Dmitri was ordered to welcome Aya as she the capital of Delunia.

”Easy! ”- Dmitri blurted as his horse halted in front of the Princesss carage.

”Imperial Tutor, please tell the Princess that I, Dmitri, was sent by His Highness, Prince Ktrez, to escort her to the Palace. ”- The Imperial Tutor was a half cast of Matre and Delunia who was once a maid but got promoted due to her intelligence.

”Sir Dmitri, theres no need for the Tutor to be a translator. She has done a wonderful job already. ”- Aya responded form inside the carage.

Munlch, the Imperial Tutor, smiled at her and Aya smiled back .

Dmitri was impressed by Ayas fluent remarks in their language. Especially due to the facts that she only had few months to learn.

”Okay Your Highness. Shall we head straight to the Palace? ”-

”No! Take us somewhere to relax and freshen up before heading for the Palace. ”-

”Yes, Your Highness. ”-

”There is so much charisma in her tone and she seems to be quite intelligent. Hopefully she won trouble the Prince. ”- Dmitri pondered as he rode his horse.

”Princess, we have arrived at the inn ”- Dmitri said coming down from his horse. He walked towards the catrge and told Aya that he would be back after an hour for them to continue their journey.

”I will just be around the area. Feel free your Highness. ”- Dmitri informed and walked away .

An hour later, Dmitri stood at the entrance of the inn, waiting for Aya to come out. As soon as Dmitri saw her, he froze as he was mesmerised by her beauty. Aya wore a pure white deel with furry sleeves and her black long hair decorated with little but exquisite floral golden hair pins.

”Why is heart beating fast? Is it because of her beauty? I have seen multiple beauties but she…Her beauty fierce. She is so elegant and graceful and her eyes are so dazzling. ”- Dmitri said in his thoughts as he was captured by his beauty

”Sir Dmitri? We can continue now. ”- Aya woke him from his thoughts.

”Yes Princess. ”- Dmitri said and quickly climbed his horse as he died internally from embarrassment.

”Was I staring? She noticed? Gosh what is wrong with me? ”- Dmitri said on a low key as he hand covered his mouth.

Aya arrived at the Kings Palace which was entirely different from the Khans tent, same goes as the building of the two nations. The people of Matre are nomadic in nature, therefore use tents as their homes but in Delunia, the houses were made out of thick walls and blocks which made Aya feel a little bit cramped and suffocated. Aya clenched her fist as she tried to brace herself because this is the life she she will have from now on.

She was taken to a huge hall where the king, royals and other nobility waited. The hall was vast and at the end was an empty golden throne with the sculpture of a golden lion protruding at the top the wall. Aya walked in elegantly. Aya dare not look directly as any of the eye that gazed at her as footsteps echoed in the silent hall. The seats in the hall was partitioned into two facing each other. At the left side were only two vacant seats and the right were the remaining seats occupied by royalties and imperial officials. Aya stood right in the center the triangular seat arrangements with Mimi and Dmitri wild steps away away from her. Despite the weird atmosphere, Mimi couldn help taking a few stlylish gaze at Dmitri. Aya finally looked at the congregational dignitaries. She suddenly started walking towards a noble man who had a youthful body figure but his wrinkly face and few strands of black hair told the truth of his age. She stood in front of him, slightly bent her knees with her left hand around the other hands wrist and said;

”Greetings your Majesty. ”-

The man couldn help himself and burst into laughter.

”Your Majesty, have I said something funny? ”- Aya asked

”Little Princess, why are you addressing as the king? ”-

”His Majestys charismatic aura can be hidden and its unrivalled by all. ”- Aya clearly flattering the King.

”Good! Matres Princess is indeed a beauty with brains. ”- the King said as he walked to his throne.

”I wanted to know if Matres youngest Princess was a spoilt child that would pull tantrums seeing the King absent but you turned out to be quite intelligent and mature. Very good! ”- The king was very impressed with Aya.

Aya turned and looked at Mimi. Mimi walked towards the King with the chest box in her hands.

”Your Majesty, Khan personally prepared this gift for you to show his utmost sincerity. ”- Aya said as Mimi handed the box to the Kings eunuch.

The King opened the box and smiled.

”I will send words of gratitude to Khan ”- He said

Aya was shown her seat which was already obvious to her- a seat at the left side. She sat down and looked at the empty were her husband should be. She didn expect much from a man she had never met but he should at least respected her and arrived on time. Aya noticed that the Queen was out of sight but dare not ask.

”Your father and I met for the first time in Matre when you were still little. Back then, Dmitri, the man over there, also came along after making a fuss to accompany his father who was like a brother to me. Maybe you two met other back then . ”- The king said jokingly

” I never knew, Your Majesty. ”- Aya said with a smile. The King smiled back and looked furiously at the eunuch beside him. The King was stalling for time because the Ktrez had not arrived.

”Oh, the Queen is under the weather and couldn come to welcome you. hope you won take offence? ”- King said

”I can possibly be offended with my mother. ”- Aya replied

”Such a good girl. ”- The King said but his body gestures should that he was highly displeased with something.

”Your Majesty, is something wrong? ”- Aya asked warily

”Nothing for you to be worried. ”- The King said with a sincere smile as he noticed Ayas slight alertness.

Aya tried to calm herself by drinking the beverages on her table. She noticed a cute Princess waving at her from the other side and gave her a warm smile in return. The King noticed their interaction.

”Irina. ”- The King called

”Yes father! ”- Irina said promptly

”I can see that you are getting along with your new sister-in-law. Introduce everyone to her. ”-

”Yes father. ”- Irina said excited

”Im Irina, who is also the youngest princess in the Palace. This is Ivan, the First Prince. ”- Irina said with her hand pointing at a man with golden hair and blue eyes with a vicious dominant look.

”The Second Prince, Lev is currently out of town. This is Princess Helena, the eldest Princess. ”- Helena didn bother to look at Aya

”The Third Prince, your husband… ”- Irina giggled in between

”Where is he exactly? ”- Aya finally asked the question. No one seemed to know the answer.

”Maybe he doesn want to marry Matres Princess. ”- Ivan said as he gulped wine.

”First brother, you indeed love to jump into conclusions? ”- Ktrez finally made an appearance. Coincidentally, he wore a matching white suit; with a blue cloak on his shoulder attached to a golden aiguillette matching his epaulette. He walked in briskly.

”I am here to carry my wife. ”-

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