”I am here to carry my wife. ”- Ktrez announced. He gave Aya scary look but Aya did budge. She didn show any sign of being intimidated, rather she slowly took a sip from her cup and looked him in the eye. She walked to him in slow steps and stood in front. Despite their height gap, she stood in front of him and looked into his eyes.

”Prince Ktrez really does have a sense. ”- Aya sarcastically said.

Suddenly the atmosphere of the whole hall was tense and the silence that was bred creeped everyone out, including the King, Alexander. It like two wild beast against each other. Ivan grinned enjoying how Aya silenced Ktrez.

”Princess Aya is right. Ktrez is obviously busy while the rest of us are jobless. ”- Ivan said intending to add fuel to the fire.

”Umm… Wow, the couple of the day wore matching clothes. They must be a match made in heaven. ”- Irina said nervously as she successfully ease the atmosphere

”What a coincidence indeed. ”- Aya faked a smile and stood by Ktrezs side.

”Your Majesty, may I know whats next? ”- Aya said politely wearing her impressive fake smile.

”Wedding of course. ”-

”Majesty! ”- Ktrez said with fury in his voice

”What?! ”- Alexander, the king, had an outburst which was greater than Ktrezs

”I have already made plans for the wedding at my palace. ”- Ktrez said with a lower voice than before.

”Thats your own problem. ”- Alexander said savagely which made Ivan chuckle a little.

”You think you are already the king huh? ”- Alexander continued

”I never intended that father . ”-

”Is that so? You refused to come on time and now you just want to leave as soon as possible. You think I don know what you are up to. ”-

”Father… ”-

”Shut up! ”- Alexander yelled and began to cough.

”Majesty! ”- Everyone became worried

”Your Majesty, if the Prince wants a small wedding, its fine by me. Majesty, please don ruin your health because of this trivial issue. ”- Aya said with courtesy.

”Trivial? You made this girl called her own wedding trivial. ”- Aya unintentionally made the King angrier at Ktrez.

”Every girl wants a decent wedding and Aya will have one as well. Even your dearest Olivia had a wedding. ”- Ktrez made a fist because of the Kings remarks.

”I know you the best. You never intended to have a wedding but thats your problem. Aya must have a wedding. Summon the priest and bring in the veil. ”-

Ktrez didn say anything else but his eyes screamed louder than all the instruments that were being played. Out of everyone in the hall, the happiest person was Ivan. He and Ktrez had the worst relationship in the whole imperial palace. He enjoys every bit of distress Ktrez ever felt.

The priest along some maids rushed into the hall. The maids brought a golden veil embroidered with fine red thread with a plate of grapes and a very short flatbread.

”Face each other on your knees. ”- The priest said.

Aya immediately knelt down but Ktrez was reluctant to but his father gave him a sharp gaze which meant a lot and made him kneel slowly.

The priest covered them with the veil while saying some words. They both were looking at each other eyes but Ktrez was looking at her, yet seeing someone else. He was seeing Olivia shy face during their wedding. His memories had a habit of torturing him. His head was switching from Olivia from their wedding to her swollen body that day. Aya felt weak as she saw the pain Ktrezs eyes spelt and as his eyes were wet but didn shed a tear.

The veil was lifted a minute later and was folded. Afterwards, they were asked to feed each other grapes indicating a marriage will be sweet and sour. Aya fed him first. As Ktrez fed her. She felt his strong rough finger on her tender lips. The texture of a persons hands shows what the person has been through. Aya herself doesn have tender hands like other princess because of what she has been through. The shortbread was put halfway into Ktrezs mouth and Aya was supposed the eat the other half as ot was in Ktrezs mouth. Aya hesitated a little but braced herself. She rushed to bite it off quickly only to press her lips hardly on Ktrezs lips. She shyly bit her half off from Ktrezs mouth which made a few people laugh. The priest handed over the veil to Aya which concluded the wedding ceremony.

Ktrez wanted to leave immediately but he dared not anger his father more.

”Good, its all done. It remains enjoying the wedding banquet and receiving gifts from guests. ”- Alexander said

”Im sorry Majesty but it has been a long journey and I beg your Majesty to allow us to go home. ”- Aya pleaded

Alexander smiled and gave them permission. Aya apologised to the guest and ask them to send their gifts to their home. Dmitri standing at tye back was amazed by Ayas entire personality. He knew she only wanted to go home because she noticed Ktrezs sadness. Another girl wouldn have cared but she even made an excuse for him. Dmitri began to admire not only Ayas beauty and charisma but also her heart. Without realising, Dmitri had fallen for his masters wife.


Ayas room was very big, grey in colour and filled with unnecessary ornaments. Aya, wearing only a thin tunic, leaned her head of the wall and gazed at the beautiful stars through the window. She closed her eyes as a gentle breeze kissed her face. She wasn used to anything – the thick walls she hated the most. Before she would roasting meat in the open at night, sharing stories with Mimi and the other servants with Delger by her side. The gentle breeze reminded her of the vast grasslands she used to roam in. She grabbed her arm as she was missing her praire land.

”Munlch? ”- Mimi asked surprisingly as Munlch entered the room.

”What are doing here? ”-

”Princess, Im Munlch, your Imperial Tutor and Head Maid of Eagle Palace. ”- Munlch saud but Aya didn respond.

”Highness! ”- Mimi called

Munlch waked Aya from her thoughts by a gentle tap.

”Munlch? ”- Aya said as she was shocked to see her again

”Her Highness must be thinking how she will be able to adjust here. ”- Munlch

Aya smiled said she has no choice tlbut to eventually get used to it. Aya was sincerely happy about Munlch being the Head of Maid in the Palace as they grew very close during their time together.

”At least we have a friend from here. ”-

”Yes! ”- Mimi said excitedly

”Its an honour Your Highness sees me as a friend. Im just here to tell that the veil given to you is actually what a new bride wears on her first night. ”-

”First night? ”- Mimi echoed

”Thanks but we both know he is definitely not coming here this night and the nights to come. ”-

”Aya, he is just in grief especially as he hasn given her justice. He is just broken. ”-

”You need not tell me this, I don seek love from this marriage, I will only perform my duties when asked. I had enough already of love again. ”-

”I really hope you two fall for each other. I tried of Ktrezs suffering himself like this. Back then he was very happy but now he is just forcing himself. Its unbearable for me to see him like this. After all he is like a brother to me. ”-

”Brother? How old is the Prince? ”- Mimi asked out of curiosity

”He is twenty eight. ”-

”Theres a bit gap between the Prince and the Princess. Her Highness is nineteen. ”-

”Age is just a number. ”- Munlch said giving Mimi a reprimanding look

”Look at me, Im thirty two ”-

Aya and Mimi looked at each other in shock.

”You don look like it. ”- Aya said honestly

”At all. You look like Her Highness age mate. So, you are our big sister. ”- Mimi added

”Greetings elder sister. ”- The two girls said at the same time which made Munlch laugh.

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