The black-haired man at the head held a head in his hand, which turned out to be Tre Parkers head!

Exclamations came from the crowd. Its Trey Parker! Trey Parker was actually killed!

”Templar Knights of the Holy Court! ” The Emperors voice was extremely heavy. As the Emperor of the Asian-American Empire, the Great Emperor was naturally someone who knew the Holy Court. Knowing the Holy Court was a compulsory course for the emperors of the Asian-American Empire. From the first emperor, the Asian-American Empire resolutely refused the Holy Court to enter the Asian-American Empire to preach. Therefore, the Holy Court has always rejected the Asian-American Empire. For the Asian-American Empire, the Holy Court is the enemy.

Fully understanding the enemy is naturally something that must be done.

Now, the Templars have appeared in the Royal Forest, and they were still standing in front of Catoril, holding the head of one of his cronies, which could only explain one thing – the Holy Court has taken action on the foundation of the Asian-American Empire!

Catoril knew that sooner or later the Holy Court would do this, but he did not expect that the Holy Court would do so at this time. After all, the background of the current Asian-American Empire is still there, it is not easy to deal with!

”Hehe, the emperor has good eyesight. I, Templar Chris, have heard that the ”Golden War Art ” of the Royal Family of the Asian-American Empire is extremely powerful, and I came here to ask the emperor for advice! ” Toril saluted.

”Ask for advice? Is it true to kill me? ” The Great Emperor Catoril said in a deep voice, ”As a superpower, the Holy Court does not have the consciousness of a superpower. Does it have to intervene in the world of mortals? ”

”Hahaha, is the emperor joking? I think the emperor knows that my Holy Court believes in the God of Light and needs a large number of believers, and where do these believers come from? Its not a world of ordinary people! ” Chris laughed.

Catoril didn speak. Indeed, the foundation of the Holy Courts existence was a large number of believers. Not only the Holy Court needs believers, but other superpowers also need it. Except for the Othello religion, only the Holy Court needs the power of faith.

Even countries, weren they similar? When the emperor has managed the country well, the people will love him, and there will be some benefits to the emperors cultivation.

However, only the power of faith has the greatest effect. Its just that the main recipient of these powers of faith was the gods, and as for the managers of the gods in this world, they could only get a small benefit.

But just this little benefit was already very good for essence energy cultivators. These things were the reasons why the Holy Court always wanted to take the Asian-American Empire. The Asian-American Empire was so huge and has nearly 100 million residents. If the Asian-American Empire can be included in the Holy Courts sphere of influence, for the Holy Court, There will be great benefits!

”Hehe, I won say more, lets start! ” Chriss voice suddenly became serious, a powerful breath suddenly burst out, and the whole body was shrouded in white light, like a god!

”Hmph, if you want to do something with Your Majesty, lets pass my level first! ” A golden figure suddenly appeared, blocking Catoril.

This man was the Kingsman General, Jackson.

Jackson shouted violently, and the golden energy spurted out, quickly forming a golden mask.

”Golden Battle Tactics! ” Chris squinted, then widened his eyes.

”Judgement sword style! First style! ” Chriss figure moved towards Jackson, and the sword in his hand took a sacred breath and cut it straight down!

Jackson felt an odd air lock him in, unable to escape.

couldn dodge could you? Then Ill take this trick from you! Jackson was full of fighting spirit, waving the sword in his hand, with a golden afterimage, blocking Chriss seemingly extremely powerful blow!

Jackson blocked it! However, his body seemed to tremble a bit, and then it sank a little.

The opponent was stronger than himself, this was Jacksons conclusion. My own cultivation base has reached the middle stage of the seventh order, and the opponents cultivation base may have reached the late seventh stage!

In the seventh rank, in the early, middle, and late stages, the difference in strength was extremely obvious, and it was difficult to make up for it with foreign objects.

If Chriss cultivation reaches the late seventh stage, it will be very difficult for him to beat him! You must know that Chris was a Templar Knight, so he needs to strengthen himself in equipment, cultivation techniques, and meta-skills. If he has the heart, this move may be enough to hurt himself!

However, this did not make Jackson lose his fighting spirit, but made his fighting spirit even stronger! As a general of the Imperial Forest Army, he rarely had the opportunity to fight against others, especially those who were stronger than himself.

Now, the opponent was stronger than himself, even a lot stronger, for Jackson, it was an excellent opportunity. Being able to fight against someone stronger than you, even if you die, you won regret it!

”Heavenly Essence Slash! ” Jackson shouted suddenly, the golden light on the sword became extremely dazzling, and the golden essence force quickly condensed and attacked Chris!

Chris had to step back. In front of him, a huge golden meniscus appeared, he took a step back, the golden meniscus was a step forward, and soon, Chris retreated ten meters away!

”Judgment Sword Style, Second Style! Eternal Judgment! ” The tip of Chriss sword suddenly lit up with a white glow. A special divine breath!

Chris stabbed with a sword!

With a loud explosion, the white mansions and the golden crescent moon touched each other and burst open instantly, illuminating an extremely dazzling light, forcing everyone to close their eyes.

When everyone opened their eyes, they saw Jackson spurting blood, and Chris was safe and sound!

How was this going! What happened when I closed my eyes just now! How long has it been? It has only been half a minute since the two started fighting, and Jackson was injured? was the gap too big? If it goes on like this, it won be long before Jackson will die on the spot!

”Jackson, your strength is really too weak. ” Chris said, ”I am in the late seventh stage, and you are in the middle stage of seventh order. You are not as good as me in terms of cultivation techniques, meta-arts, and equipment. If I attack with all my strength, You will die soon! ”

Jackson turned into a golden light and went straight to Chris!

”Breakthrough? ” The corner of Chris mouth curved into a standard sneer.

Jacksons cultivation level broke through to the late seventh order at this moment, and his combat power increased a lot. However, in Chriss eyes, it was still not enough.

Jacksons figure suddenly appeared, and a knife fell from top to bottom, cutting Chris in half!

But Chris, who was cut in half, quickly dissipated, and a figure condensed out not far away. The sword in that mans hand was directly on Jacksons neck!

What Jackson cut off just now was just the afterimage of Chris.

”Jackson. ” Chris voice sounded in Jacksons ear, ”Your speed is too slow. After all, you just broke through to the late seventh stage, and I was a late seventh stage repair three years ago. As long as I have realized a small part of the profound meaning of light, and I will be able to reach the law level and become a powerhouse! ”

Jacksons gaze was firm, unmoved by Chriss words. The Holy Court naturally has a way to make it easier for essence energy practitioners in the late seventh-order to understand the profound meaning, but what does this have to do with him?

”What are you doing! ” Chriss expression suddenly became frightened, and his figure disappeared immediately. Even when he saw the best seventh-order weapon in Trey Parkers hands, he was not afraid!

”Boom! ” With a loud noise, the golden light immediately enveloped a range of dozens of meters, which was even more dazzling than the light caused by the collision between Heavenly essencezhan and the final judgment!

After a long time, everyone opened their eyes.

A big pit with a diameter of thirty meters appeared on the ground! And on the edge of this pit, stood Chris who was bleeding all over!

Jackson blew himself up!

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