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Greetings, To Your Past

Collapsed buildings, destroyed cars, withered trees, and a pungent stench that pervaded everywhere in the region cast by pale orange sunlight in the ever-encompassing dusk. The mirror of a seemingly intact, moss-covered building reflected the image of the setting sun, casting the light onto a strange bird that was seated upon a lamp post.

A bird that was predominantly bald, bereft of feathers that had once allowed it to soar through the skies, now rendered into a land dweller. Spiky scales jutted out of its squirming maggot-covered rotting flesh, humming from time to time in response to the stale wind.


It raised its rotting beak, unleashing a cry before coughing out some rotten flesh stumps that had gotten stuck in its throat, flapping its fleshy wings to land on the ground, gorging on the flesh of a rotting human that had been dismembered.

The bird displayed a ravenous state of hunger, ripping apart the human flesh as it ate in relish, alarmed when it sensed danger, turning around to fly away.

But, it had only traversed a couple of metres when a crimson radiance—shaped into a cascading waterfall—severed its body into two, causing its undead halves to twitch on the ground.

”Don you dare eat my wife! ” A mans enraged shout reverberated throughout the surroundings as the crimson radiance spread around like a tide, shattering the bones of all the birds that had arrived at the place to feast upon the pile of rotting corpses.

The man—sporting a large scar that ran from the brow of his left eye to his throat—rushed towards the top of the pile, propping up the dismembered corpse, feeling a minute pulse from the body, shouting, ”Clarise! Wake up! Don die on me! ”

He gazed at the ghastly face of what had once been a beautiful woman, his beloved. Now, one side of her skin had been ripped apart, displaying sections of her skull at the mouth and the eye socket. Her right half was relatively intact as her eye seemed listless.

But upon hearing the mans shouts, the womans eyelids faintly fluttered as her intact eye slowly faced his way, taking in the visage of the scar-faced man, mildly tearing up before turning still. The faintest hint of lifeforce remaining in her had vanished.

The scar-faced mans hands trembled; tears streamed out of his eyes as he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, wishing to just unleash a roar of pain, unable to endure the loss, entering a state of self-harm in regret. But in the end, there was just bottomless despair waiting for him.

After all, he was now alone, the sole surviving human in this entire world. Twenty years ago, when the apocalypse struck their world, through thick and thin, he endured. For as long as someone was accompanying him through this hell, he could manage somehow.

”None of it matters anymore… ” Tears streamed out of his eyes as he gazed at the dimming sky, letting out a long, exhausted sigh. He had fought for long enough. No more. He was done.

As such thoughts brimmed in his mind, his genetically advanced ears picked up the sounds of a horde approaching his way.

”Aberrants…**! ” He trembled once, imagining the way he would be devoured by the ravenous horde as the sole living human. For a moment, his bodys survival instincts kicked in, a habitual practice. But it vanished soon after, like droplets of water sprinkled on a hot pan.

He accepted his death, not even bothering to look at the horde that was almost upon him now. He could see some shadows cast overhead, depicting the titan-sized creatures that were targeting him.

Just their footsteps alone were thunderous enough.

One of the Aberrants stopped right behind him, tilting its body forward until its gigantic head was right above his face, flashing a wide grin as a viscous mucous leaked out of its mouth, dripping onto his shoulder, raising sizzling sounds as a part of his back and shoulder melted.

The scar-faced man had already accepted his death. Maybe it was thanks to this that he didn feel any pain, blankly staring at the face of the Titan Aberrant. Tears streamed out of his eyes when he noticed the figure in his hold beginning to move.

Of course, she didn come to life.

The infection had spread deep into her system, turning her into an Aberrant too, also regenerating her limbs. It began with her hand, causing the muscles to squirm like a twister, interconnecting with one another as her arm formed within a second.

And judging by the strength of her genetically advanced body, she was turning into an Aberrant more terrifying than the Titan Aberrant staring at the scene with a gleeful look.

”Fuck this shitty world! ”

They were his last words, uttered while summoning the remainder of his mental strength, the final stretch of his willpower. The scar-faced man shuddered when his wifes hands plunged into his stomach, having grabbed hold of his spine, intending to yank it out to feast upon.


But right at this time, a feather slammed into her hand, hitting like a dart, barely injuring her. The Aberrant, Clarise gazed at the feather, wondering what it was when suddenly, a minor explosion resounded within her arm, ripping it apart like a torn fabric.


She screeched when immediately, a dozen feathers swerved into her mouth, resulting in an explosion that splattered her head, corroding it into dust. The headless figure plopped to the ground.

The scar-faced man watched in shock as the upper half of the Titan Aberrant also vanished, as if it had been bitten by something terrifying. And indeed, hovering in the sky was a whale with its mouth open, revealing shark-like jagged teeth, having bitten off the terrifying Aberrant.

It then unleashed a terrifying suction force that selectively targeted the Aberrants.

”Clarise! No! ” He shouted upon seeing his wife flying into the whales mouth.

”Shes dead you know. ” A middle-aged mans voice resounded as an armoured figure approached the scar-faced man, resembling a bipedal rhinoceros, sporting a toughened body resembling

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