“No way! The Duke of Lancaster?”

“How lucky I am! I’m going to be schoolmates with the nobleman Gideon.”

(No way!)

I scream in my mind.
No, that can’t be.
Because if I remember correctly, Gideon is not a graduate of the Academy of Magic. 

The children of the four most prestigious families among the nobility, traditionally don’t study at the Academy of Magic, even if they have magic power, but invite equivalent teachers to their homes as tutors to learn magic.
So why in the world did he enroll in this school?

It wasn’t the Royal Academy of Magic, but the National Academy of Magic.
I can’t believe it. 

There was a light panic in my brain at the thought of these things that weren’t supposed to happen, things had changed too much.

 My heartbeat intensified and my breathing quickened even though I was doing nothing but sitting down.
I didn’t hear any of the principal’s congratulatory speech at all.

(Gideon! Why do I have such a connection with you this time?)

After the entrance ceremony, I felt a little dizzy due to an even more unexpected situation.
To my surprise, Gideon and I were in the same class.
As I stood there at the entrance of the classroom, someone gently tapped me on the shoulder.

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“Oh, um.
Are you okay? You look a little pale.”

The girl who approached me with concern was very fair and mature-looking, with brown hair and brown eyes.

“Yes, thank you.
I’m a little nervous.”

“Are you in the first class?”

The school had two classes per grade, and students were placed in the first class according to their grades.
The attendance numbers were also in order of grade.

“It seems so.
My ID number is four.”

“Fourth! How amazing.
I’m number thirty-five.”

Apparently, she was the last in this class.

“I’m Liesel Crow.
I’m from Baral.
You can call me Liesel.”

“I’m Cynthia Smith.
I’m from Sherne.
I’m a commoner and I’m embarrassed to be in a place with so many aristocrats…”

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Cynthia smiles shyly as she strokes her long brown hair.
The Royal Academy was full of aristocrats, but the National Academy, where tuition was a little cheaper, had some commoners here and there.
If anything, I’m at the bottom of the aristocracy, so I’m probably more comfortable here.
Suddenly, a male student came from behind and poked Cynthia.

“What are you talking about, you coward? Status doesn’t matter at this school!”

Cynthia turns around.

“Mac, are you part of this group?”

Judging by their familiarity, they seemed to know each other.
As I stared at them alternately in confusion, Cynthia explained.

“Mac…, Maximilian, is a kid from a bookstore in the next town over from mine.
My father is a book lover and we’re childhood friends…”

“Cynthia, your family’s wealthy.
You’re much richer than the poor aristocrats around here.”

Oh, I wonder if they’re talking about my family.

“- No, that’s not true.”

“A commoner is a person like me.”

Maximilian’s attendance number was number two.
His eyes, as blue as the sky, were glittering with ambition and rebelliousness, saying, “I’m not going to be defeated by a nobleman.” And Gideon’s attendance number was, surprisingly, number one.

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