Chapter 1: Miscalculations Galore at the Academy of Magical Arts Entrance Ceremony

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I had a clear vision of the path I should take.
I couldn’t miss the path to the Academy of Magic. 

Magic was my pride and joy, and it would also benefit the Crow family and its people.
I will enter the National Academy of Magic and learn more advanced magic. 

When I graduate, I’m not going to work at the Royal Palace, but I’m going to try to get a job at the Baral Magic Branch, which is the union of magicians in Baral Province.
That way, I won’t have to worry about food for the rest of my life, but rather I can help my grandfather and my younger brother who will take over the family in the future.

The problem was the difference in level between the two institutes.
Royal schools have higher tuition fees but are easier to enter than national schools. 

So, if I wanted to aim for the national school, I would have to study hard and score grades higher than the last time. 

I diligently put my efforts into refining my magic. 

I was more interested in magic books than eating my three daily meals.

There is no limit to the amount of magic that can be used at once.
The amount of magic that can be used increases with training, but as a child, I still have a limited amount of magic power I could use. 

Whenever I use magic, I have to be aware of the “Maximum limit”.
For example, when I use my magic power to create endless water butterflies and make them fly continuously, I may feel the power of the water that was in my body diminishing as if I were running out of fuel. 

Even so, if I continue to perform the magic, till my fingertips become numb.
This is a sign that I’m approaching what magicians call the “Maximum limit”. 

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it’s said that if one pushes oneself beyond the maximum limit point, one will faint.
If this happens, even after the person wakes up, they’ll temporarily lose control of their magic and won’t be able to use it for several days. 

That’s why all magicians are always conscious of manipulating their magic power so as not to exceed this maximum limit.

I’ll put all my energy into raising my magical power.
I’ll go to a different institute and change my life. 

I don’t want to die at the age of 20 so I have no choice but to do my best. 

Then, in the spring of my 13th year, I got a letter of admission to the National Academy of Magic on the outskirts of the royal capital.
This way, I wouldn’t have to become a stain on the Crown Prince’s sword.

Although the National Academy of Magic was close to the royal capital, it was located in a quiet place surrounded by nature.

 It had a brick school building with a tall tower and a large schoolyard.
It was surrounded by a forest.
(It’s more spacious than the Royal Academy of Magic and has a wonderful atmosphere! I’m so happy…!) 

This is where 70 students, first through fifth grade, from all over the country with the best magic power gather to study while living in a dormitory. 

The day of the entrance ceremony quickly arrived.
It was my second entrance ceremony, but I was very nervous.
After all, it was a different school from the last time. 

Dressed in a long gray robe, I joined the other new students in the auditorium for the ceremony to begin.
I could hear the female students gossiping in high-pitched voices.

“Hey, I heard there’s a Gideon Lancaster in our school!”

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