Pokémon Light Stars

Calvin\'s Princess!

The Pokémon region of Hoenn which Brendan dominated back in the days, He won the Pokémon league and came at peace with Legendary Pokémon.

A New Journey was about to begin, A Journey that would change the Hoenn region as we knew it.

It Begins Now…..

The Various Kids below 12 had completed their Pokémon school classes and were now verified to become Certified Pokémon trainers, It took 2 years and it was still worth it.

In Littleroot town, Many of the Young trainers would begin their Journeys and Calvin was one of them.

When he went to the Pokémon school, He was full of glee and happiness, He had decided on his goal, He was going to be like Brendan and become the Pokémon champion. He had a crush in his class, Sylvia who was also from Littleroot town but later on the last day at Pokémon school when he told her he liked her, She rejected him coldly saying he was a Jerk and Idiot, Those words stuck with him till this day.

The Day the Professor, Prof. Birch was supposed to assign Pokémon to beginning trainers in Littleroot town had finally arrived and trainers zoomed to his lab to collect their Pokémon although they had to assemble until they were complete.

Sylvia and other trainers including Calvins best friend,Mark.

”I can believe we are becoming trainers finally. ” Mark said to Sylvia, They were friends and Neighbors.

”Yeah. What happened to that guy that was always with you? ” Sylvia asked.

Mark was a boy with spiky brown hair and bright blue eyes, He was greatly handsome and tall.

Sylvia was a Beauty Goddess. Sylvias blond hair reached to her shoulders and her blond eyes looked beautiful, Her face was another matter, It was perfect and she had curves in the right places and a very sexy body. She was also tall.

”Why do you care? He told me about what happened on the last day of School. ” Mark said, He was wearing a red shirt and a blue jean trouser with white sneakers.

”Is it bad to just ask about him? After all, He is the one delaying the Professor. ” Sylvia said, She was wearing a Yellow shirt as well as a pink skirt, Like all beginning trainers, She had her traveling bag hung over her shoulders.

”This is strange, Calvin is never late. ” Mark said. He threw a knowing glance to Calvin telling her that she was the cause.

Meanwhile in a House on the far end of Littleroot town, Calvin was combing back his brown hair.

Calvin was brown haired, He was the son of Gary and May (In this Book, They settled down), He looked exactly like his father when he was young. His brown hair stretching and pointing out like that of Gary and he obtained blue eyes from his mother.

Calvin wore a black hoodie and a belt where Pokéballs were supposed to be hung on, Like his father, He was a genius. Gary had always said that he was light hearted and soft like his Mother but all that changed when he came back from Pokémon school.

Calvin wore a white trouser with his Black hoodie and he hung a Black adventure bag that his Mom had gotten for him on his shoulders. He headed to the lab.

At the Lab, Everyone was waiting for the last arrival. Suddenly, The door of the lab burst open revealing a Familiar figure from Pokémon school, Calvin but yet he looked so different from before.

Sylvias heart skipped a beat. Was this Calvin? The same happy Calvin that told her that he liked her?

”Its a shame being around losers. ” Calvin said as he walked towards the Professor.

”Who are you calling loser? ” Someone asked. Calvin ignored him.

”Im here, Gramps. ” Calvin said, presenting himself.

Prof. Birch who was Mays dad was Calvins grandpa.

”Great, Now we can begin. Everyone beginning from Calvin, Take your Pokémon from this machine! ” He ordered.

The Machine had a hole in this center that extracted a Pokeball when the Pokémon required was inputed.

Calvin went to the machine and browsed through the available Pokémon.

Gramps doesn have regional starters. Damn it! Wait, I see a Charmander. Gary thought and picked the tab of Charmander.

The Pokeball carefully came out of the hole and Gary took it. Prof. Birch came forward and gave him a Pokedex.

”This instrument is essential for every trainer, Its the Pokedex, You can use it to analyze data under any Pokémon and here are Pokéballs, five to be exact. ” Birch said and handed over a new grade Pokedex and 5 Pokéballs to Calvin.

”With your Pokedex, You are registered to participate in the Hoenn league which is taking place soon. ” Birch said and Calvin left. He didn even have a smile on his face.

Mark and Sylvia were speechless, A guy was next to take his Pokémon and other required Instruments for his Journey.

Calvin was different, that was one thing that was certain and Sylvia was sure it was all because of her. She suddenly felt very bad for Calvin, It was not like She didn like him, He just seemed too easygoing for her but now she knew it was a bad choice. She missed when there was a smile plastered across his face.

Outside the lab, Calvin was at route 1 with Charmander.

”Charmander, Listen up. You are the first Pokémon in a team of elites, We will be the strongest in this region and this means No Slacking off! We will train intensively and achieve great power! ” Calvin shouted and Charmander heeded his words.

It nodded.

”Good. ” Calvin said and with Charmander beside it began venturing deeper into Route 1.

In no time, They were confronted by a Poochyena. Calvin didn even need to pull out his Pokedex, He was used to the local Pokémon ever since Gary had shown him Electivire.

”Charmander! Scratch it! ” Calvin ordered.

He had already looked at the complete move set of Charmander. It knew four moves.

Scratch- Normal type attack.

Ember- Fire type attack.

Quick attack- Normal type attack.

Smokescreen- Poison type attack.

Charmander ran towards Poochyena and scratched it with brute strength,

[Charmanders Level: Lv.5]

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