y corner was decorated with a lot of effort, with ribbons and flowers decorating the tables.
The napkins on the plates were brightly colored and pretty.

There was also a wide variety of baked goods, fresh sweets and nuts.

I held back my gaze from being drawn in and searched the pockets of my robe.
I took out a rectangular box and secretly opened it.

There were five partitions inside, and six chocolates were placed vertically.

Like a jewelry box.)

There were spherical ones sprinkled with powdered sugar and heart-shaped ones covered with red dried fruit grains and so on.
I wanted to take a closer look, but I was at work.

I hurriedly selected one and quickly threw it into my mouth.

(Oh, it’s delicious!!)

The chocolate melted delicately as soon as it entered my mouth.
The rich aroma of cocoa permeated my nostrils and nuts and caramel came out from inside.

The sweetness was moderate and did not interfere with the flavor.

It was indeed a gift from the crown prince.

(No, I can’t stop.
I want to eat more…)

I couldn’t resist picking up another piece to eat.
Suddenly, a voice called out to me from the side.

“Liesel, you’re here.”

When I looked up, I saw Gideon dressed in red.

I was so surprised that I exerted myself and the chocolate rolled off my fingertips.


I desperately tried to grab the falling chocolate with both hands to keep it from falling on the floor, but I couldn’t make it in time and it fell between Gideon’s shoes.

Gideon took out a handkerchief from his breast pocket and quickly picked up the chocolate.

This was the first time I had met him at the Royal Palace after getting this job.

Of course, he was not here now as a royal palace magician.

He had come to the soiree as one of the invited guests.

Gideon leaned against the wall like me, holding the chocolate in his handkerchief, and smiled.

“I haven’t seen you since graduation.
The royal palace is too big.
–Were you surprised that Iris became a saint?”

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“Of course.
You too, right? You were childhood friends.”

“That’s right.
–She seems to like His Highness a lot.”

With a thirsty laugh, Gideon pointed his chin at the middle of the hall.
There was the saint, dancing with the crown prince.

They stared at each other as if they were oblivious to what was going on around them, and occasionally the crown prince would put his face close to the saint’s ear and whisper something to her.

Each time, the saint’s cheeks would blush, and she would move her lovely pale red lips to reply happily.

(Hmm, this is really tough.
It’s like sand was poured on an old wound…)

Looking away from the saint, Gideon looked down at the chocolate he had picked up in his hand.

“–This is Piaran’s chocolate.”


“Didn’t you know? It’s the oldest confectionery store in Royal Capital.”

I didn’t know.

It’s a chocolate from such a famous store.

Then Gideon snapped his fingers with one hand and called for the waiter.
Maybe he was going to throw away the chocolate.

“Gideon, don’t throw it away.
I’ll eat it later.”

“But didn’t it fall on the floor? You’d better not.”

If I had dropped it on the floor of my room, I would have washed it with water and eaten it…! Such a waste.

When the waiter comes over, he puts the chocolate on the tray on his hand.

(Oh, I’ve done a regrettable thing…)

I stare wistfully at the waiter as he walks away.

I look for the crown prince, who is still dancing with the saint.

From his throne, the King is watching the young couple.

Stroking his beard slowly and nodding several times, the King seems very satisfied.

The Crown Prince supports the saint’s waist, lifts her up, and turns her around.
The hem of the saint’s blue taffeta dress spreads out like a butterfly, so beautiful it makes me sigh.
They look like a picture-perfect princess and prince.

They look really happy.

Gideon said in a very low voice in my ear as I admired them even though I didn’t want to watch them.

“Do you care about His Highness and the saint?”

After saying this, Gideon stood in front of me.

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He takes out a small box from the inside pocket of his jacket and pushes it into my hand.
It was a leather box with a slippery surface.

“Take it.
–It’s a gift of St.

I didn’t expect to get one from Gideon in such a place.

When we were in the academy, he used to give small chocolates to everyone in the class, regardless of gender.

(No matter where you are, you never forget to be attentive.
I guess this is what attracts the kids in your fan club…)

When I received the box and opened it with a flip of the small silver latch, what I found inside was not chocolate.
For a moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What was inside the velvet box was a purple brooch.

The name of the store was embroidered in silver thread on the back of the box lid.
As I squinted to read it, I noticed that it was a familiar name.

(This is an accessory store for royalty!)

I remember that the Crown Prince had ordered cufflinks a while ago.

They were simple silver cufflinks with no precious stones, but they were surprisingly expensive.

(How much is this brooch ……?)

“I can’t get something this great.”

My hands tremble.

“The amethyst matches the color of Liesel’s eyes.”

(It’s a custom-made order!)

The large oval amethyst is surrounded by a number of transparent stones.
No way, these are all diamonds? I was too scared to ask.

“Gideon…, this is way beyond the scope of St.
Donum’s gift.”

“Think of it as chocolate and take it.”

“No, it’s impossible to imagine.
This is no candy.”

“Don’t worry about it.
Just take it.”

I wonder why.

Gideon is so kind, but sometimes he’s so pushy with me.

“Can I really have it? There’s no way to thank you.”

Gideon gently touches my hand holding the box.

The warmth of his touch increased my heart rate.

“If you are willing to thank me…, I would like you to attend the Grand Night Party next month with me.”

The unexpected proposal left me speechless.
I’m going to the Grand Night Party with Gideon? 

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