Pokémon Light Stars

Calvin\'s Princess!

I already read Feebass move set, That Water Barrier move has an Obvious downside. Feebas has to draw Water to create a shield, I might have to alter it. Calvin thought.

Carvanha was already in front of Feebas. Mark and Sylvia were positioned far away but also watching the battle.

”Lets see if hes good at battling. He was a prodigy in Pokémon school. ” Mark said.

”Feebas! Out of the way! ” Calvin ordered and Feebas swam out of the way at exceptional speed. Carvanha was shocked.

”Now Whirl up a Storm! Water Gun underwater! ” Calvin ordered. Feebas went underwater and suddenly the water began rumbling. A huge blast of water hit Carvanha from underwater and propelled it into the sky.

Carvanha sent a blast of water to Feebas from its mouth.

”Alright, enough playing around! End this! Ice Beam! ” Calvin ordered and Feebas obeyed. It opened its mouth and blasted the water with the Ice beam freezing it. Carvanha was damaged as the Ice was still in its mouth freezing it from inside.

Carvanha fainted and fell into the water.

”Your Feebas has leveled up. It has now reached Level 8. ” The Pokédex stated.

”Great. Just a little more training and Feebas will reach Charmanders level but by the time Feebas reaches that, Charmander would have as well surpassed his limits. ” Calvin said.

”This is unbelievable. Feebas is a water type and to think it beat a Carvanha, that is something. The guy is still a Prodigy after all. ” Mark said.

I can believe what my eyes just saw. Sylvia thought.

Calvin continued his training in other water types while also Continuously training Charmander against Water types to strengthen its defense against Water type attacks. As an Elite Pokémon of Calvin, Charmander had to take its training seriously. Feebas too was leveling up, they were giving it their all to impress Calvin.

Calvin has begun training. How about I train Zigzagoon? After all, the next city holds a gym. Silver thought.

”All right! Come on out, Zigzagoon! ” Silver ordered. She threw the Pokéball to the ground and it opened up revealing Zigzagoon, it was Shiny red and White.

She reached for the Pokédex that Calvin had given her, and she viewed the details of Zigzagoon.

”Shiny Zigzagoon

Class: Shiny Common

Type: Normal

Catch Rate: 127

Level Gain Rate: S Medium Fast

Base Reward EXP: 90

Reward EV Point: Speed: 1

Shiny Zigzagoon in game: 136 Who?

AVG Level: 92

Gender Ratios:

50% Male / 50% Female

Base stats

HP: 47

Attack: 37

Defense: 51

Sp Attack: 37

Sp Defense: 51

Speed: 75

Total: 298 ” The Pokédex said.

”Wow. These are some great stats. ” Silver said. It was suddenly attacked by a Wild Seedot.

”Hey! ” Silver exclaimed and Calvin grinned.

”Never let your guard down even for a minute. ” Calvin said then continued his battle.

Silver grinned at the Seedot.

”Zigzagoon! Headbutt now! ” Silver ordered and Zigzagoon crashed into Seedot at its full strength. Yet, Seedot seemed to be glowing in red.

”Continue attacking with Scratch! ” Silver ordered and Zigzagoon kept scratching Seedot. Seedot suddenly unleashed all its bubbling rage and attacked Zigzagoon.

”Quickly, dodge it! ” Silver ordered but it seems that the temporary rage heightened all of the abilities of Seedot and it smashed into Zigzagoon dealing it a great amount of damage.

”Lets End This! Headbutt again at full power! ” Silver ordered. Zigzagoon let out a frightening howl and then charged at Seedot knocking it down.

Seedot fainted.

”Congratulations, Zigzagoon has achieved Level 7. ” The Pokédex said.

That battle was intense. I almost lost, I shouldn be joking around. Look at Calvin! She exclaimed inwardly.

”Feebas! Water Gun! Charmander! Ember! ” Calvin ordered and the 2 Pokémon attacked yet another stream of Pokémon.

Calvin took them out of the battlefield seeing that no more Pokémon were up for the challenge.

”Lets get you guys healed up. ” Calvin said and then brought 2 potions out from his bag.

A Potion is an item that heals 20 HP of a Pokémon. It has no effect on a fainted Pokémon. A potion can be found in the players PC at the start of the game, except in Generation IV. It costs 300 Poké Dollars at Poké Marts and can be sold for 150 Poké Dollars.

He sprayed them on their wounds and the wounds healed up.

”Great! I think our training session in Route 2 is over. ” Calvin said, beaming with a smile. His Pokémon smiled back.

”Hey, A Seedot has the ability to absorb the hit that an Opponent has given it and convert it to Its own attack. ” Calvin said, pointing out her earlier situation ”A Normal-type Pokémon isn the best Pokémon to use against Seedot for the above reason, I recommend a Pokémon like Ralts next time. ”

”Alright. ” Silver said and they advanced deeper into Route 2 heading to Petalburg city.

Currently, The Levels of our Pokémon Trainers are:


Charmander- Level 15(A step away from Evolution)

Feebas- Level 13.


Ralts- Level 12.

Zigzagoon- Level 7.

As they were nearing the end of Route 2, A trainer called out to them. It was a Bug catcher.

”Hey, I want to battle you. ” The Bug catcher told Calvin.

”Remember the rules of every Pokémon battle, Every Pokémon trainer that loses will pay a fine and currently my fine is $500. Are you sure you want to battle? ” Calvin told him.

”I am interested. Lets go! Seedot! ” The Bug catcher ordered and his Seedot burst out of its Pokéball.

”Charmander! Let us show them the meaning of Pain! ” Calvin ordered and Charmanders Pokéball burst open revealing Charmander.

”End this in One Attack! Flaming Claws! ” Calvin ordered. Charmander breathed fire on its claws and the Claws became shrouded in fire.

It appeared in front of Seedot, shocking it. It slashed right through and Seedot fainted.

”Finished in one attack. ” Calvin said, ”How pathetic. ”

The Bug catcher sighed and paid $500 to Calvin as he was the victor of the battle. He took his Pokémon and walked away.

”Thanks for the battle. ” He said to Calvin.

”Has Charmander really gotten this strong? ” Silver asked.

”What do you think my training has done? Not to mention, Theres a Surprise as well. ” Calvin said.

”Really and what is that? ” Silver asked, intrigued.

”I won tell you; you will have to witness it. ” Calvin said with a smirk, ”Now, Lets head over to Petalburg city, The moon is already in the sky. ”

”Alright. ” Silver said and followed Calvin.

What things were they going to encounter, Find out in Pokémon Light Stars.

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