Peerless Venerable

Joey Is Not Dead, Yet

”Brother Joey! ” Zoriya let out a heart-piercing cry and ran to Joeys side, staggering along the way, not knowing how many times she fell.

Zoriya cried bitterly while holding Joeys body. Just ten minutes ago, Joey was carefully cutting pieces of venison into small pieces and feeding her little by little. Who knew, now Joey has left this world!

”Brother Joey, why did you leave me? Didn we agree that we should be together forever, but now you have left me behind! Woohoo… ”

Catoril also trembled violently in his heart. When he first saw this child, he felt that this child was not simple. Although Joeys cultivation talent was not genius level, but Joeys comprehension in archery and swordsmanship was so good that people felt that he was surprising. Not enough. Using Joeys own talent to cultivate to the top of the fourth-order, but the royal family could use the medicine to catalyze, at least make Joey a sixth-order master.

However, now Joey was dead! Joey died, nothing left, and the royal family lost a genius in archery and swordsmanship.

But in Catorils heart, what he was looking for was not Joeys comprehension!

Joey was his prospective son-in-law! Yes, Catoril admitted that he agreed to the marriage with a little bit of interest, but after a few years, he actually looked down on the benefits that he could get from Joey, and really regarded Joey as his own. The prospective son-in-law, even he secretly cares for Joey more than his own son.

It was just that Joey just went and lost his life in order to protect him!

Catorils eyes were a little dazed. It seemed that Joey did not fall, still standing there, firmly blocking in front of him.

”Chris. ” Catoril tried to calm his voice, but even an ordinary person could feel the anger in Catorils heart, not to mention that most of the people present were not lowly cultivated.

Chris seemed to hear someone call his name, and then came to his senses.

There were only three words in his mind: Impossible! The strange looking person just now should have collapsed after being hit by the Judgment Spear and dissipated in this piece of heaven and earth, thats right, but this person could still guarantee a whole corpse! And after the spear of judgment passed through him, it seemed to disappear out of thin air!

How could this happen?

He didn come to her senses until she heard Catoril call him.

”Do you know who he is? He is my son-in-law. ” Catorils voice trembled. He has now let go of his identity as the king of a country, and now he was just an old man who has lost his son-in-law.

”Your son-in-law? ” Chris was taken aback, then sneered, ”So what? ”

”So what? ” Catoril suddenly laughed, ”Why did you say? ” After that, the figure disappeared on the horses back, turning into a golden figure with an extremely violent aura, which made Chris feel as if there was a Countless knives, slashing on his face!

Catorils cultivation has reached the late seventh stage!

All the nobles were shocked. Usually, the emperor never revealed his true cultivation, so everyone regarded him as an ordinary seventh-order master.

Unexpectedly, the emperors cultivation has reached the late seventh order! You must know that the number of cultivators in the late seventh order among humans was not more than the number of strong human beings!

”Sacred icon Tianwei! ” Chris voice came, and at the same time, he stepped hard, the whole person soared into the air, and stopped in the air, just in the center of the six-pointed star!

At the same time, the six-pointed star released an unparalleled divine aura, which was powerful and irresistible with trembling power.

A beam of light descended from the sky and landed on the hexagram!

A ten-meter-long sword slashed on the beam of light, and the beam of light trembled!

”You are really working hard with the battle knife you created with your own vitality. ” Chriss voice came from the beam of light, ”But do you think its enough if you work hard? ”

”Take my faith as a guide, please God help me! ”

The beam of light suddenly lit up, and this light actually made the sun in the sky dark!

”The great God of Light, grant me the power of judgment to judge all the evils in this world! ” A strange voice came from the beam of light, which seemed to come from thousands of years ago.

The light emitted by the beam of light suddenly dimmed, and a figure appeared. White gorgeous armor, holding a spear in the left and a long sword in the right, sacred majesty, endless holy light. The pair of broad white wings behind them flapped slowly, as if they were announcing something.

Everyone was shocked! Whether it was the dozens of seventh-order masters on the Asian-American Empire, or the nobles, they were all shocked!

The angel in the myth of the Holy Court actually appeared in this world! This was an angel, an angel!

But Catoril was doing much better. He knew from some records left by the Asian-American Empire that the superpower of the Holy Court has existed for more than 10,000 years. Except for the high-level people of the Holy Court, no one knew how long the Holy Court has existed.

In the records, the most powerful armed force of the Holy Court was the angel!

Angels were very powerful, the weakest angels could be regarded as powerful powerhouses, and the super powerhouses among the angels have reached the level of gods in legends.

Its just that for some hidden reasons, the angels of the Holy Court no longer appear.

In fact, it was not just the Holy Court, but many forces that have existed for a long time seemed to have a situation where the strong were withering.

After that, the angels that appeared in the Holy Court were all pseudo-angels, and they could only maintain the angelic state for a period of time, and could not exert the strength of real angels.

That was to say, the angel in front of him was nothing but Chris using a unique meta-art of the Holy Court to bless his combat power for a period of time.

Its just that the angels appearance was too shocking.

But for Catoril, it doesn matter. Even if the current Chris was super powerful, he will kill Chris!

”Suffer to death! ” Catoril swung the meter-long sword and slashed directly at Chriss wings.

”An ant dares to offend the majesty of an angel? Courting death! ” Chris moved his left hand, and the spear pierced directly, accurately penetrating Catorils body!

Catorils ten-meter sword disappeared immediately. He didn struggle when he was pierced, but pulled out a long knife from his waist and threw it at Chris!

”Hmph, now do you think you can kill me? ” Chris snorted coldly, the sword shadow flashed, and the long knife was directly knocked into the air.

”I want to see what else you can do, you
e going to die, what else can you do! ” Chriss smile was a little grim, ”You can even blow yourself up now, and I won , in this state, be injured by the self-destruction of an ant. ”

There was a strange smile on Catorils face.

Chris felt a shudder in his heart, and a sense of danger filled his body.

Must kill him immediately! Chris immediately activated the energy on the spear.

However, it seems to be over now! Just as he didn dodge Jacksons self-destruction, now he could dodge the last blow from Catoril.

”The Hadith of Ami, you must kill the angels who meet the Holy Court. If you are not defeated, you will use this trick and die with them… ” Catorils voice became weaker and weaker, but the smugness in his voice, and the meaning of liberation, was getting stronger and stronger!

”Gold, eternal imprisonment! ” Catoril made the last cry of his life!

Catorils face quickly turned golden, and the golden color continued to spread, even Catorils clothes, the spear in Chriss hand!

”Ah… ” Chris felt an unprecedented panic and fear. He kept running his Yuan force, but the golden color was unaffected and spread to his arm!

”My arm! ” The panic in Chriss heart increased a little more. His arms can move! He tried to drive the golden yellow with Yuan force, but everything was to no avail!

”No, how could this be, no! ” Chris cried out in despair.

Suddenly, Chris was startled. He seemed to feel that something entered his body, entered his brain, and grabbed something in him!

”Have you heard of the golden beast… ” Catorils voice suddenly sounded in Chris mind.

”Golden beast… ” Chriss eyes widened. Then, it didn move. His whole body turned golden, including the wings behind him.

Catoril and Chris look like a golden statue! This statue was very strange. One day used a spear in his hand to pierce a persons body, but his face was full of horror and disbelief. There was a relief and a smug smile on the face of the pierced man.

”Your Majesty, go well! ” The nobles and the dozens of seventh-order masters knelt down together and truly saluted Catoril! Not because Catoril was the emperor, but because of the respect from their heart!

At this time, all the dozens of Templars vomited blood and fell to the ground. Chris could incarnate as an angel. In addition to his belief, he also draws their energy. If Chris dies, they will also be seriously injured.

At this moment, a thin figure appeared!

There were still tears on this persons face, but her expression was extremely cold.

”Kill them! ” the person whispered.

”Yes! ” No one cares who this person was, now they just want to avenge the emperor!

How could the severely wounded Templars be the opponents of these people? Soon, they were all torn to shreds.

”My father died for us. Even if this statue is to stay here, the Royal Forest is no longer needed. It is open to everyone in the Asian-American Empire. I want the entire Asian-American Empire to know that it is the people who claim to be the holy court. , killed my father, it is the Holy Court, and has always felt sorry for our Asian-American Empire! ” The man said, his voice full of hunger and a unique majesty.

She turned out to be Zoriya!

”From now on, I will be the new emperor of the Asian-American Empire, and I want the Holy Court to bleed into a river! ” Zoriyas voice was extremely strong!

”See Your Majesty the Queen! Long live my emperor! ” All the nobles, as well as those seventh-order masters, knelt down and saluted. For some reason, they had a feeling that Zorya should inherit this throne!

No one could tell why he felt this way and would accept this 14-year-old girl as emperor.

”As for Joey… Bury it thickly! ” Zoriya looked at Joeys body, a trace of sadness and reluctance flashed in her eyes.

”Wait! How can a living person be buried! ” A voice suddenly came!

This sentence was like a blast of thunder!

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