Pokémon Light Stars

Silver\'s Zigzagoon!

The Amount of power in that attack blew Poochyena off its feet.

”Alright, Good! Now Use Ember! ” Calvin ordered. Charmander followed up Scratch with Ember with devastating results. There was a minor explosion and after that, Poochyena fainted.

”Return. ” Calvin said and Charmander returned back to him ”That Poochyena is too weak to belong to our Team. ”

Like that they kept on beating Pokémon who attacked them in Route 1 and with the continuous battling, The power of Charmanders fire increased.

Charmander had managed to even top up to Lv.8, Calvin was impressed. They had reached Oldale town and ready to stock items for their journey.

Calvin ran into the shop clerk running around his shop.

”Whats the matter? ” Calvin asked.

”A thief, someone stole the special package I had. He fled north. ” The Clerk said.

”Why don you go and capture the Thief? ” Calvin asked.

”I do not have Pokémon on me. ” The Clerk said.

Calvin sighed and decided to help the pitiful shop clerk. He went north with Charmander, North of Oldale town was route 15, The sea route to Slateport City. It had grasses were Pokemon lived in but there was only a ledge separating the grasses from another part of greenery. The Route 15 was a perfect place where one could sit down in peace and think about his/her life.

Calvin saw something unusual in this place, A girl in blue rags rummaged through the package. She had Fiery red hair and a beautiful face.

”Halt! Thief! ” Calvin shouted and ordered, causing her to jump back in fear.

She looked at him face to face innocently.

”Ah… Are you the Clerk? ” She asked.

”No. I am not; Do I look like that old loser? ” Calvin pointed out.

”Sorry for that. ” She said and something glowed on her waist. Her Pokémon came out.

It was a Ralts.

They began battling.

”Charmander! Smokescreen! ” Calvin ordered and Charmander breathed out a smokescreen concealing itself and its opponent.

”Now! Light everywhere up! ” Calvin ordered. Charmander created an Ember and there was an explosion causing the girl to hit the ground, Her Ralts had been overpowered by the quick thinking and strategy of Calvin.

”Return! ” Calvin ordered, raising up Charmanders Pokéball. Charmander was completely sucked into its Pokéball engulfed in a red light.

The Girl stirred awake, shaking in fear. Calvin had not hesitated in blowing everywhere up, She was scared of him.

”Why did you steal the Package? ” Calvin asked, his voice held a hint of tiredness.

”I was hungry, I come from the Slums of Rustboro city. ” The girl said, shaking in fear.

Calvin felt sorry for her.

”Oh, Sorry. ” Calvin said, He had not thought the girl was an Orphan.

”You are a Pokémon Trainer right? ” She asked.

”Yes. ” Calvin said.

”Could you help me out? I will be willing to reimburse you in any way you want. ” The girl said, ready to pull her rags.

”What! I am going to help you out, but I am not taking anything in return…In fact, Ill teach you to be a better trainer. ” Calvin said.

Her eyes glinted with passion.

”You mean I can accompany you? ” The Girl asked.

”Yes. ” Calvin said, ”But youll need to return the package first and then well get you New clothes and a new set of materials fit for a Pokémon trainer. ” Calvin said.

The Girl saw a smile run across his face, she felt warm inside. What was he thinking about?

”What is your name? ” Calvin asked.

”Oh, Me. My name is Silver. ” The girl replied.

”Great, Silver. Now please go return that package to the clerk and tell him you
e sorry. Youll find me sitting here. ” Calvin said sitting on the ledge.

”Okay. See you soon. ” Silver said and ran off with the package.

Calvin let the Morning air run through his lungs, It was highly refreshing. He held Charmanders Pokéball in his hand.

Sylvia and Mark suddenly entered.

Sylvia thought Calvin looked cute with the wind blowing his hair, for a second there, He looked like the Calvin she was used to in Pokémon school.

”Hey, Calvin. ” Mark said.

”Whats up, Mark. ” Calvin said, He was calm now.

”Sylvia is here with me. ” Mark said.

It felt like the gentle breeze that was blowing suddenly stopped, His face stiffened, and he looked at Sylvia with wide eyes.

”Princess, do you care to talk to a Peasant like me? ” Calvin asked.

”What the…Calvin, you are not a Peasant. Youve changed after what happened in Pokémon school. ” Sylvia said.

”Yes. You changed me. ” Calvin said. Sylvia felt bad, Calvin used to have a smile on his face always reflecting his cute face but now, Calvin was sad.

”You are still my Princess even though you don accept me, Deep in my heart, you are still my Princess. ” Calvin said, he had a smile now.

Calvin still likes Sylvia, Phew! Mark thought.

Sylvia herself was speechless, Suddenly Silver ran in.

”Calvin, I did as you said. The clerk said I should give you this. ” Silver said. She gave Carlos a chip.

”No way, this is a Pokéchip. It holds data on locations of Regional Pokémon that are residing in the Hoenn region. ” Calvin said.

Silver smiled at him.

”Lets get you prepared for your Pokémon Journey. ” Calvin said and took her hand, causing her to blush slightly.

A boy hasn held my hand before. Silver thought. They left Route 15 back to Oldale town.

”Did he mean what he said about me being his Princess? ” Sylvia asked Mark.

”Calvin meant Every word. Do you like him as well? ” Mark asked.

”I….don ….know. ” Sylvia stuttered.

Mark shook his head.

”My Pokédex could detect his Charmanders level, He has already gotten strong and as his Princess, you need to get stronger too. ” Mark said.

”His Princess, Do I even like him? ” Sylvia muttered.

Mark didn hesitate and sent out his Starter, Mudkip. Sylvia was wide eyed.

”Battle me! ” Mark shouted and Mudkip ran into Battle.

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