. To achieve the effect of a real weapon, only the strong can do it.

Trey Parker looked very serious. When the black-haired man attacked just now, the tip of the sword was actually close to his chest. If the black-haired man controlled the light energy on the sword, he would be injured now.

This guy was very strong, and his cultivation must have reached the late seventh order. The attack just now was just a tentative attack.

The black-haired man raised his eyebrows: ”The speed is good, as expected of a wind attribute practitioner, you are qualified to know my name. I am Templar Chris. ”

Trey Parker didn speak, just looked at Chris warily. Sure enough, after Chris said, he was killed.

This time, Chris speed increased a bit, and the sword was accurately cut in front of Trey Parker. Its just that the character sword stopped suddenly, and a cyan shield-like object appeared where the character sword stopped.


”It seems that General Thunder is very accomplished in metamorphosis! ” Chris sighed, ”Its a pity that the cultivation base is not good, and he is still going to die. ” The cyan shield shattered immediately.

However, the single-word sword still failed to approach Trey Park in the slightest!

A dazzling blue light lit up, directed at Chris. Chriss expression changed and his figure retreated.

”The cultivation base is high, its not your wild capital! ” The green light gradually disappeared, and Trey Parkers figure appeared.

Just now, Chris used a lot of strength to give Trey Park a thunderous blow, but he didn expect that Tre Park would be able to push him back. If he retreated later, he would have been injured.

”Top Grade Seven! ” Chris face became serious when he saw the gleaming long sword in Trey Parkers hand.

Chris knew what it meant when equipment of any rank reached the top. This means that this piece of equipment is eligible for promotion to higher tiers.

Above the seventh rank was the realm of the strong, and the best seventh rank means that this weapon was qualified to be promoted to the qualification of the weapon used by the strong!

This also means that this weapon already possesses a trace of spirituality!

That was to say, the gap between top-grade seventh-rank equipment and high-grade seventh-rank equipment was extremely obvious, and it can even be said to be two concepts!

With the best Tier 7 equipment, Trey Parker, he already has the strength to fight Chris!

Trey Parkers figure suddenly appeared in front of Chris, and the long sword that flashed blue light came directly to Chriss eyes.

Chris had to swing his sword to resist!

The cyan and white energy collided together and began to fight!

With a clang, Chris took a few steps back, and a small gap appeared on the sword!

A top-grade seventh-order weapon was really unusual!

Trey Parker took advantage of the situation to pursue, and turned his body: ”Kamikaze sword style, the first style! ”

The blue-colored essence force condensed on the long sword, turned into a long dragon, and swam around the long sword!

Trey Parker has attacked! Every move was extremely violent and extremely fast. Two words, fast! Like a gust of wind!

Chris had to practice retreating, and there were more and more gaps on the sword.

Suddenly, with a metallic sound, the character sword in Chriss hand was broken!

The long sword took Chriss chest directly, and Chris leaned back to avoid Trey Parkers life-threatening blow.

At the same time, the essence force burst out from under Chriss feet, and the whole person slid backwards, and did not stop until he was out of danger.

Chris straightened his body and looked at Trey Parker with a shocked expression: ”You are the descendant of the kamikaze swordsman! ”

Divine Wind Sword Saint, a super strong man more than a thousand years ago, his cultivation has reached the holy rank. His sword style was like a gust of wind. It was extremely fierce, very fast, and extremely sharp. The tornado hit the same!

It was just that after the battle between him and the Saint-level powerhouses of the Holy Court, he was silent and disappeared.

Unexpectedly, Chris met the descendant of the kamikaze swordsman!

”No wonder its so powerful. ” Chris said, ”I think the weapon in your hand is the Kamikaze sword that was knocked down! ”

Trey Parker was noncommittal and just looked at Chris coldly.

”It seems that I have to use that trick. ” Chris took a deep breath, then knelt down on one knee and faced the sky.

”The holy icon Tianwei! ” Chris said word by word, ”Great God of Light, grant me divine power! ”

There was a strange light on Chris! This light was full of sacred aura, majestic and inviolable!

A strange thought arose in Trey Parkers mind: You can shoot at Chris!

No, how can I think this way, I can think this way! Trepark resisted this thought, his body was shaking, and his hand could barely hold the kamikaze sword!

The light gradually dimmed, and Chris figure appeared. Chris now looks like a strong man, but he has a breath that ordinary strong men do not have!

The unique meta-art of the Holy Court, at the cost of the power of faith, obtains powerful combat power!

Chris was out. Trey Parker instinctively swung his sword to resist, but his resistance was powerless and was easily broken. A sword made of white light slid across his neck.

Edge of the Royal Forest.

Joey was about to feed a small piece of venison into Zoriyas mouth, when suddenly, his throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

”Brother Joey, whats wrong with you! ” Zoriya was taken aback. This was so good, how can you vomit blood?

Joey couldn answer Zoriya at this time. He only felt that his heart was beating violently and it was painful, and an inexplicable sadness emanated from his heart.

A kind figure appeared in Joeys mind.

”Father! ” Joey shouted, another mouthful of blood, and the whole person almost fell down.

Everyone looked here strangely, and Catoril and Kleber walked over with concern in their eyes.

”Joey, whats wrong? ” Catoril asked.

”My father, my father… ” Joey kept repeating this sentence.

”Its Trey Parker! ” Kleber was startled, ”It must be something happened to Trey Parker! ”

Kleber looked around, but he didn find Trey Parker.

Catorils expression was extremely solemn. Trey Parker actually disappeared without them noticing, someone must have done it!

”Jackson! Hurry up and send someone to find General Thunder! ” Catoril ordered, with a solemn voice in his voice.

”Hehe, no need, hes right here! ” Suddenly, a voice came from the forest. Then, twenty figures flashed out.

White armor, white cape.

And the man at the head held a head in his hand, it was Trey Parkers head!

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