hemselves to sleep.

Mia had been crazy about her fiancé for a long time.
He was a dream come true for her, and she was looking forward to their marriage.

“I don’t know why.
But he’s suddenly gotten cold lately.”

Mia, who was crying and complaining to herself, had lost a lot of weight.

“If you would like to talk to me, I’m always available.
You can write to me.”

That being said, Mia would write to Iris every week, full of sorrow, hoping to be comforted by her.

Iris used all the words she could to offer gentle comfort, but she didn’t tell her the truth.
Iris knew why Mia’s fiancé had broken off their engagement.

Mia’s fiancé has found a woman he likes other than Mia.

(It’s really pathetic.
She doesn’t even realize that it was me who stole her fiancé away.)

Iris still didn’t understand what it meant to be in love with a lover.

However, watching Mia fall head over heels in love with her fiancé and talk about him with a gleam in her eyes and a girl’s heart, she was very moved.

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She wondered what kind of man would be so captivated by her.

Moreover, he was a member of the four great noble families, the same as the Lancaster and Zefarm families.
He was gentle, sociable, good-looking and had a good reputation in social circles.

(Then maybe I’m the one who deserves it.
Not Mia.)

That was my motivation.

With a light heart, she feigned a coincidence and met Mia’s fiancé at a tea house popular among the nobility.

After chatting happily for a while, she intentionally dropped her bag as she left the tea house and had a thief attack her.
It was, of course, a fake thief that she had paid in advance.

She was so frightened that she clung to him and asked him to stay with her until she felt better.

Then she spoke to him in a slightly sweet voice, looked straight at him and made a thorough gesture that said, “I’m glad I met you.”

The next day, a rose was delivered to the Marquis of Zefarm.

In the following days, they met alone at the tea house many times and Iris easily stole the heart of Mia’s fiancé.

(But it was nothing as wonderful as she expected it to be.
He was boring and ordinary.)

Iris quickly grew tired of Mia’s fiancé.

She had already said goodbye to him.
However, when he lost her love, he was so depressed that he retreated to his estate and once he broke off the engagement, there was no chance of recovering it.

(I didn’t do anything wrong.
I had no idea that he would be so crazy about me.)

Mia’s fiancé wasn’t as nice as she had hoped.

The reason for this was that the man closest to Iris – Gideon, her next door neighbour, was too high-spec.

(Oh, isn’t there a better man than Gideon out there somewhere?)

Unfortunately, she has never seen a man as magnificent as her childhood friend Gideon.

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(Although, I’m like a younger sister to him…)

She was aware that her love for Gideon was going beyond a mere childhood friend.
The Lancaster and Zefarm families are on good terms.
At one time, there was even talk of an engagement between Gideon and Iris.

However, no matter how hard Iris tried, Gideon would not see her as a woman.
To Iris, Gideon was equally kind to everyone, but he never seemed to be attached to anyone.
So it was useless to fall in love with him.

That’s why she wanted to find a more compatible man as soon as possible.

However, Gideon had not been a gentleman since he was a child either.

Iris was too young to remember him, but the maids said that when he was a little boy, he was a bully and a jerk.
He was a mean kid who would pick up caterpillars and show them to Iris, then chase after her, laughing and twisting the corners of his mouth as she cried and ran away.

She could not imagine such a childhood from the Gideon of today.

But when he was six years old, Gideon had a high fever one morning and suffered from amnesia.
After that, he became a very mature child, as if he had changed.

Iris stared at a large portrait hanging on the living room wall.

It portrayed a middle-aged man dressed in military uniform, standing in front of a mountain.
The man was the founder of the Zefarm family and the first Marquis of Zefarm.

He was the man who helped the first king to unite the power of this land, which was only a collection of small countries.
At the same time, he built up a huge fortune in the spinning industry and ensured the prosperity of the Zefarm family.

When facing the first head of the family in front of this painting, all those who are of the Zefarm bloodline have a hard drive to achieve greatness worthy of the name.
It was now almost an obsession.

She had been born into a privileged family.
Iris considers this to be a kind of divine blessing.

That is why it is natural for her to lead a glorious life and anyone who interferes with that is going against God’s will.

“Today’s tea was brewed with spring-picked tea leaves from the highlands of Mount Alligator.”

The handmaiden said proudly as she poured more tea into Iris’s cup.

The best of the best.

That’s what gathers around Iris and only the best is worthy of being near her.

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