m overhead.

“I finally understand.
What the hell.
You have a memory too, Liesel Crow.”

My body froze and I couldn’t move.
I manage to open my eyes and look up fearfully at the face of the crown prince riding on top of me.

His face is in a haze, so I can’t see him clearly.

But I could clearly see his anger from the strength of his hold on my wrist.

No wonder.
I had ruined his efforts.

“You put on a hell of a show.
It was a spectacular, brilliant play.
I had no idea you could pull off such a twist.
You were so ineffectual, but now you look so different.
When did you turn the Jumeaux family into your allies? I didn’t expect you to remember everything.”

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“I remember you, and I know you’re Gideon, Duke of Lancaster.
You two went back in time and switched places, didn’t you?”

The Crown prince laughed as he sprawled back.

Then he took his hand off his sword, grabbed me by the chin, and glared at me so close I could feel his breath.

“That Ulysses was so beautiful that I hated him to the point of vomiting, but if you had been a little more obedient, I wouldn’t have had to kill you”.

“Why are you doing this?”

The crown prince’s brown eyes were shaded.
The rain beating down on him fell on me in large drops.

“I hated that prince”, he muttered.

Then he began to speak with a distant look in his eyes.

Before time rewound.

Gideon had been the crown prince’s playmate and frequent visitor to the palace since he was a child.

However, he actually disliked the crown prince.

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Whenever Gideon mistreated or was mean to the ladies-in-waiting, the crown prince told him to stop.
He didn’t like that.

People are divided into those who are superior and those who are oppressed.
So why protect those who are lower in rank?

What is wrong with stepping on a maid who deserved to be stepped on?

What is wrong with kicking a dirty-faced horseman into a pile of horse dung?

Gideon hated the crown prince who preached “the right thing”.

To begin with, the Lancaster family’s ancestor was one of the princes.
He was an eternal vassal, even though he shared the same ancestry.

Gideon had tried.

He studied, he fought with a sword, he practiced magic.

But he could never match the crown prince in anything but magic and he always felt frustrated.
No matter how hard he tried, everyone loved Ulysses and adored him.

He was jealous of Ulysses, who is in the light and goes straight ahead wherever he goes.

But Ulysses was only a man after all.
He made a foolish mistake.

He fell in love with a royal magician who was only the daughter of a small local lord.

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